Thursday, August 15, 2019

when your soul speaks 

through the ones who are listening 

to the same source as you

you feel the resonance reverberate   

as you are lifted to a unified view

brother to brother, sister to sister 

we are all joined as one

purified by the energy

of transformation that has begun

it may just be a word or two

it may come as a smile

or a hug of loving understanding 

or a sunrise that speaks from on high

when our soul speaks

we should listen

and stop our busy mind

and make that inner decision 

to absorb the truth we find

the soul speaks in many ways

through many different signs

so leave your self open

to one source we can’t define 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


as I was looking

 through a hole into the heavens 

trying to see some shooting stars

I saw a strange vision

an interchange from afar

I know it’s hard to focus

on whats going on those lightyears away

but perhaps we can communicate 

with others beyond outer space

I know we like to wish on stars 

that we might choose

but maybe they choose us

and wish upon us too

when we look in wonder 

at what magnificence the universe displays

all our little worries seem so insignificant 

as we live out our life’s play  

I’m reminded of what Shakespeare said 

so very long ago

when Hamlet suggested 

that we can not know 

all that the spirit has to show


There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, 

Than are dreamt of here on earth 

so we look in wonder

at the stars flung across the sky

as we spin around this planet

we try to figure out just why

the reasons we are here 

before we return 

to the Spirit in the Sky 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

i greet this moment as a friend 

I great the majestic mountains  

with love as a familiar reflection of home

i bless the waters of the sacred river

and song she brings all souls

I reach to touch the sky

and bless all the winged ones who fly

as I watch the colors of the clouds float by 

bridging heaven to earth with a sigh

I bow to this holy energy 

that enlightenes us to be

the one who walks through the sacred valley 

and feels the power of the mana

alive here in each breath we breathe 

but here is the hardest part 

to see that in each soul in humanity 

is part of that same majestic energy

waiting for us to just see

that Spirit in form waiting to be free 

such beauty in all life 

is present and can be revealed 

if we are able to greet

this moment we all share  

in such various reflections of energy 

so with a bow i smile and say 

thank you God

for this amazing blessing of this moment 

each and every day

Friday, August 9, 2019

So here’s the call for everyday spirituality 

We are such a force for good

Now we have to really get to work in the world

Based on the world events I got this 

in the brilliant light of the rising sun

I saw shadows once hidden

always there now could be be seen

in the time of the bold new dawn 

and this message came to me

and I recognized it so strongly 

when the light increases  

more shadows then are shown

and I realized how each day

I took the time to pray

for more love and light to be in each heart

but in the shadows it can fall apart

and if indeed it’s true 

that as gifts of light

are more abundant in me and you

then now it’s time to figure out

how to handle the darker parts 

we can’t run away and hide

and close our eyes 

for the cry of humanity 

cannot now be denied 

and I realized it’s it is not enough to crave

that feeling of light and love each day

we are to try unify 

and merge the shadow and light somehow

it starts with ourself because 

 we are created with both sides 

the dark and light is alive 

in the ying and yang of all life 

and if we can love ourself and find a way

to share more kindness every day

and realize when the light increases  

more shadows then are shown

it’s just part of the way 

We will have deal

With a new reality 

And with the tools we’ve been shown

There is a way humanity can grow

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


bless me with you words so pure

they connect to your heart and soul

let me touch the petals

that from heavens garden grow 

restore my inner commitment 

to serve that love you give to my soul

and let your light shine forth

from the lamp that you still do hold  

for you are the true teacher

you lead us forth to know

the way out of our deep illusions 

through the darkness can sometimes grow 

let me hear your Song of Songs

lift my spirits to find

the way that we should carry on

and still be able to be inspired

and with every tear of sadness 

let us all decide 

to find a better way to live 

and bring more love to humankind

I dedicate the flowers 

and the candle lit so bright

May all those with broken hearts 

be given your gracecifvlive divine 

thank you for giving me key 

to open the door to understand 

that even through our suffering 

there is the presence of a higher plan

Monday, August 5, 2019

keep your heart open

even through the darkest times

turn to the light in each person 

and from their journeys learn to inside

and with a breath compassion 

we can find a way to purge

the part of the cause that created scars

that cover our true innocence that’s merged

with the Good that can survive 

even the deepest of dives 

 for it’s all Part of Creation 

it’s how we learn and grow

it's a chance for us to reach 

our true purpose and inner goals

so please keep your heart open

let that spark of love show

and let your eyes sparkle 

with eternal light in your soul

Friday, August 2, 2019


in the depths of each heart

are the seeds of truly caring

with an innocence that shines

and sees the hidden hope for good is still alive 

caring for those who are lost 

and seeking to be redeemed 

by understanding the challenges 

of being human and all that means

still caring for the broken ones

who have stopped believing 

and strike out in the darkness 

that their tragic fear that reveals

how much they are really needing 

someone to feel what the do feel

but still there are candles burning 

and ones who wish to find a way

to bring more love into humanity 

and to right the wrongs that on society weigh

there are millions who are serving 

each in their own way

who try to work with kindness 

and to help bring about more good each day

and when we care lets show it 

May goodwill guide what we do and say

and May the grace at the heart of caring

help bring compassion to our world I pray 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

you lift my heart to heaven

you touch my soul with spirits light

you understand the longing

that comes in the darkest nights

you lead me through the valley

to the mountaintop so high

so I can see what lies before me 

and be given the strength I need to find

you know my deepest secrets 

you forgive me when I stray

you reach out and embrace me

with Your loving kindness everyday

thank you beloved teacher

thank you God within

for being there in Spirit 

with blessings that never end 

Monday, July 29, 2019

Heaven on earth 

Where do you hold the secrets

That tell you how to find

The way to reach your heart and mind,

And return this love divine?

The mother watches over you

shes always there when you pray

The paradise of Heaven is now available every day

Taste it, touch it, feel it, look and don’t turn back.

The magnet of the heart of love

Is more than we can find

In just one person place or thing,

Yet here it all resides.

What you hold on to

Is just a part of the whole,

Of an infinite light and eternal love

That catches you when you let go.

Find this truth, this light that calls

To your name and mine.

Move into the way of God’s

Heart of hearts divine.

Breathe in peace, breathe in joy,

And then let's journey on.

The path has still a way to go,

The time is here to decide

To be within the heart of love.”

Excerpt From

Angel Blessings

Rev. Cindy Paulos

This material may be protected by copyright.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

you hold prayer of life 

alive in each breath

with a gift of existence 

brought forth from the light

how do you wish to share

the purpose that you came here for

what frequency do you hear

and can you amplify its sound

by the words and be clear

of the doubts that appear

you are a rainbow of cosmic harmony 

with music brought by celestial prophecies 

made manifest in unlimited possibilities 

by the Creator of all symphony’s 

and here you live and play

filled with the companionship

of the highest each day

choosing what you want say

and what love you can express 

in your own unique way


how do you wish to share

the purpose that you came here for