Friday, June 23, 2017

To be or not to be 

in a world where people try to be

what everyone else wants you to be

you have to always come back

to Shakespeare's shakedown and wonder bout

 to be or not to be

are you living the true reflection 

of who you are inside 

can you let go of caring what others want

and find that inner strength to thrive 

we are all different expressions

from the one Creations source 

yet every grain of sands unique 

and every person is in themselves complete 

just listen to your soul 

asking you just to believe 

you are a unique expression 

of Gods infinite possibilities 

open up your heart 

to the Power there inside of you

let yourself just become 

the perfect gift of Gods great love 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

gods breath of love

I crave the Breath of God so sweet 

that will come into my soul 

with a love that is so complete 

that I am reborn and with grace set free  

I long to be in that brilliant light

that illuminates all of life

and lifts me from this time and space 

to see a new vision for the human race

and some ancient thread of faith's alive 

that feeds my life with the will to survive 

to carry on and see past egos lies

and believe that goodwill is not comprised 

and I long for Gods words

in my heart and soul be heard 

to give me the strength to preserve 

the integrity of His will to serve   

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

At the end

at the end of every breath

there is the power your true essence 

that carries your very presence 

and holds the mirror of heaven 

here in the Creations play

we dance between the night and day

in the beginning and endless circle we pray 

to find Gods truth to guide our way 

there are so many demands we create

to fill the space we have to take

more and more things that we make

to just believe we are really great

and so we spin round and round

gathering speed and running around

till we discover we've finally found

there's always some challenge to surmount 

and perhaps it's inner peace we need

a sacred space where we can retreat 

where we can stop all the insanity 

and just find the time to be

and we can dwell in that center in life 

and breathe in the energy of the one light

and we can find our eternal soul 

that shines so bright we can be shown 

the blessings of that sacred sight

that vision that inspired and makes things right

is there waiting all the time

in the silence we und deep inside

Monday, June 19, 2017

One act of kindness 

just one act of kindness

 can open up the way

for one more act of kindness 

to help others show the way

kindness is a prayer we convey

By living with goodwill we may

bring God's goodness out through 

And share loves amazing grace

within our very soul

is this cosmic compass guides us

and aligns us with the North Star 

and we find the path to follow 

and each day we set our intention to create

a better world that we can make 

and yes we can meditate and pray

and live with more loving kindness everyday 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

There are Miracles at work 

what is the breath of your experience bringing

can you be aware of your heart beating

what force brings this moment into being

what inner truth drives what your seeking 

and we can search together 

we can learn we hold the keys

to join with the force behind the mystery 

that is the experience of life in you and me  

there are miracles at work in this moment 

there is a bigger picture you can see

For God is alive within us 

and we are part of His loving energy 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


if I take away all covers I made

from the fabric that masks of life

can I find just this eternal moment 

and merge the source of light

what is left to do here

but to just experience being 

with all the hidden things revealed 

to accept what and who I am 

and come to terms with reality 

and do I judge myself too harshly 

for what i just cannot do

is it time to just accept and let go 

of the high bar I set for me and you

here I am with this human race 

and I search for how to embrace  

and live with the reality that I face

And comprehend the depths of Gods great grace 

that allows me to express 

the wonder and possibilities I see

in this moment in our history 

where you can be you and I can be me  

and still we so often choose not to be

for we wish to be more than we can be

til we come back to reality 

and accept it's good enough to just see

if we live who we really are 

we can be happy and free

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Your hearts song

reclaim your divine heritage 

it's time for you to behold

the inspiration from the source of creation

is alive there in your soul  

you are a beloved child of God

and Christ will guide the way

believe in the miracles he shows

and remember not to worry just to pray  

words of light from the source ring true

and reverberate with Gods Energy in you

theres a song of the universe in your heart

listen and hear how you play your part 

all of life is blossoming 

and reflecting the gift of love within

pour forth the blessings of heaven

and awaken to the life without end 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Presence 

I am one with Gods presence 

I am vessel of Gods light

I accept that I am able

to receive the Love of God in my life

all the veils are lifted 

to remember the mission of my soul

the Spirit of the Christ guides me 

to know the path to follow 

I breathe in the power and courage

to accept that I can be

a messenger of the Lord 

and that this is my destiny 

 so I pray for Gods Presence 

to take way all fear and doubt 

and remove the blocks of the ego

so I can do what really counts 

for I am Divinely Guided

 by the presence of God within

and I embrace the journey 

of the Great I am that I am

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Gods Palette 

these mystic colors of dawn

whisper the promise they were created from 

empty thoughts given as a pallette of clouds 

are just fleeting expressions of the eternal now

I sit at my alter and pray

in wonder of the blessings of Spirit each day

with which I wish to awaken my heart

and try my best to do my part

so I offer my soul to see creations face 

to speak the secrets of this amazing grace

and how best to reflect the mirror of infinity 

and be able to express that Heaven i see

I wish to be that palette of art

that Gods love is painted on

and interpret the visions that come 

just before the rising Son

yet as the day unfolds

I often must hide the light of the soul

to fit in and be the norm 

and pretend I'm less than I am 

so this is my morning prayer

to hold the glory of God ever near

and shine that Holy spirit forth

even with the burdens of earth 

I relay the promise I heard

and repeat the sound of Gods sacred Word

and remember why I came here

and choose to live with love not fear

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Behold the truth of who you are 

face the whole of who you really are

behold this cosmic oneness

Born from the threads of fabric 

From the universe and stars 

face the face of your true soul

that eternal connection within you

that holds Gods spirit

eternally alive for you to know

with each breath of life you take

you have a choice that you can make

behold the light from Creations source

and let it guide on your course

let the Masters love that understands

be your strength and companion 

as you choose goodwill 

to serve a higher plan 

and all the mystic pilgrims 

inspired by that inner call

dedicate their purpose 

to serve God by living with more Love