Thursday, October 20, 2016


we are the sheep of the lord
all watched over by the Master we adore
and the Shepherd does not get disturbed 
when his sheep sometimes  wander from the herd 

for there is a guiding inner force 
he is listening to direct the way
and though the sheep will sometimes wander
with his love they will always find their way

and you can find some comfort in the Father
who watches over you
find some blessings in just knowing
his love that cares is so true

give great thanks for all the times
when you were lost and lead astray
that the shepherd found you
and with his care you found your way

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Trust in God

If you have been hurt or abused 
if you have been beaten and betrayed 
one of the hardest things to do
is to have faith and trust anew 

If you have seen your trust
in what you believed
taken and destroyed 
it may be so hard to really see
that you can trust in God my friend 
you can find a strength within 
to find the power and the grace
to go and be open to a better way

even the penny that we use 
states In God we Trust 
and yet we wonder if it's true
can we really see
that its trust we so need

while you may have been so hurt
you may have been deserted
it's time to find that place that's safe
snd find some hope for the human race

if you get on your knees and pray
or find the time to meditate each day
you'll get to the very core
of the truth you're searching for 

every step you take
is leading you to that place
where you can finally be
able to trust and be free
of all the past hurt and pain eventually 

and find the inner strength 
to trust in God's mysterious ways
will you lead you to finally face
God's love will brings a saving grace

anger and hatred never work
they poison the heart tibdoubt what you know 
so look into your soul
and find a better way to go

trust in God my friend 
trust in the love he gives again and again
trust in yourself and find
with trust there's a light 
that with a higher power shines

to help us out of dark forces 
and lead us to hold forth the torch
so we can finally see
that when we trust in God we will be free

Monday, October 17, 2016


let the blessings of gratitude be
open to receive the bounty from the source 
where the fountain of spirit flows free
and the river of life finds its course 

be grateful and so humbled
by the gifts that spirit brings
your very soul is surrounded by Guardian angels who enfold you with their Holy wings

and you can not even see
the presence of the Mother's love
and the guidance that she gives 
from the Holy Spirit high above 

take time to share what you can
take a moment to bow your head
and say Thank you Father and Divine Mother 
for the the gifts that you so freely give  

be grateful oh so grateful 
and in this time you have today 
Remember to be thankful 
for all the blessings that come your way

Thursday, October 13, 2016

from separation to restoration 

from the individual to the  whole

we learn daily how to get past the ego

and the strong control it holds

breath by breath 

in time we trust the soul

and we let the pain and hurt we known 

be released and let go

no more defenses 

nothing to hide

just the naked soul 

that is strong and alive 

the heart of humanity 

can't be denied

it's time for us to unify

for the higher good we have inside

step by step, day by day

this gift of time just slips away

until we stand face to face

with the truth  that lies beyond 

the power of illusions embrace 

and so we forgive

and just let the hurt  go 

and begin once again 

as we continue to grow 

to reflect the love of 

into the reflection of creation 

with the soul now shown

to be who we really are

and with God's love we grow 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


what is Grace
grace holds a state of peace
the acceptance of all of life's dream
as a passing illusion that fades into a higher reality.
You can't buy grace.
You can't beg for grace.
For grace is a gift given by God. 
It is an opening of the door to be in a blessed state of understanding and awareness. 
I feel grace can come when a loved one who has passed on comes to visit.
Grace can also come after the Lord shines his face on you.
Grace  can come with the beauty of a sunrise or sunset. A heavenly rainbow can inspire one to stop in wonder and be touched by Grace

The breath of grace can be felt while listening to the song Anazing Grace. There are songs such as Ave Maria  or the classic Christmas song Oh Holy night that hold the gift of grace.
After a Miracle happens the afterglow of Grace can be experienced.
Grace hold the awe of God's creation in a higher realization of the purpose for your being.
What a blessing Grace is.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


