Wednesday, July 19, 2017


love the life you live

for that is where God truly is 

illuminate your inner mind 

with the Light from the source of life 

in an awakened state of mind 

You choose to be fully alive

understanding your One with mankind 

and guided by your soul in life

all the healing that you seek

comes with what forgiveness reveals

if you can just truly believe 

and pray to God when your in need

Then beloved child of God you'll find 

how open your heart to love divine 

and celebrate this precious life 

and shine forth Christ's radiant light

Monday, July 17, 2017

you are stronger far than you may know

you have the seed of Gods pure love 

right there for you to call upon

alive in your heart and soul


if there is shadow of ego you've been shown

that is there somewhere deep inside

that needs you to embrace it so

recognize the reason for that hunger 

and illuminate that place you find

with the healing power of light divine

you are more loving than you may know

for you're created from the source of love

and the Father Mother God 

is always there to guide you on

behold yourself as a child of God 

believe in your power to be

loved by the beloved 

here to fulfill your life's destiny 

Saturday, July 15, 2017


hold the opening in your life

for the presence of Gods divine light

embrace the love you find

and let it bring you peace of mind

one in your heart

one in your life 

together in that union

your path is aligned

with Gods blessing 

your life's are combined 

to share your path together 

and the joy of love you'll find 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Make the world a better place

when the crutches are taken away

when there's just you facing the day

and all the highs are just not enough

then it's time to go within and pray

There is a certain presence felt

a shifting that will come about

and some whispers of wind will speak

and in that moment with God you see 

there is hope that shines in the light

at the breaking of the dawn

and Christ presence is there inside 

when you feel you can't go on

and you realize how blessed you are 

and how much love in God resides 

to allow you to learn these lessons and find 

you can truly have a better life 

and if you practice the Masters way 

of living with kindness each day

you'll get past the problems you face

to help make the world a better place  

Friday, June 30, 2017


nothing can stop you from awakening 

to the truth inside of you

you choose what you really want to see

its in the core of what you believe 

how marvelous this pallette 

this movie of our life

the props we use the roles we play

and the lines we're given to say

Who is your Director of your movie

who tells you what to do

is God producing this picture 

and giving you the tools to use

take some time to meditate 

what force is driving your life

and set your intention on the way 

you can love the role you play 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


we really need 

to just live our lives 

and be happy with what we find 


the eternal spirit is with us right now

it's feeding each breath we take

as we relate to the world 

 what we wish to create

yet naked into this world we came

and naked we shall leave

and all those things we accumulate 

will one day be released

here in this naked honesty 

all the covers that hide us are removed

and you can let your heart be open

to do whatever your heart may choose 

no masks can hide our true being

when we surrender to our soul

we are not those thoughts so fleeting 

so let all masks now go

we are surrounded by pure energy 

in the souls light we are clothed

the glory of Gods presence 

color our aura with a heavenly robe

see that naked truth shine forth

through every persons eyes

there is a light that illuminates  

the Heart of the soul inside

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A ways to go

 find I have to constantly grow

to just be here in the divine flow

and yes there's still a ways to go

here in my heart and soul

I feel Gods presence oh so close 

yet bringing it out to be seen

can be such a challenging thing

there's such a disparity between 

this mortal life and eternity  

so thats why I honor Jesus Christ

and the masters and Mary so Divine 

who show us how to live 

and have a compassionate state of mind

for ourselves and others in our lives 

as we learn to be more loving and kind


Friday, June 23, 2017

To be or not to be 

in a world where people try to be

what everyone else wants you to be

you have to always come back

to Shakespeare's shakedown and wonder bout

 to be or not to be

are you living the true reflection 

of who you are inside 

can you let go of caring what others want

and find that inner strength to thrive 

we are all different expressions

from the one Creations source 

yet every grain of sands unique 

and every person is in themselves complete 

just listen to your soul 

asking you just to believe 

you are a unique expression 

of Gods infinite possibilities 

open up your heart 

to the Power there inside of you

let yourself just become 

the perfect gift of Gods great love 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

gods breath of love

I crave the Breath of God so sweet 

that will come into my soul 

with a love that is so complete 

that I am reborn and with grace set free  

I long to be in that brilliant light

that illuminates all of life

and lifts me from this time and space 

to see a new vision for the human race

and some ancient thread of faith's alive 

that feeds my life with the will to survive 

to carry on and see past egos lies

and believe that goodwill is not comprised 

and I long for Gods words

in my heart and soul be heard 

to give me the strength to preserve 

the integrity of His will to serve   

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

At the end

at the end of every breath

there is the power your true essence 

that carries your very presence 

and holds the mirror of heaven 

here in the Creations play

we dance between the night and day

in the beginning and endless circle we pray 

to find Gods truth to guide our way 

there are so many demands we create

to fill the space we have to take

more and more things that we make

to just believe we are really great

and so we spin round and round

gathering speed and running around

till we discover we've finally found

there's always some challenge to surmount 

and perhaps it's inner peace we need

a sacred space where we can retreat 

where we can stop all the insanity 

and just find the time to be

and we can dwell in that center in life 

and breathe in the energy of the one light

and we can find our eternal soul 

that shines so bright we can be shown 

the blessings of that sacred sight

that vision that inspired and makes things right

is there waiting all the time

in the silence we und deep inside