Saturday, September 24, 2016

peace be with you always 
be at peace inside 
and do not let the conflicts of the ego take you
 away from a peaceful state of mind 

for there is a place of peace within you
there is an understanding you can find
that removes the separation
that us and them that defines mankind

the i am in you
is the I am in me
we are all part of a world family
with a purpose here you see

the peace you find inside 
will bring more balance in good time
to maintain a peaceful state of mind 
and overcome the conflict we find 

peace be with you always 
be at peace my friend
breathe in peace right now
and let that peace within you begin again

we can overcome the hatred
how we can begin to find more love
to heal the pain and sorrow 
to bring forth the blessings of the Holy Dove


Sunday, September 18, 2016

we are the living light of Gods great love
can you accept this truth of truths
can you be the light that shines 
throughout the world
the calling that is heard in the sound of the soul
the song that the heart sings 
in the quiet moments when you are alone 

so sweet the promise of this Love that unfolds
the shaping of time that molds 
and shapes our lives 
with the spirit of magic 
the hope of hopes we all know

so sweet the calling 
that we follow 
so full the beauty the eyes see
that behold the vision the master shows 

so breath deep the gift of life
give thanks for this embrace of love
for we are the living light
the colors that bring this reflection of eternity
given life by the grace of the lord 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

I am humbled by this love
that Gods creation holds
I am in awe of the beauty 
that is given for me  to know

I am embraced by the oneness
that is present in this pure energy
I am but a servant of the light 
of the force that is alive within my soul

there is no separation 
there is just this spirit alive in form
we all play out our roles in life 
that join us together in a higher plan 

I bow Down in deep gratitude 
I offer up my life
in humble suplication 
of Gods perfection that is alive

and breathe deep the breath of spirit
that holds such universal love
let it shine forth with light through you
with the Angels blessings from above

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Source

there is a universal light 
a force that always shines
it holds the spirit of God
a creative power that is Divine

it is the very energy
that  brings the  blessings that you find 
it is the love inside of you
that redeems your life to mine

it is the smile of joy
it is the freedom to be
a child of the divine Mother
the innocence you need to believe 

for God is alive in this moment
right here to open up the door 
to see the creation of all light
the presence and the source 

embrace this love inside you
and share it in your life
live with gratitude for gifts
for God blessings of this love and light 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Let the walls fall

let all the walls that you have built 
so carefully to hide the truth that you know
now fall and crumble 
to reveal the heart and soul
stand naked in the light and let it reveal
the inner innocence you hold be shown 

let yourself now be  
and who are allowed to be seen
for the beauty that is deep in you 
others need to know to truly believe 

the inner worth we all hold 
is the true value we have 
that is worth more than gold
it is the good that is intrinsic in our soul

the power of this amazing grace
reveals to us to find the love that saves
the redemption that then takes
and leads us to a higher place

it is the only path to take
and is beyond the walls we placed 
that held us incased
in fear of the pain this life makes 

there is everything to lose
and everything to be gained 
there is only one choice to make
that gives you the inner strength 

to lead you to that sacred space 
to be shown that sacred moment 
when you decide the way to take
to find new power in this  way 

to be the person who makes
the decision to be free and awake
fir the choice is yours to make 
whether to win or lose is up to you

for beyond the walls 
beyond the fear 
we all have a heart that aches 
to be loved for what it takes 

for God loves  us in spite of all our mistakes
when we accept this and face 
that we are just human and doing the best we can 
to live out our dreams in this limited time and space 

so let the walls now fall
and stand naked in the sun
and let the healing come
and find the strength you need to begin again 


merge all the dimensions 
and allow the outer and the inner worlds to join
to understand and comprehend 
a way to work together as spirit without end

let the breath  awaken
let the higher awareness be alive
let the creative force find the way
to communicate to you in life

each sensation blossoms 
every sound sings forth to find
a celebration of creation
is waiting there for you to find

open up this energy 
that is the life force there inside
let there be a birth
of a higher state of mind

merge into the power
of a love that is alive
let it lead you forward 
and discover your purpose here in life 

Friday, September 9, 2016

The time of Harvest

this is the time of Harvesting
the time to reap what you have sown
this is the time of being worthy
and believe in the power of your soul

to hold open your hands and receive the blessings
to have the faith so you can know
that Gods love is always present 
and alive in you to know

take what is offered graciously
take what you might need
and give away the rest you have
to those who are in need 

for there is such abundance 
there are such gifts the Father and Mother bring
everything you need is given
if you open up your Heart and just Believe

give great thanks to the lord
who provides your every need 
serve this love in the way you give 
and God light will shine on the life you live 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


in between the dark and light
in between the rhythm of the waves 
in that space between the breath
there is a place that Sprit is known 

that emptiness of nothing
holds a key for you to find
between the hopes and reality
is a mystical state of mind

the doorway into a higher life
the promise of your soul
slips into the cracks of light 
reflected forth from the soul

hold the precious memory
of the Mothers blessed smile
carry the symbol of awakening
and your true name that never dies

venture forth and live the life
that in time will lead you home
til you  cross the sacred river 
To the other side

in between the dark and light
before the rising sun
find the sacred path of light
that will lead you home 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Divine Flow

there is a divine flow 
a certain vibration we can know
a river of life from the source
that we merge with as our life force 

we can feel the energy it brings
to the sounds and light we feel
our higher mind is in tune
with this powerful frequency that renews 

be at one with this one energy
that has created us to be
a Reflection of love on earth
a vessel of light that is our greatest resource

embrace the life you live
receive the flow this river is
and do t be afraid to believe
you can be in tune with Gods great energy

you can be grateful and be
a part this divine energy 
you can flow with what is given for free
experiencing the perfection of this moments reality 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The awakening

what awakening brings you this dream
what thought brings you to be
 what calling within is heard 
that remembers the promise which occurred

that once spoken inner vow 
that holds you to still recall
the distance from other lives 
to this moment here and now

what nectar so sweet feeds the soul
that holds forth the enticement of spirit to know
the mysteries that decorate your mind
to bring forth the magic to the secrets you find

what is this mystic embrace
that leads you to discover that grace
this love that lasts beyond all  time
and whispers words so sublime

what is the ultimate truth
that touched your heart to renew
so with each breath and moment that unfolds
is born from that purpose that inspires your soul

and life after life you grow
to better reflect that love you know
that is merged there inside your being
the God in us now awakening