Saturday, December 10, 2016


sitting and wondering 
at such a storm of things I've created to do 
such a flurry of thoughts
through the silence seep through

coming and going 
I search through the dark
to find the center 
of the stillness somewhere in my heart

way beyond all the doing
that calls to be fed
there is some reason
that I remember was once said

I recall long ago 
it all made sense  to me
but then that was way back there 
in another century's dream

now is here now
and the master stands by
to feed my starving soul
as I reach to the director on high

make a dream 
make a wish
make a story 
that we all love

make it the real deal
and make it be exceptional
with the answers we need
to make some resonance 
that speaks to the soul in you and me 

bring the power
 of your sacred blessings forth
to understand how
your redeeming love can save our hearts 

and when I'm lost 
on this long journey I'm on
I count only on blind faith 
and the Holy Spirits song

so teacher and Master
God and the Mother Divine
I bow at your alter
to listen fir the answers to find
that sacred blueprint you designed 
to help us to pray to save mankind 

Thursday, December 8, 2016


the threads of the connection 
of the ultimate love 
hold us together 
uniting as one with that  eternal pull

in God's creation we meet
each to bring a voice to reach
some understanding til we are complete 
and what we believe is our ultimate goal

and oh your sacred heart
with that the flame that burns 
with an eternal presence you impart 
in the depths of the hidden inner spark

that speaks in whispers 
that heal my soul
and always guides me 
in the uncharted oath I follow

oh the tapestry 
that time does weave
that holds a greater picture 
that we never quite see

just blindly following 
the path that we seek
in service to the roles we play
and what we learn each and every day

but you and I know
there's a deeper desire
the moth that's driven 
to the brilliance of your fire

and this thread that ties
the truth you hold
that still speaks to me to show 
some part of that promise 
to God I made in my soul


Tuesday, December 6, 2016


there is always this returning
through out all space and time
there is always this direction 
that seeks until it finds

there is the memory that is planted
within the depths of each and every heart
this calling that recalls 
the purpose of our birth and rebirth 

this endless dervish spinning 
throughout all space  and time
with an empty yearning 
to bring back that love divine

so I listen and I wait for answers 
and my heart hears the secret words 
that  you whisper sometimes in the meeting
when I feel that you are near

there is a joy that is brought from God
that is priceless and complete 
a reminding of the finding
that is waiting there in me

Monday, November 28, 2016


Behold the light of Christmas 

be in the center of the heart of love 

feel the very glory 

of a greater calling we can know

there is a deeper reason present

that we can realize  is alive

when we stop and listen 

to the songs sung at Christmas time

blessings of the highest

call forth a sacred space

amidst all the shopping let us stop

and remember why 

we celebrate on Christmas Day



Sunday, November 27, 2016


Make a Wish For The World 

Make a wish for the World
As we all join together and pray For the way to help humankind 

Make a wish and remember we’re all here to Join In some way that we help to redeem the plan. Each soul has a purpose
That resonates to why we are here 

And how we all do what we can. 

If you believe and you see
The way you can help
Your wishes will blossom
Like the garden in heaven
Each flower a gift to hold in your hands. 

Make a wish for the world And believe for a moment
We can make a difference
As we each join in spirit as one 

Make a wish for the world
And when your time here is over
You might realize the seeds that you planted Are blessings you left here 

And they may Inspire others who come 

Rev. Dr. Cindy Paulos, Msc.D. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016


thank you God
for this heavenly place
and for the beauty of creations face

thank you God 
for the friends you bring
the Angels on earth and heaven 
who help us when in need

thank you for your amazing Grace
that brings the Holy Spirit 
to my souls sacred place

thank for the beloved animals here
that bring us smiles and so much cheer
and thank you for the food we eat
the endless harvest that you bring

and yes thanks for our family 
who accept us as we accept them
with love unconditionally 

thank you God for each breath we take
and for the chance
 to live one more day
we bow our head in gratitude 
we offer our very life 
for you to find a way to use

and we get on our knees and pray
to remember to be thankful 
for each and ever day


Saturday, November 19, 2016


God is present right here and now
we are alive in His divine Energy
we represent his life on earth
with the choice to live with Spirit birthed 
in this form we use to live our life
God is Always Present
if we choose to recognize his energy 
is here within our lives 

so how do we live with this reality 
how we live with this love that's alive in you and me
how do we honor this presence while here
what's the best way to serve and persevere 

do we trust the process
and let ourself be
and instrument He plays 
that creates such heavenly melodies 

do we hold our chalice up
and drink from the sacred cup
that turns water into wine
and do we sacrifice our life
for what we know is right

do we love a little more
and shine his light so bright
do we let His presence bring
more purpose and understanding 
as we live with our life'ss true meanin

do we merge with his presence 
and let his will be done 
and remember to always thank God
 for the gift of the blessings that come 

for God is presence is here if you allow 
you can breathe in his Spirit 
if you believe you can be 
merged as one with it right now

Thursday, November 17, 2016


how resilient is the spirit 
made of strands of such a radiant light
in tune with the energy that feeds us
and with our soul and inspires our life

so sacred is the precious presence 
that holds the power to redeem our life
in tune to the heartbeat of the universe 
holds miracle that restores hope and is revived 

and sometimes we can truly feel it
and stop in a great wonder of the way
that God can try to reach us
and guide our path each day

oh this breathe of gratitude 
such a felt we have to pay
to the Holy Mother and our Father
for this opportunity to live with their love each day

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I hear the whispers of the wind
carry  your spiritto my soul
reaching past all space and time

I listen to discover the directions 
to the path to that sacred bridge 
that leads to heavens gate
and shines it's light on the human race

i see the chalice of love that pours forth
 the sacred waters from the fountain of life 
that is from our blessed source
that purifies and cleanses our remorse

and I drink from chalice of spirit 
I pray to now become whole
I ask for your protection and guidance
I surrender and am released to the unknown 

spirit wind speak to me
merge me with my true destiny 
carry me to the place inside
where the answers of life doo reside

Holy Spirit so divine
let you life  wit  my soul align
to be a vessel that holds your lightand  unveil the faceof your blessed grace 
 and merge
 your love with mine


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Restless wind

There's  a restless wind emerging 
There's a fire that lights my soul
There's a flicker of some purging
The past that I release and now let go

There's a strange energy that's turning
The water into wine
Somewhere the masters are gathering
To open the doorway to the sacred space inside

And the prayers are sent to God
And the Mother reaches out her hand
And the angels sing in heavens choir
to this music so sublime

And I want to be there with them
But I know it's not my time
So I raise my hands to heaven
And thank them for understanding 
the limits of this my mind

Speak to me beloved teacher
Send your light to me
Let me share your words
And precious secrets you reveal

For there's a restless wind that's calling me
And there's whispers from the other side
And I send my love to thank you
For these blessings so divine