Saturday, February 25, 2017

just Fine

Spark the flame of evolution 

breathe in the power of life

you have a chance to be the solution 

the mystic dance of creations rainbow of light

you are the fire of spirit 

burning with an eternal flame 

so let the soul shine forth forever 

and transform the egos game

let the fountain of Inspiration 

purify your heart and mind 

drink in the holy water from heavens garden 

and end that urge for flight or fight 

there is a sense of being 

a place of prayer thats always here 

with the grace of understanding 

that the presence of God is everywhere 

The I am that I am is aware 

that in this moment I am just fine

and in this existence we all experience 

life together here in this space and time

so breathe in the magic of this transforming light

and drink from the fountains sacred waters of life

let the eternal fire of creation burn   

 for the past is just ashes in the funeral urn 

it's time to awaken and finally see 

you are child of Gods love 

with the gift to choose 

to be happy and free 

Friday, February 24, 2017

let go

I let go and let God be in control 

no need to worry and no need to care

accepting this moment 

and just being here

Lord I ask for you to take

away egos negative embrace 

and put your compassion and care

to replace the emptiness of fear 

let your love fill my life

and to you I turnover what I cannot endure 

the defensive reactions 

that come and sneak in here

I make peace with my life

I embrace your grace

that releases the darkness 

that faces the human race

let your light shine across this land

so we can see the oneness

to get us past divisions that separate man

to unite all people to see Gods great plan 

Lord I know this might take a miracle 

but I believe with you 

all things are possible 

Monday, February 20, 2017

who i am

Ilord I ask you to be my guide

To help me give up the struggle and fight

and release the ego and pride 

So I can see that pure light that shines 

I let this joy that you hold

be welcomed and alive in my soul

to bathe my body and heart with nectar divine 

The pure bliss of your love I can know

 my body, mind  and emotions are aligned

and I accept all of myself and pray

I can be content, happy and joyful today

with just who I am, whatever comes my way

lord let me celebrate your glory in my life

and any accomplishments I've made

To reflect the gifts you blessed me with 

and always so freely gave

Mother Mary let your Spirit in me shine

and guide me each and every day 

to be more loving and kind

to serve as you did to help humankind 

I thank you lord 

for this body of mine

and I heal any judgements I've made 

About trying to fit what the world displays 

I realize that I can enjoy who I am

it's useless to try to fit in and pretend 

 Let me see through all illusion 

So the power of your truth can win 

I inhabit this body for just a short while

I make peace with myself and passing time 

and I love my true image whatever it holds 

 the true beauty within me never gets old 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

embrace the good

resist the forces of darkness 

resist those whose egos control

and listen to your hearts true gift

that strength we have to love

you are a force for good my friend 

you hold the secret key

awaken to your inner awareness 

and the infinite possibilities 

too long has it been hidden 

and you've been afraid to even try

it's time to lose the chains of fear

and allow the soul to be revived 

you hold an unlimited force for good

open your eyes and see

you are a beloved child of God

and your dreams can become a reality 

resist those forces of darkness 

let that love you are shine bright

embrace the truth of who you are

and step into the new days light

stand naked in the morning sun

and stretch your arms out wide

do not be afraid my friend 

to embrace your true place in life 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

nautures Guardians

what part of you already is

whatever you wish to be

what energy does it take to become

the perfection that's alive in you and me

you are living and breathing the dream

that you choose to find each day

you can partake in a greater experience 

when you talk to God and pray 

open up your mind to The truth

open the door to a higher way

breathe in the light of Gods Glory

and receive the love of the Mother today

there are miracles that really do happen 

in each and every moment of life 

you now can be blessed and be awakened

To the Creators Mystical fountain of light

part of your being remembers

what part of your destiny already is 

call upon your soul in the silence 

it is time to behold Gods presence within

Thursday, February 16, 2017

each day

amidst the rubble of life's illusion 
these drops of rain do fall
to unveil glistening pearls of light
reflecting glimmers of such beauty 
with dreams and breaths of hope