One of the most difficult practice for our do, do , do society is being patient.
We live in a fast food world where faster better. 
The goal of many people is to get where and what we want as quick as we can.
It seems that in this day and age people get very frustrated with having to wait in long lines. This can be easily seen at airports going through security. 
We rush to get to an airport and then we wait in lines and often have to wait for planes that are delayed. 
The practice of meditation is very helpful when you have wait. If you have been a person who meditates on a regular basis, you learn to get past the minds need to be doing and to just be.
Yes, patience is virtue!
Patience comes with the wisdom that understands that in time most things will work out. It teachs us to not get frustrated over something we can't change.
In a mystical  perspective we realize that this earth and our material existence is a very dense energy field. The high heavenly realms are created from a much higher vibration and what we think can. e created  very quickly. Here on earth things take time.
We can come up with an idea and we then have to. e very patient and commuted to see it through.
What Patience Christ and Mary have as they wait and wait for the world to evolve to the point of understanding how important it is to work for peace, Goodwill and love.
They have seen our weaknesses and they have seen our ultimate potential fulfilled through time.
patience is a very valuable tool for us to learn and use. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016


 can you be with his Glory
can you feelHis embrace
can allow God's mercy 
bring you His saving grace 

see the beauty 
and behold the majesty here
the magic that brings 
life to this creations dream

let go of having to prove who you are
accept that you are a living 
in this cosmic unfolding mystery 
 breathing in the chance to just be

open your heart to become
merged with the one dream 
lay down your struggles and be redeemed 
and give yourself to God's divine mercy 
all your worries and all your cares
dissolve when turn to God's love her
so lay down your armor  and give up the fight
accept God's love into your life 

see his Glory
feel His embrace
let God's metcy bring you
His saving grace 

Friday, October 7, 2016


through the times of darkness 
there is a light  that does shine
and for all those struggling and wondering 
glimmers of hope will  all combine

and we will see the light
and be given the strength inside
so we can find the path out of darkness
to a higher state of mind 

and can we carry on together 
and we all can share the load
and we join as one great force 
to persevere and know

there is a light that is eternal 
the is an eternal flame
that burns in our hearts and souls
and the love there will remain

and when the forces of darkness 
try to take control 
we can harness our hearts and souls
to find a better way to go 

and so we carry on each day
though we're weary of the load 
and with the force Of goodness 
we will find a way to persevere and grow

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

dear Lord, Holy Father, on this St Francis day
let the blessings of your pure love bring 
the spirit of humbleness to our mind we pray
when we thank you for your service today

for poverty of the material objects 
is not something we often seek
and it's hard to be humble sometimes 
when ego seems to be king

yet we see the blessings of the birds bring
and how such joy can be heard when they sing
we see the work that needs to be done
their are those with so much and those with  none

there are all those in need
yet we can't share what we have 
for there is such greed
so may  the power of your blessings feed
the hungry and suffering ones we don't see  

St Francis let your life teach
the way we can be
happy with the simple things 
and escape the selfish ways
to be at peace with ourself today

to live with less
and enjoy the tests
that we encounter and you direct
may we have gratitude for what we receive 
when we share your path and your teachings
and we are inspired by these words as you said,

"All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle"

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

“The deeds you do may be the only sermon some persons will hear today”

~ St. Francis Of Assisi

Monday, October 3, 2016

every now and then
the beauty of creations face is revealed 
and there is a hint of heaven 
and you feel God's love can truly heal

the doorway to the beauty 
beyond the norm is displayed 
and you are able to see the magic
and the majesty of creations face

all of this inspiration pours 
it's nectar down into your soul
and you can feel your heart open
to the love that's so brilliantly shown

every now and then were given
glimpses of Eternity 
and we smile and reach the place
of gratitude for the chance to just be

and when the art of God 
comes for you to see
breathe it in so deep
become the observer of divinity 

capture it if you can
merge with it if you may
enjoy this magic moments
when Heaven reveals its true face