Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bargain or prayer

you say

this is the day the lord has made

let us be glad and rejoice 

but my heart feels heavy

and my mind despairs

so really Lord can u lead me to where

I can be  beyond worries and cares

past the dark night of the soul

and just trust that all is well 

even when I don’t know 

yes it’s up to me to turn to you

for we always have free will in what we do 

and there’s no place in life for victim hood

when I wish to see what’s good 

lord. what if I turn it all over to you

and let the all pieces fall as they will

can we be so intertwined in life

you could lift me to your infinite light 

lord, can I just let go and trust in you 

to take over and control what’s right

so I can once again rejoice and be glad 

or is this a bargain and not a prayer I contrived 

so lord, please bring me back to your grace

and release all judgement of the human race

because it’s hard to be your servant here

and to rejoice in your love and not have fear 

for the promise of Spring does call

and the birds sing a song that enthralls

and I sense hope for our rebirth  

and for joy to come for one and all 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mystic mountain

have seen the mystic mountain

and it brought me to my knees

I have heard the raven call

and heard the souls silent plea

to touch by what God gave 

and all the secrets that were said

and no words can ever claim

the light that shown from that sacred  flame

so I look up to see a glimpse

of the vision of that day

and sometimes I just stop to pray 

to get back to that place

but this daily life still holds

the lessons that I must take

til one day I finally graduate 

back to the mystic mountains grace

Friday, March 16, 2018

logging in to this day of my life
to see what messages appear
sitting with the presence of energy
that knocks at that inner door  
to clear away any fear
and look into a mirror of my own reflection 
that feeds my mind to greet me here

and I hear the song of spring
a new life that calls me to believe
that there is such good that exists 
beyond what we limitations we believe 
there is a prayer said that is a gift
and a candle for us that is lit
and a soul that hears and answers it 

and if we can but look beyond the dream
there are so many hearts awakening 
to the magnet of God pure energy
that is always waiting for us to see 

todays  page of empty space 
this universe that holds what our life creates
this cosmic magic we define as grace
accepts us until we face
that we are a reflection Gods mystic embrace 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Speaking of God

If I were to speak to you of God 

I would have the voice love to communicate

And share light with these words 

They would be accompanied by bands of angels to carry the sound of light

For there is a radiance

written by the joy God Brings

That Opens the heart to hear words of love

For in Truth their is no Sorrow or Darkness

In the Love of Gods presence

There is only great beauty 

and the fulfillment of the union of ultimate love with the joining of the source of all creation with you here on Earth

Oh to hold the light of the one who knows 

the the power and beauty in the heart of love 

Only the heart that is at one with with God 

Can live in the light of Christ 

for the heart and soul is born of such  love 

That It can understand and comprehend it 

and when the thoughts have been released 

To  the mind of God 

Then you can experience an enlightened consciousness

And then understanding can come 

Open the door to allow you to make 

that inner connection to God 

for then You will find 

The am and I am 

And understand your hearts purpose 

And Live with the joy

As a messenger of Gods love and  light 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

my cry of why is a prayer

 as I expose my soul to hear

the reasons for our existence here

when the inner self is exposed to find 

how to awaken all mankind 

to the microscope of the inner eye

to reflect on what each day may bring

the process of understanding life’s blessing

of being here and alive

when we give up the egos fight   

to the mystery of how God arrives 

in the Golden presence of a Christed mind

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

God is waiting

when your cup is full

and it’s not enough

to feed the souls hunger

and touch heavens ethereal love

and you ask for help

and each morning you pray

and settle for the reflections 

of words you are given to say

then deep so so deep you go

and you wonder how high

this life’s pathway goes

to touch hem of the enlightened one

and you seek uncharted territory 

to explore the light of eternity

and all the tethers are finally cut free

and your cup is now empty

and you are set free

to find God waiting there for you to see

Sunday, March 11, 2018


when our mask removes what we hide

and we stand naked in the light

of the truth of a higher reality

can we accept all of who we see 

I am a manifestation of the light

I am one with universal guides

yet can I really know your heart

and can I see where your soul resides

through all the experiences we dream

and all the life that we see

can we still hold the hopes of a love 

that understands our inner needs

the unconditional embrace of God

holds us in our innocence 

and is always there to turn to 

when’re we’re broken and in need

for we are all manifestation of the one light

we all have challenges to face in life

and we all choose what we think is wrong or right

we dream, we pray, we strive to survive 

and then we turn within to find

there is that power of God inside

that can be with you in always life

and bring you such love and comfort while Alive 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

when you are on the path of light

sooner or later you realize 

that the Source of Spirit is alive in you

and your life is all part of the path of God 

that same Spirit is Alive in everyone 

for in our that truth we are all one 

each waiting to discover what it takes

to to turn away from the shadows 

and live our lives in love 

and all the darkness disappears 

and we embrace the whole of our life here

all the illusions and despair 

and we see the bigger picture appear 

so remember to turn to that one Spirit 

and walk on the path of Light

see the truth of our universal oneness

and find God’s love in your life 

Friday, March 9, 2018

we are visitors on this planet
we are here for this cycle of time
and we can hope to make a difference 
and try to love our life

but there’s  negotiation always going on
this dealing with what we do
with the inner compass that guides us
and then allows us to truly choose
what we want to act like 
what we choose to say
what kind of impression do we give
what footprint do we make

it brings us to this place 
in this given time and space
to decide that it’s ok
to get a little lost sometimes 
and then to find our way

and then we have to come to terms
with this life and we have and pray
that with Gods help and guidance 
we can do a little good each day

Thursday, March 8, 2018

International Women’s day

there are chances that we have taken 
and we see some opportunities weaved created 
so the women of the world can finally see
a chance to be who they want to be

and there’s a turning of the tides
and it is wonderful thing to find 
that our time has finally arrived 
the power of women can now thrive

we have survived hard times and the pain
discrimination and the unfair ways
the rules of the game were made
to even have a chance to play 

and  now our time has arrived
and we stand strong for we have survived 
yet there’s still  such inequality 
and we have to do what we can to succeed 

to lay the pathway 
for the women of the future can take
to be able to achieve 
what they wish in life to make

so on international women’s day
we recognize the important role women play
for we are not servants or slaves 
we have the unlimited power and the grace
of the divine feminines face