Sunday, July 15, 2018

leave the door open

to the place where you’ll now go

what’s left here on this Earth

are just the traces of your soul 

leave a thread of light behind

so we can follow the path of light

that Enlightens our ability to find

the simple purity of your true peace of mind

leave the doorway a little  open 

so we can see

glimpses of the higher realms of heaven

and the sounds of your spirits frequencies 

and if your memory lingers 

in the people that you’ve touched

let their thoughts of gratitude fly

on winds that the prayers flags that you touched

may your journey on 

be blessed by all you came to know 

for yours was the life of such Sweet soul 

so leave the gate a little open 

 as we send our love in a fond  farewell 

 to the resting place in heaven

In the higher realms where you now dwell 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Lord, you lift me when I’ve fallen

you heal the scars of time

you whisper words of wisdom 

and understand what's on my mind

you light a torch for me to follow 

you guide me on the way

you listen in the morning

when silence to you I pray

and Lord you are always there for me

any time of night or day

I trust in you to reach me

no matter how far I stray

thank you for all the blessings 

and the love that always forgive 

I’m forever grateful

for the Saving grace you give  

Thursday, July 12, 2018

there’s a cosmic mystery

buried deep in you and me

with these invisible ghosts of time

that bring clues from distant galaxies we find 

there are these holy hands that reach

with fingers that touch eternity 

and bridge the distance to complete 

the mystic energy that we seek  

we are Spirits traveling through space

temporary dwellers living on this place 

as co-creators with God particles we trace

the source and the origins that we face

to so we try and try

to some sense of it all and smile

at the way its all compiled 

and celebrate this cosmic dance for a while

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

these words are symbols 

that drift through the mind

the ones are chosen at any given time 

reflect what speaks 

and what we find 

in the inner whispers that seek 

to be expressed in what can not be defined 

these words just might reach 

some hidden inner truth 

that resonates and rings forth 

somehow in me and you

what mystic seeds can you plant

to flow forth and one day grow

with words that hold forth the hearts hope

and blossom with the fragrance 

of the colors of your soul



Tuesday, July 10, 2018

every moment of this spinning dream 

a new flower blossoms with each awakening 

in a cosmic field of such diversity

with colors that light the bridge to infinity 

you are you

uniquely free to be

a reflection of blessings of the Presence 

with the gift of Gods creativity 

can we touch each other’s souls

in the place where each hope grows 

inspired by a word or song

with some connection to where we come from   

and with every breath a flower grows

with every prayer 

the soul reveals the unknown

magic of Creation that each moment holds 

Monday, July 9, 2018

through the humming of the universe 

and all the sounds of life

there is a voice in the silence 

that whispers to my mind

amidst the denseness of mans creation

the petals of a Flower fall

and the light of a thousand stars

speak to us but few can hear their call

our minds are often cluttered 

with so much that we can’t hear

the beautiful harmony of nature 

that is singing to us here

listen deep and listen clear

the voice of your soul 

has a message that will appear

and as you let the mystic words flow free 

their comes the true guidance of God you seek

Sunday, July 8, 2018

precious child of light

open your eyes to see

there is always the grace of hope

that can set you free 

if you thought you were lost

stop and take the time

to look inside and find

you have God as partner there inside

precious child of love

you can fulfill you destiny

right now you can be merged as one

with your soul that lives eternally 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

we can’t live by likes and comparisons

for what we are is good enough

to just be centered and at home

ok in this body and mind of cosmic dust 

all the role models that we see 

are comic book heroes

empty fugitives of someones fantasy 

that lack any relation to reality 

and the answer is not online or on tv

and yes maybe its not easy 

to overcome the distractions that the ego feeds  

and look inside and find the key 

and believe in what you were meant to be 

in a place where your’re content and at peace 

not a comic book hero or movie star 

but ok with the miracle of who you really are  

Friday, July 6, 2018

there are no limitations that exist

in the realm of Spirits bliss 

but here on Earth  within Mayas mists

 the blocks of the mind can confine what is

and our hopes and dreams are often dismissed 

as impossible things to live here with

and so often we must resist the limitlessness 

the confine the light our souls can give 

for we are Spirits here in form

and with this Holy energy we were born 

and in Gods eyes miracles are the norm

and we were meant to learn that there’s more

that’s possible than we have settled for 

for there are no limitations that exist

in the realm of Spirit bliss  

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dive deep into the sacred pool

That hold the secrets of your heart

Look past the surging waters 

and feel Whats is hidden and Free it  

so you can make a brand new start

Forgiveness holds the key 

And every answer that you need

Forgiveness for what you did

And whatever as happenedj

In this life you chose to live

Dive deep and be immersed 

In what this life's dream held

 and all the hunger and thirst

Any bitterness, anger and desires

Yes that  candle burnt with such a fire

Any old wounds and scars of time

Its time to find some mercy

And the blessings of love divine

the lords embrace surrounds you

Their is nothing  that can hurt you now

Find the courage to release  the past

And any hurt you may have found

Forgive yourself beloved

Believe you have the strength to be

Able to forgive others

And find the mercy sets you free

Stand naked in the light

And see the chance life gives

When you embrace forgiveness 

You are able to find a new way to live