Friday, July 17, 2020

When times get tough 

when things seem to go wrong

as sometimes they do 

when our little bubble bursts 

and you have to deal with

whats right there in front of you

remember you’re not alone

you never really were

 and you never will ever really be 

for there’s guardian angel

just standing by 

watching over you 

when you’re in need

and there’s the Holy Spirit too

keeping watch on the inner side

and the one watches over them 

who helps you 

in that space where they reside 

there are legions of angels

masters and guides 

and the Lord and Mother

standing by 

and though it may seem 

you here are all alone 

please remember in truth 

that just ain’t so 

so when times get tough

and life gets a little rough

take a moment to pray 

for a little help

from your Guardian Angel and God 

to get you through your day 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

God reaches out

how does God reach out to you

what words could speak to your ears to hear 

if you asked for a message to come

would you recognize it when it appears

what is Gods prayer for you

 who carries that precious gift of light

are you really open to receive 

the answers you need in life 

what friend is the messenger

what guardian angel speaks 

the message that you pray for

to make your life complete 

you know you can find an opening

for the blessing of truth to come

when you are really ready 

to receive what must be done 

how does your soul teach you

how does the muse really decide 

how to bless you with a few moments 

that can bridge the arc of time 

give thanks for the blessed messenger

and the writings of the scribe 

and the bridge across space and time 

and all the answers sent 

to guide us in our life 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Back to you

when I slip and fall

I hear your spirit call

and I take a pause 

to be still and pray

to remember the light that you gave

a inner compass to use 

to help me find my way

and I am brought back 

to that special place 

inside where I go each day

to that heart of love that saves

and I am so grateful

for the blessings 

and the miracles you display

in so many magical ways 

and I am brought back 

to that special place

where I commune with you

and am directed what to do

with a gentle smile or perhaps a phrase

that brings me back to you

is this faith

or just a promise once made

that knows when I lose my way

somehow you are there 

to show me the right path to take 

and I am sure 

at the end of the day

or when this life just fades away

I will return to that heavenly place

and there when we’re face to face

I once again will feel your heavenly embrace 

and until that time I find the strength

with certainty in my heart I say 

I will be brought back to you 

Saturday, May 16, 2020


there are so many ways to hide in shadows of the black quill of words and feathered angels wings who kindly protect your secret life until the day arrives and there’s just you and all that inner part of what is really true and it comes forth to be laid out for you to see and you must embrace all of what it is you find and there comes a time to see there is no security When there’s nothing left to hide behind and you find the soul inside and all you need to understand is it’s all part of bigger plan and it’s time to finally awake to that amazing grace God’s love is waiting for you to find

Monday, May 4, 2020

First light 

this wonder of first light

as the birds take flight

and there is a symphony of sounds

that lifts the soul to find

what message resounds 

in the meeting of dark to light 

this burst of energy

a spark that if you look reveals

the secrets once hidden 

now find words to speak

as we try to survive 

as we choose truth over lies 

for what’s hidden and disguised 

is uncovered in good time 

oh this wonder of being

here at this point and time 

using all the sacred tools

Gods gifts that are so Divine 

and we remember that Spirit never dies 

Monday, April 27, 2020

this sound 

this calling 

that I hear 

holds my atonement

from ancient fears

it accepts the energy field

that carries my heart 

and shares the power 

of the holy dove 

that pours nectar from the source

that is unwrapped with love 

we are particles 

created from the cosmos 

a message in the bottle

a promise was sent so long ago

written in our DNA 

a code unbroken 

to link us together 

to our Creator come what may 

how can life not reflect 

the mirror of our being

from which it is sent

with both sides of eternity that connects

the secrets that are kept

in a sacred pond of such a depth 

that we may never get

down to very the bottom of it

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Sometimes I start to judge

and wonder why

people do hurtful things 

it’s so hard to understand  

the how’s and why’s 

and if I decide

to try justify

how upset I get 

when I don’t like 

what is done and said 

I just repeat in my head

we’re all just doing the best we can 

each person is just human 

here to learn and understand 

who is to judge 

who can figure out Gods plan

so we all just lend a hand 


we’re all just doing the best we can 

little by little

day be day 

each just getting by

and figuring out a way 

to live with more kindness 

to see the other side 

to walk in the shoes of the other 

for just a short while 

who’s to judge 

who can say 

what each person faces 

and challenges that come their way 

so remember not to spread the hate

and take the time to relate

each of us has hard things on our plates

seeking to overcome our bad traits 

thank God for forgiveness 

Fir that I do pray 

for He knows what it takes 

and we’re all trying each day

tryin to fit in to this world in some way

So let this be your mantra

And remember how to play the game 

We’re all just human understand

We’re all doing the best we can  

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

love will see you through

no matter how lost you get

there’s that saving grace insider of you

that you can find and hold on to

living with love and understandings tools 

with a smile and time

you will be renewed 

breath by breath

by spirit we’re renewed 

love will see you through

a promise that was given

a prayer from God to you

the heart that you return to

the thing that is always true

is you were born from love

you return to love 

and when all else fails

Gods love can save you

call on it 

pray to it

find it there inside 

 in the light that shines 

even through the darkest times

love will see you through 

Sunday, January 5, 2020

in the I am presence 

I am one with all

seeing the beauty

and splendor

here within and in the infinite

I am one with the light of the sun

I am one with the earth 

and the oceans

the beings who are alive 

here and in Spirit 

I am one with the light

i am one with God 

I am one with the I am presence 

i am one with the presence of peace 

I feel that peace within 

and with the awakened ones on the planet 

that presence of peace 

is born of understanding and goodwill

it is born of the love 

that created us

I am that presence of peace

I am that divine love

I am that oneness of all

that I am 


I am that I am