I hear the hearts deep calling
and the secret prayers of the soul
which whisper in the moment 
of the Mothers mercy for us all

is there just one answer
is there just one key
to open up your door lord 
and find that inner peace

are we here to celebrate you 
or too find a way to overcome 
this spinning wheel of karma that teaches 
that time and dharma bring to everyone

and in the silence I hear the promise 
and the promise I find the faith
and with the Masters Guidance 
I find the courage I need each day

to face the drama and illusion 
to rise up to the truth and try again
to live with love a little more kindness 
and find that peace I need within 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

birthday poem

here's my Birthday poem

 flung across the universe
on an infinite beam of light
dancing with the rhythm of the heart beat
of the pulse of humanity's cry

I am here in this precious presence 
of my souls sacred call
searching for the love it takes
to receive God's gift to us all

I Remember my birth
I am a remnant of the echoes still
of that song the one word that we heard 
that created this flesh and spirit merged 

and now the Holy Dove has emerged
to be held with the tender Love
that holds the power of Mystic Mother
 with the promise of our true worth
She blesses all life and each birth 
and with every soul there is this promise of life
with each prayer there is a miracle heard
 by the lord the silent hope that Is served 

and He smiles at a distance 
and we sometimes can wave
and say Hi to the Creators existence 
and be inspired to play the game

yes all the Good and Wise ones
that have journeyed this way
have offered themselves to serve love
and send their blessings forth every day

we are all on this long path
that was birthed of the Mothers love 
the children of God all gathered under
the moon and the sun and heaven above

breathing this spirit and calling His Name
til we are redeemed once again
to worship all the misery and glory of life 
and Gods amazing grace 
the darkness and light combined 
in this moment in time and space 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

love lettet to the Lord

there is a fountain of overflowing blessings 

that pours from the Garden of Gods love 

if we open our hearts to find it

we can drink that nectar from Holy Spirits Dove 

lord you gave me this life

and the strength to face each day

to find the power to overcome all doubts

i live in eternal gratitude for showing me way

let me see your light of Loving kindness 

in the daily work let your give to teach 

grant me the insight to transform my life

to walk on the path of truth I need 

for you pick me up when I fall

and when I falter and lose my way

your always right there with your angels 

and Mother Mary's guide me everyday 

you lead me to your secret Garden 

when I am tired and so weary

and I feel your presence like a rocket 

your love as my true sanctuary 

your always at the doorway when I knock 

so let me share your words

let me find the time to pray 

and thank you lord for being there

as my savior and teacher of the way

Monday, February 13, 2017

our awakening

I invite the Heart of God
to light the spark in my soul
for with the fire of that one great love 
I find miracles and blessings unfold 

all the chaos and confusion 
that the world can generate 
 can turn our minds to see the illusion 
that brings the us the need to now partake
in the deeper awakening 
that can help us all to be
able to share a greater light
to shine through the darkness for us to see 

we are the guardians on the path
we are the torch bearers of the way
nothing in life can hold us back
from the embrace of Gods love if we pray

so we stay strong in our true purpose
we have been given to be
with the affirmation that says yes to life
so we are in aligned with our true destiny 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

as it happens

i Am in this moment 

present in the gift of presence

letting go of ego letting go of control 

and allowing whatever I am to be

and breathing in what life may bring

I open my heart to God 

and my awakening to allow

life to happen with happiness as it happens

each and every day

 in this place where no problems appear

 with no wants or desires are here

and for this moment no judgement or fear

always just in the unknown 

with this mysterious  embrace

of life and God  spirit and Man

 in the full process of the purpose

 accepting the light of enlightenment 

 and the love of This miraculous creation 

and how we live with all of its way

of engaging us with each other 

in this time and space

in the fullness of the light of life 

and the prayer of being here