Wednesday, June 19, 2019

I can almost imagine 

the secret garden in my heart 

and how I can give you a flower 

so full of magic and beauty 

that you recognize the place

it comes is the invisible spirit

and a love that thorns 

used to so carefully guard 

I can almost 

 inhale the fragrance from the soul  

and see the radiance of color 

that the ethers and light do show

and this flower never dies 

it lives forever 

in a bouquet beyond time

and crosses beyond space

to reach that place in heaven 

where with a smile you reside

and there is a garden in heaven

and I have been there once or twice

and there is a garden of hidden flowers

that blossom in my heart

 imagine that pure energy 

that feeds the love and grows

into the magic garden

where the gift of a flower 

from the secret garden 

of the heart is given

and we can dwell there 

and allow the power of love to show