Wednesday, September 18, 2019


a white petal floats on the water

reflected in a beam of light

the moon dances across the expanse of sky

a shadow of its ancient life 

Reflected in a dew drop 

On a a blade of grass so high

and we are reflections of creation 

we are petals from where garden dwells

and we can dive into the water

and offer flowers to Honor

the love we share as well

reflecting words 

from the book of life 

saying prayers from the master 

that once were teachings 

guiding us from darkness to light 

rainbows thrown from heavens flight 

to touch our heart 

from the Soul of life 

and reflect back here we find 

but when we behold the Source

when we’ve run our course

we are no longer seeing reflections

 but are merged with the one force

the creator of this dream  

that opens up the door 

to light behind infinity 



Tuesday, September 17, 2019

could you just be

in the presence of pure Spirit

can you stand naked 

here in time and space

nothing hidden 

nothing denied

just you and God 

face to face

could you let go

of all the rationalizations

and set all reason free 

and with focus and determination 

let your soul just be

then what is left but truth 

what is there to see

what is in the light of lights 

that shines eternally

nothing holds you back you know 

when there’s no fear and only love 

and in that precious moment 

in the presence of your soul 

face to face

soul to soul

breath to breath

only God and you 

merged as one 


Monday, September 16, 2019

each breath is an affirmation 

that spirit is alive

each thought is taking us

to the distractions that colors our life

the sands of time 

pour out the outlines 

while we frame the moment

with how we define 

the purpose that in our soul lies  

and how do we describe 

this spirit we can’t confine

how do we hold on 

to the ethereal shades of being

I take a photo of a dream 

trying to capture what I see

with words that always seek

to focus on a true reality   

with a smile  

Buddha freed 

the one flower

if eternity 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

take the blinders off your eyes

and look for a moment 

at the beauty of life in astonishment 

 in wonder of being alive 

put aside Maya’s lies 

and embrace the magic that’s alive 

that is given to you

as a gift from God divine

remove the limitations

let go of your fear

say yes to your true worth

that’s alive and present here

there is a joy in being   

a part of a great plan

as one of the torch bearers of truth 

you can help the world to understand 

it doesn’t take any money 

you don’t need to sign a deal

just make an inner commitment 

and dedicate your self to be 

present in this moment 

right here and right now

say yes to that light you are

and share some loving kindness 

and let that big soul of yours

break out in a smile 

Saturday, September 14, 2019

I feel your presence watching

from that place so very far

I wake up to your calling before dawn 

in the light of the morning star 

I recall the castle walls

that once I felt so safe behind

the echoes of the past 

and lifetime in ancient times 

and perhaps the structures changed

but the soul still here remains 

like the swirling dervish that spins so fast 

it bring down the differences

of what’s now and that time that’s past

which leads me to that star

that watches from afar

and shimmers forth so bright

that I can almost see 

a future time

and you know I feel your presence 

for there is that bond we made

and there is a reunion promised

once this karma is burned away

and somewhere there’s a meeting 

when this journey is all done

and so I wait for loves sweet greeting

when we merge again as one 


Friday, September 13, 2019

celebrate the light

that infuses our soul

with the energy that is aligned

with the love that feeds

our deep hunger to be 

alive in that frequency

that speaks to our endless possibilities

celebrate that light

that comes at dawn

with the blessed sun that gives life

to the planet and all people

who are in Gods eyes one

celebrate your soul

and the divine purpose 

that allow us to know

the secrets of the unknown 

celebrate life each day

as if it was your last one here

and embrace all the moments

that blossom with the blessings 

that the Creator brings our way

celebrate creation 

as the Creator would

and let the light wash away

the darkness so you may awaken

and pray to God 

to share that light of love  

in every breath you take 



Thursday, September 12, 2019

winged ones hear

 the sound of the air

they fly in tune with the magic 

that holds the heart 

of Mother Earths nurturing prayer

golden angels call at morn

the beloved one to be reborn

light beams radiate and transform 

sleepers awake to a new formless form

that is from the soul that can soar

with wings on high

but still recognize this life

and spirit body to which it resides

and while the angels watch 

we guard our weary hearts

longing so to fly

with the winged ones across the sky

and so we find a perch

a nest of sacred words

to build a resting place

that is where we find a safe place 

to issue forth a call

to those who listen

to the ringing of ancient bells 

and we interpret what it tells

into these limitated words 

that seek to repeat the sound of air

and the invisible spirit

for with the language soul   


all is well 

all is well

all is well 


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

the state of our country

reflects the state of our minds

what lies behind the cause 

of this violence thats here in humankind 

what caused 9/11

did we ever decide 

how to stop that ferocious hatred

that goes beyond what TSA can ever find

the world is torn by factions 

and those who would pull us apart

there is no satisfaction 

in the terror sown in our homeland 

and in other countries who lit that spark

I say a prayer everyday  

I look to the God

 to help us to find a better way

and leaders who can face

the challenges of this time and place 

guns upon guns 

death upon death

the war of this insanity

has not been put to rest

what allowed what happened 

18 years ago today 

can that sorrow teach us 

to find the real answers our society faces 

there has to be a better plan 

to heal our broken land

and allow seeds of peace to be planted 

to help grow and overcome 

the challenges faced by our fellow humans

let us pray 

for all those who paid the price

of the burdens of this hate

the silent victims and heroes 

whose lives were taken away

and in their memory 

let’s try to heal that fate

and let the power of love be alive today

Monday, September 9, 2019

chasing after rainbows

sometimes blinded by the light

feeding on the breadcrumbs left 

to guide me to the good in life

past all the divine Rationalizations

is the balance of just being 

able to accept all of that we see 

and smile at the devil in the details 

some say I’m crazy 

and don’t try to deny 

the miracles and visions 

that have blessed me through this lifetime 

perhaps I’m a lover of God

and I’m trying to see the good in all

but it’s not always easy 

to walk that razors edge and not fall

so I go chasing after rainbows

and I watch the morning stars

I see the beauty of Gods reflection 

shine forth through the soul in ours 

and on the other side of the rainbow 

there is a different point of view

as the source of all the brilliant colors

ask us the remember the heaven that awaits

when we believe 

in the power of that love

 that always sees us through


Saturday, September 7, 2019

put your Hope where your heart is

put your sights on the highest light

let your soul be there to guide you

through even the darkest night

reach your hands 

up to heavens 

and call the spirit in

bow to those blessings 

whispered in the wind

find strength in trusting

the power of your soul

and live in a way

it can fearlessly be known 

for it’s there in your breath

it’s there in your being

in the living of your life 

and the heart of your meaning 

allow others to see

what you really believe 

it’s not in pleasing others

but the way you fulfill 

your true destiny