Monday, October 14, 2019

beloved source of all

help us to open up our hearts

let the good within 

shine forth through thick and thin 

all beloved teacher 

give us your true vision

to see the inspiration you offer

and feel the peace 

that passeth all rhyme and reason

let me breathe your spirit in

and give me the strength I need

to love this life through all the seasons

and cycles that spin round endlessly 

Lord of love be present 

throughout the day and night

give us your loving shelter 

and bring forth blessings 

to all who seek your of light

Saturday, October 12, 2019

diamonds of light 

sparkle on the waters 

dancing rays that reflect 

the spirit in this matter

formless forms of being

colors of heavens rays

adorn our higher reasons

particles of stars captured on display 

and we watch for the clues

of what it is we are supposed to do 

there are dimensions present 

beyond what is seen that rings true

so watch for that sparkle

and the glimmer if the soul in the eyes 

that catches the spirit of higher light

that accompanies God presence 

Sparking that inner fire inside 

Friday, October 11, 2019

I started seeing auras when I was 16

But not the colors

I see light auras that form energy and patterns 

Each different 

I believe in the astral realms we see more auras...

we are all creating art

with our thoughts and what we say

we are swirling fields of energy

that carry etheric forces into play

we have these colorful fields of energy

our auras project and display

as living moving sculptures

that merge with other beings

we come into contact with each day

and yes, all of life has auras

as does nature and all beings it’s true

we are vibrant fields of different frequencies

that interact in here on earth and in heaven too

so create your aura with good energy

and with the loving energy 

be a radiant rainbow of light

that's a beautiful as the sunrise you see

for you are great force of blessed energy

Thursday, October 10, 2019

I never cease to be amazed

at the way God blesses me each day

it may be with kind words

that I need to hear others say

or with some encouragement given  

in some miraculous way

so when I find myself in need 

and am weary from the day

I turn within to take some time

to talk to God and meditate and pray

the blessings of being 

are as infinite as the universe  

in which we exist

this creations living energy

joins us together in a mystic kiss 

hold open your heart to the blessings

that come to you in this life each day

and share that love with others 

to experience the wonder of life 

present here every day 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

sometimes the simplest of gifts 

come unexpectedly

in a sweet smile that we find 

a gentle word of support

can mean so much 

and make a difference in your life 

we all want to believe

it’s a wonderful world

for we hold spirit of creation

deep in our dna

but when we see all the hate and violence

it makes us doubt 

our world and question 

if good will find a way 

but when we look at the beauty 

of a sunrise lit in golden rays

and when we walk in nature

there is a blessing of healing that unfolds 

there are these simple gifts of life

that keep our love alive

to help us to belief

that God is good 

all the time 

 look for the limitless light

that lifts your heart and mind

find the beauty that is present

and feed it with gratitude for being alive 

Monday, October 7, 2019

the ship is in the harbour

it’s only here for a day or two

and the clock is ticking out

and there is so much left to do

a star shines down upon me

its waiting as I pray

for God to help to help me see

what must be done today

and there are just a few clocks  

that really tick

exceot on 60 minutes

and recordings that are digitally correct 

but it’s nice to have reminders

some innate pressure we commit

and once it was the sands of time

and the hourglass that would remind 

on how much time we can fit

into what we experience with it

and the ship is in the harbor 

only for a day or two

it doesn’t stay too long

and there’s so much left we need to do

so we take a lot of pictures

to make memories 

we hope not to forget

for life slips quickly through our fingers

and we must make the most of it 

so have some good times 

and breathe in the sublime

share a little smile 

and try to make your life worthwhile

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


a prayer 

is the heart talking to God

a wish from the soul

sent on wings of light

an intent for The Lord to know

what we need to be shown 

some may bow their head

some may lught a candle

and some may look up above  

as their words are heaven sent 

in faith as an act of love 

yes prayers are us talking to God 

and when you take the time to pray

remember to say thank you 

for you have not forgot

there is a much greater force at work

that is present here in this life each day 

and we find a special grace 

when we turn to God and pray 

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

ripple effects from the cosmos 

planetary waves of light

a focus on what’s at the core

of the current perception 

of what is wrong and right

so many pebbles are thrown 

into the water of life

so many circles have spread 

to reach us in these waves of time 

and we are the pebble 

we are the wave 

we are the one who can be

 a receiver of this energy

we are the transformer 

that seeks to perceive

messages transmitted 

from a distant space 

from the promise of a future race 

we are the pool

reflecting back the light 

and we can feel

how it effects 

our focus here in life 

in the pause between each breath

in the shadow that relents 

to how our time is spent

is the core of what is here meant 

behold the cause of the dream

behold the dreamers mystery 

and throw your self into feeling 

with the passion of your hearts meaning 

for you have the power

to be able to receive

the light behind creation 

alive in you right now 

in a moment of meditation 

Monday, September 23, 2019


who are you being influenced by

what wind sets the course of your sails  

where does your inner compass take you

what direction is set amidst the all the amidst the all the manipulators 

and all the distractive stimulators

it’s hard to really be

true to who you really are 

and to let your soul really speak

and all the distractive stimulators

it’s hard to really be

true to who you really are 

and to let your soul really speak you to prevail 

do we know how to set an intention

and make a goal that we can keep

what force is really strong enough

that finds a way to what we seek

amidst the all the manipulators 

and all the distractive stimulators

it’s hard to really be

true to who you really are 

and to let your soul really speak

set your mind to your hearts vibration

set your mind to reflect the highest light

don’t be influenced by those who would use you

to follow their egos destructive fight

 let Spirit lift you up

and set your compass to the soul

stay true to your inner purpose

and let God direct the path you follow   

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Star catchers 

And fallen angels

Feathers left behind

bring Answers that are unanswered 

and Superb Questions 

Unnerved by the masters 

knowing smile

they say Stars are bubbling free

out of our black hole

how do they even do that 

and what’s their destination is

has not been revealed 

and is still unknown 

receivers that can listen in 

to conversations the universe holds

someone heard them laugh 

at what we still don’t know

there are circles round the moon

and moonbows that radiate on through

with traces of the stardust

in a halo that crowns our unseen side 

and somewhere in the distance 

there’s a stirring of the spirit wind

a rustling of the ones who’ve past over 

and wait for us to join them again

and they see the star catchers

and dream makers

and the angels that abide 

and who take there parts so seriously

as God laughs and understands with love

as the children of Earth unearth 

strange clues that are undefined 

while video games decide what we hide

yes we live in such strange times  

while AI plans out our holographic life 

and the fallen angel STILL remembers the secret

and the starcatcher hears the universal song

but there is no app to explain to us 

what in the world is really going on