Thursday, August 25, 2016


lord there are so many prayers 
and so many who cry out to be heard
so much energy that you can reveal
so many that need to be healed

and I know that each and every soul
has there own path to follow
each life so precious to live
so much each has to give

lord I turn my prayers over to you
and trust that the miracles you bring
will come to those who call out 
and these prayers can come true

and that we have the strength to accept 
and all that stuff we cannot deal with
and we ask for the legions of angels above 
to bring forth the Father and Mother Marys love 

I thank you for the grace you bring
I thank you Lord for all the blessings 
and I trust that the Good will be seen
and your higher plan be revealed 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Passing dreams in time

naked and cryingg we comeinto this life
with nothing to hold onto 
but the need to be loved and fed 
and we're accepted for our who we are 

and we continue to learn and grow
getting by on what we know
and how to achieve all our needss 
totry to  find what makes us happy 

and somewhere along the way
weare taught  that we can pray
and ask God to give us help
in getting through each day

and we accumulate so many things
and we get attached to memories 
and all the latest things 
that we need to have to be happy

and now the ego so wants to be fed
and seen for how good it is instead 
of accepting who we really are inside 
a naked child crying for love who won't be denied 

 so many things we find
and seek that happiness we need inside 
until we have so many things we seen 
and in time they are all memories 

just pieces of this life's dream 
that slip away to be released 
until it's time to wave and say goodbye 
and slip naked out of this drea 

and leave all those attachments behind
and all those many the things we had
are now just Loved ones memories 
and one fine day we all will pass away
to be born naked again in time 
awakening in a higher place to find 
all our needs are met 
by our heavenly Mother and Father 
with nothing but the love we're fed 


Sunday, August 21, 2016

I am The Presence

I am here in the presence
I am alive in the Light of Lights 
I am the voice in the Silence
I am the Spirit of the souls life

I am the gift if the Ages
I am the beauty you so adore
the I am that I am that is ageless
I am the smile that opens loves door 

be with me in the quiet 
at the breaking of the day
let your heart feel my presence
awaken the mind to me when you pray 

for I am with you always
even when you don't believe
I am the truth you always need 
alive in the Spirit within you seek 

I am the love that was promised
I am the God within
I'm the presence of The Christ
with the blessed Mother beside me herein 

awaken to this love and light
that is always there come what might
give thanks for the blessings that God has given 
for I am that I am Presence that is eternally alive  

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Somewhere near Heaven

somewhere here near heaven
I heard the soft wind of spirit call
it was so close I saw the presence
of an angel who watches over us all

and I sometimes try to capture 
that spirit that I so love
but it is free to answer
whether it wishes to be held

the soul knows my true name
and what my heart desires
and here when I'm in Gods presence
I love awakening to heavens call

somewhere here I sense the mystery
of the hidden dream
the mystical thread that leads me
to answer whatever it needs

and while I walk on the path
I sometimes stop and pray
to Remember why I came here
and what is my purpose each day

I so love the beauty
and feel it is alive 
when I open up my heart to God
and give thanks for the blessings in this life

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Flower of Awakening

let the light of God's love
blossom forth from your inner heart divine
breathe in the heavenly fragrance 
of the spirit that is the Kiss of life you find

become the awakening of a beauty 
that is the expression of creation that is alive 
in the one holy flower of life
that with a such brilliant light does shine

for we are the living light of God
that blossoms with the truth divine 
as we travel on the path of sublime 
To discover there is a Grace that we can find 

reach for the flower that blossoms 
with the love that feeds the soul
become the very gift that brings
the blessings that will grow 

let the petals from heavens flower fall
and feel the sacred energy 
give thanks for the awakening 
and the presence of gods love brings

give your life to be the vase 
that the flower holds
to offer the flower at the alter
Of the throne of God  one day 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Soul Speaks

the soul speaks through the silence 
of the one light that the heart can hear
And each moment we listens in
 God calls us ever near

For he reates the light that guides the way
and the truth we seek to find 
that leads us teveroonward tto hat pystic path divine

let the soul speak to your heart
listen to the silence beyond all sime
and hear the heartbeat of the Lord
 with that love that you seek fto adore 
dedicate yourself to walk the path 
of the masters and the One
and let God speak through you

and teach what you need to know
and what controls the stars
and the spinning dance we take
as we listen for the soundtrack
that the universe create
can we be the messengers
and write down all the words
ta scribe of he symbols and the signs 
that we so closely observe 

So that we hcan ear the soul speak
as we try to understand 
the messages God gives us
to help us fulfill our higher plan 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Faith reaches out to when you are in need 
Faith will hold your hand
when you are lost in the illusions
that distract you from the great I am

Faith is the voice in the silence 
that answers your secret prayers
 when you have forgotten 
the reason that you are really here

Faith holds the strength to pull you up
when you have fallen down
Faith is the remembrance of the promise 
that you will always be guided home 

and when the ego causes division
and when you can't understand quite why
things don't turn out like you wanted
Faith is there to make things right

Faith is the invisible knowing of the unknown 
that is alive there in your soul
and it will lift you up
 once you  breakfree of power of ethe go 

so breathe in the light of Faith
and have a little trust in God
let the gift of Faith 
estore you to grace
to align with the will of the One that is the Igreat  am that i am 

Monday, August 15, 2016

How would you Speak to the lord

how would you call upon the Christ
to be with you each day
how would you speak those precious  words 
what would your soul have you pray

all that need you have
that is crying out to serve
is known already by the one
who hears your every prayers words

and do you listen in the silence
for the answers to be heard
do you find the time to be
open to them guidance you receive

can you be a vessel 
that holds the sacred cup
to pour forth the sacred wine 
from the Garden of heavens vines 

this is the nectar so sweet 
that is the love of the creator to know
that comes from the fountains that flow
from the blessings of His heart and soul

would you be the one to drink
the sacred blessings of his love
would you share the gifts he brings
 with the grace of spirits holy dove  
how would you call upon the lord
and would you believe he is here 
for he is with you always
even when you can't see he's there

so speak with your heart
the prayers to be heard
and let your soul be shown
receive the Christ light into you life
and share the blessings that come 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Be still

be still 
and know that I am God
and when you feel unease
go to that point of stillness
and let it brings you peace

be still and know the power
and the love that is alive
for in the heart of stillness 
 is where the truth abides

be still and let the point of light
shine forth from your soul
let that pure light guide your way
and let God be in Control

breathe deep that light that shines
with the powerr tobe the one
that hold that stillness deep within
to be strong when challenges come

stop all the worries 
stop all the fears
and celebrate the Grace of spirit
that is alive and always there

for there is this eternal energy
that you can call upon
there is a love that smiles on you
fromthe  Mother
and the Son

you can call upon that light
you can find that love divine
be still and be blessed by the energy
that from the soul does come

you'll find the peace you seek
and the love you so need
be still and just believe
that God's there in the silence 
be still and let it be 


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I am the presence

even when you see me not
I am here with you
even when you are busy 
and your thoughts spin round and round
and you don't have time 
to recognize my presence
I am still waiting there

I am here throughout the long night 
and the dark times of the soul
I am alive within you always
in the presence that spirit knows

for I am the living presence
I am the eternal light
I am the Holy Spirit
the eternal breath of life 

I never leave your side
I am there with you when you go inside
and with each breath you take
I bring you the creators saving grace

in each moment if your life
you can take the time to find
the I am that I am resides
always with the heart of mankind 

breathe in the I Am presence
recognize this gift
give thanks to God 
for the many blessings 
This living love it brings