Thursday, January 30, 2020

Sometimes I start to judge

and wonder why

people do hurtful things 

it’s so hard to understand  

the how’s and why’s 

and if I decide

to try justify

how upset I get 

when I don’t like 

what is done and said 

I just repeat in my head

we’re all just doing the best we can 

each person is just human 

here to learn and understand 

who is to judge 

who can figure out Gods plan

so we all just lend a hand 


we’re all just doing the best we can 

little by little

day be day 

each just getting by

and figuring out a way 

to live with more kindness 

to see the other side 

to walk in the shoes of the other 

for just a short while 

who’s to judge 

who can say 

what each person faces 

and challenges that come their way 

so remember not to spread the hate

and take the time to relate

each of us has hard things on our plates

seeking to overcome our bad traits 

thank God for forgiveness 

Fir that I do pray 

for He knows what it takes 

and we’re all trying each day

tryin to fit in to this world in some way

So let this be your mantra

And remember how to play the game 

We’re all just human understand

We’re all doing the best we can  

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

love will see you through

no matter how lost you get

there’s that saving grace insider of you

that you can find and hold on to

living with love and understandings tools 

with a smile and time

you will be renewed 

breath by breath

by spirit we’re renewed 

love will see you through

a promise that was given

a prayer from God to you

the heart that you return to

the thing that is always true

is you were born from love

you return to love 

and when all else fails

Gods love can save you

call on it 

pray to it

find it there inside 

 in the light that shines 

even through the darkest times

love will see you through 

Sunday, January 5, 2020

in the I am presence 

I am one with all

seeing the beauty

and splendor

here within and in the infinite

I am one with the light of the sun

I am one with the earth 

and the oceans

the beings who are alive 

here and in Spirit 

I am one with the light

i am one with God 

I am one with the I am presence 

i am one with the presence of peace 

I feel that peace within 

and with the awakened ones on the planet 

that presence of peace 

is born of understanding and goodwill

it is born of the love 

that created us

I am that presence of peace

I am that divine love

I am that oneness of all

that I am 


I am that I am

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

This Christmas

This Christmas may you become aware

Of the Light that you truly are,

Created from the same light

That made the stars in the Universe so clear.

Come down Holy Spirit,

Dance across these December skies, 

Bring the very breath of God

To open up our eyes.

May we breathe your blessings 

And let your voice be heard, 

Be the very energy

That speaks these inner words.

May we be free of illusions

That bring darkness and fear, 

May we awaken to the brilliance 

That with Grace we can be.

May this light shine forth

To bring joy to the world to know,

With the assurance that God is always there Within us waiting for us to show.

The true meaning of Christmas 

That the birth of Christ did bring, 

With the love he showed us

That is alive in every living thing.

And may peace be with you always 

For the Prince of Peace does bring, 

The eternal love and light

That is alive in everything 

Sunday, December 15, 2019

there in your garden of heaven

to be found there deep within

are the answers in the light

look there for the blessings

and let them now begin

why struggle

why worry

what can be gained my friend

when you dwell in the peace 

of heaven you see

the perfection of everything

oh to dwell in that garden

oh to be in that space we need

and to find that eternal relief

I ask God and now pray 

 to merge with that heaven in thee  

Thursday, December 12, 2019

as I pray each and every day

I’m reminded of life’s way

that reminds us every day

that together we walk the path

that through the challenges and pain

we help each other as we may

treading the path 

and playing the game 

remembering the power of the one name

That holds creations light that came

to help show us the love we can claim

that unconditional eternal flame

that burns the old patterns away

and enlightens us so we can convey

there is plan we can understand

and the changes needed will be made

and we will see how life leads us to be 

the instruments of Gods love on earth

as we let go of the old worn out ways 

and with Christ’s light rebirthed 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Impossible blue

Of a forever sky

Yellow dance of a butterfly 

catching the heart

with the magnificent art supreme 

facing eye to eye

spirit seen so mysteriously 

in the improbability 

of this vision that’s seen 

in this life dream 

heaven spills into our reality

when we take time to receive 

oh the heaven 

that spills into our reality

when we take time to receive 

and perceive this precious moment

the magic of life and it’s pure beauty 

Monday, December 9, 2019

God game 

beyond the need of bliss

is this life and all that exists

in the daily breaths of it

and shadows in the changing light

all here to co-exist 

with what this creation is

spirit and this form that gives

us a chance to merge 

these cliff notes with guidelines that live 

in a dimension of frequencies that spin

round and round this planet 

in tune with Gods loving kids

here to do as he bids

til we return to that eternal bliss

can this great experimental sacrifice

really save our lives

will everything turn out alright

with what it takes to get through the night

so we wait until the return

of that holy child from which we learn

that bliss of a mystic kiss

that promised us just this

how to be that love in form 

and graduate to eternity evermore 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

oh to stop all the rush of doing

in this moment just be 

alive in the holy light 

and aware of the miracle of life

the faster we go 

the less we see 

and miss what’s present 

there in our soul

when we stop 

and can just go slow

there is such beauty 

we can know

see the magic and tune in 

to the presence there within

see it painted across the morning sky

or look at an animal eye to eye 

there is a peace 

within the pause

when we allow the awe

of just being alive 

in wonder of this gift of life