Sunday, March 26, 2017

this journey

can I I kiss the infinite  space 
of Gods redeeming grace
this mysterious call of now
that asks me to present and allow
my heart to be open to feel
that Loving touch the Mother reveals
to deliver me to the Son
and see His Love in everyone 

can i believe in the magic  I see
that gives me the hope I need
to carry on to finally be
the truth that I pray for that's been concealed 
in the depths of the doubt I hid 
that always said you are not worthy 
and just not good enough to be free

I call forth the highest light
in this silent moment I face my life 
and pour forth my heart and soul
to give myself to a higher goal

to do whatever  I can 
to be all that I am 
and serve that higher plan
and honor the spirit of God in man 

I thank all the teachers in my life 
and the Holy ones that serve the light
I thank God each and everyday
and the Blessed Mother and Son
who guide me with such patience 
on the way to merge with the One

Saturday, March 25, 2017

teach me to pray

Lord what words would you have me say

if I were to be your scribe today

what can I possibly convey

about your love as the saving way 

Teach me to pray as you pray

To communicate your Pure energy

And channel your light each day

awakening to Your love More Each day

lord tell me what you would have me say

give me the clear messages

and let me affirm that I am

able to share what is a reflection 

of the great I am that I am so I can

speak to you as my master and my confidant 

Lord you are my beloved 

that I wish to serve with love 

and I offer these words and my being

As a messenger of your teachings

thank you for this time and space

and the loving gift of your Holy embrace 

for the miracles of life you bring 

and the grace of the Divine Mothers blessings 

Friday, March 24, 2017

unspoken words

listen to the unspoken words

that the heart in secret holds

feel what beauty can be heard

in depths where hidden prayers occur

all of the souls promises

are remembered there inside

and when all the veils slip away 

there is so much that still asks why

and the slice of higher light can reach

through the darkness and be seen

to illuminate the moon and stars

and what life really means

far beyond the words that try

to touch a deeper place inside

spirit will reverberate with the echoes 

of Gods spirit that brings us insight

so we can behold the mysterious mirror 

that energy that shines across the universe 

to lead us on to see

these mystic glimpses of Eternity 

and I can only partially translate 

what it is I wish to say

and that is why each day I pray

For God to help and guide the way

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


who is it that takes that breath of life
who is it that knocks upon the inner door 
who calls upon the Holy spirit 
and answer the whispers from the distant shore

how complete is your awakening 
when you hear the alarm clock sounds at dawn
do you welcome the coming day
that beckons you to whatever comes

and when you light that candle
and sit down to meditate 
can you touch the hem of the lords robe 
and welcome him into your heart when you pray 

remove all blocks and fears
and any judgement that appears
deny any of the egos lies
there so much more love for you to find here

and when you open up to your life
and ask to merge with that source of all light
and welcome the Spirits presence within 
you are in tune with the song of life's sacred hymn

and you can sing that song you hear
and light that torch to lead you there
into Gods presence so undefined 
and choose to love your gift of life 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gods Chalice

holding forth an empty chalice 

that reflects a holy light

asking for that sacred presence

to illuminate my life 

letting go of all that's held me

from being with Christs presence here

reaching the moment of accepting 

and allowing the naked truth to appear

is it so hard to just be

free of the egos ties

to not really fool myself 

and hide from that pure light

this choice is mine and yet I feel

that pure light is the only way

to overcome the darkness 

we must dedicate our lives to God each day

to do the best we can

and really allow Christ's love to be

present in our heart and mind 

we must set the ego free

fearlessly we face 

whatever comes our way

with the pure power from the source

we let God guide us everyday

and we hold the holy Chalice

and we drink the nectar of that wine

and become the love of God 

the fruit of heavens vine

And Our soul proclaims the Glory

That Gods loves Alive in everything 

and Mother Mary smiles that smile

And we know the blessings that grace brings

Monday, March 20, 2017


reaching ever upwards 
pushing free to touch the sky
the magic of life is being rebirthed
from  the roots merged from the depths inside

the promise of spring is calling 
listen from the emptiness and find
with the release of the old
a chance to begin again in life

celebrate the greatest gift
this blessing of love creation brings
the letting go of the old limitations 
and see the seeds of our new beginning 

and Christ did rise to be alive
to show beyond all death is life 
so can reach past what we fear
and find that love is our greatest cure

past the darkness of the night
Creations new blossoms do appear
and we can see the miracle of life 
the embrace of Gods eternal Creation here

Sunday, March 19, 2017

God Consciousnesx

the whole of the universe 
opens up in my minds eye to see
the Heart of Eternal Love that is alive
within the divine presence there eternally 

all the tools I need 
are given freely to me
to use as Gods will guides 
as an instrument of pure being in here in life

I pray and look within 
and find that sacred space and find
to follow the guidance that God Gives
in the light in that higher state of mind 

I am awe as I becomeUnited 
with the highest power of the universe
The love and light of creation 
That is living within my mind

and in this cosmic expression 
and all its mysteries 
I find profound obsession 
with God consciousness alive in me

Friday, March 17, 2017

Gods divine Embrace

so this is my perception 

an awareness of what I see

this field of light I breathe in

a gift of such great mystery 

part of the one awakening 

and the silence that hides within

these particles of creation

a never ending love with no beginning or end

my prayers are wishes sent to God

and released to a will greater than mine 

and Gods prayer is in me alive 

So I to try to live a better life 

and these miracles sometimes happen 

these pearls of mana poured forth from the soul

that mirror the universe and our conception 

help to guide us ever on

and I consume more than I can use

so I give it all away

and ask for more still to come

to lead me to the souls uncharted place

and these precious moments of life

that feed the deeper grace

I offer up as my sacrament 

to God's divine embrace 

I thank the Father and the Mother 

I reach out to the Christ each day

to be the pilgrim on the path

if enlightenments strange undefined way

Thursday, March 16, 2017

God is right here waiting

what can you let go of

what can be released

do you know what your holding on to

that keeps you a prisoner of your old beliefs

can you inhabit emptiness

can you embrace the space 

of not needing the old crutches 

when you can now walk Away 

God is right here and now

in the spirit of each breath you take

and he will catch when you fall

and is present when your ready to awake

trust that when you choose

to let go of all you don't need

that you will find more ways to see

the gifts await you that you need 

it is here and it is now

God's great cosmic reality 

the face of the Christ's light dances

throughout all space through eternity 

and the Holy Mothers energy

merged with Spirit to find 

 a new way delivered forth for us

a rebirth of eternal light divine

let Go of all that holds you

from becoming what you want to be

God is right here waiting 

for you to choose to be free   

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

from blossoms of creation

from no thing
every thing
pure spirit made manifest into  being 
from every atom of creation we are experiencing 
God in unlimited form we are seeing 

creating our life 
by living our dream 
each moment is a blossoming 
into one flower of loves precious feeling 

offered up to us 
to place upon the alter of the Master Teacher 
with the holy Mothers presence healing 
allowing this play of our dreams great needing 
until one day we awaken 
and open our eyes 
To god's vision and see
that pure spirit of God 
with each breath we take that can free us

and forgive each mistake we make
to lead us out of the darkness 
into the light of no thing that creates
everything we now forsake 

and all the chains that held us we can break
to find the freeing embrace 
of Holy Spirits sacred grace 
with that smile of love on God's faceless face