Sunday, February 18, 2018


praying for a little grace

as I look into the  mirror of my true face

  I hear the morning Dove cry

and see lightening crash across the sky

and with every breath I take

there are more signs that I see

directing this life’s Mysteries 

and how with time all evolves 

and each person hears that call

and so this meditation brings

a moment of peace and reflection 

into the way to accept everything 

and understand these life  lessons  bring

and what they really may mean

and the sky is clearing 

enough to see a promise of the sun

and I thank God for this day

and ask for Spirit to guide my way

Saturday, February 17, 2018

listen to the light of lights

can you hear the frequency that calls

can you breathe in this living energy

and see the miracle of it all

you are a living field of radiance 

dressed in a rainbow from heaven above 

identify with that pure spirit 

that radiates forth in love

listen to the planet

and the stars that we wish upon

tune in to the universal heartbeat

and see the beauty rising Dawn

listen listen and you’ll hear

the magic that’s in you and all life

the brilliance of your soul so bright

in the sound of God’s eternal light

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Birthday prayer


you have lifted me up to heaven 

to hear the music of the spheres 

and your angels have kept watch

 through all of these long years

i have been blessed to see your light 

that carries love that has no end

and I know all of this means naught

if I can’t truly be a good  friend 

and to help others in some way

to live with your teachings every  day

but Lord, there is so much work left to do

and time is ticking out it’s true

so I need your help to get me through

to practice with loving kindness 

the teachings you brought for us to use

so Lord on this birthday I do pray 

please guide me in doing your will each day

inspire and motivate the words I say 

and to live with love the Masters way 


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

may you live in a field of

Gods radiant Divine love 

may you be freed of all fear

and may you know 

that you are always loved by God

may your heart speak of the blessings 

of the Holy Presence

and may you be blessed to know 

that you can live with the  greatest gift of all

being aware  the Love of God Alive in you 

and may you share this gift

with a smile in your soul

may you see the light of Gods love 

that lives in the heart of all beings

may your true heart be seen

by you and by all who know you

for in this Divine love

we are one 

we are whole 

and we are love

for  we are all 

an Expression of Gods love

individualized in here in form 

thank you God for your love 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

I am that I am

Let the I AM consciousness 

Be in your mind’s awareness.

Allow the fragrant blossoms of the sweet nectar of God To renew and transform every cell from your soul,

So that you may hold the one flower,

The gift of creation,

And give that flower

To the ones who would receive consciousness

That leads to the I AM that I AM.

That is the fragrance we know.

I give you my light,

I give you my love,

As I AM light and love.

I give you my vision and words,

So that you may see the path to Heaven above, And share the mystical whisperings

That carry you to the place that I AM.

I give you the flower of creation,

So that you may share the smile

That I bring to you

When you open the door to allow

The gift of yourself to be here with me,

For I AM with you always, I AM with everyone,

am the flower of creation

That blossoms in your soul here.

Friday, February 9, 2018

All is well

Far beyond the flickering flame,

In the heart of the One that knows, 

All of life’s sweet miracles

Come to now unfold.

Far beyond the mind’s deep fears, 

And efforts of the day,

There is the path to follow,

And lead you to the Way.

Though in life there are no guarantees, 

We know what calls our name,

And there is some way we find

The journey back to where we came.

Somewhere out there in the world gone wild, We hear the faintest sound,

The whisper and the promise inside that says, All is well, all is well, all is well.

And our soul finds sanctuary

In the stillness that is true.

And our hearts are drawn to the love inside, That holds a promise of what you do,

On the road that brings me back to you.

So when times are quite insane, 

Let the mantra inside you be,

Hear it in this moment, 

And let it set you free.

Christ is there, and in his grace

You are protected night and day.

Listen to these words and what they have to say. In heaven it is known, so bring it to you now. All is well in this very moment,

All is well, all is well, all is well.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Changing times

here amidst the rising tides of time

the old ways are slowly changing I find

and the pendulum is swinging back to free

the past fear and limitations of the old reality 

and now we need the power of Gods love

and it’s time to stand up and rise above 

the limitations placed by those 

who want to separate and control our souls

we are all equal you know

and the world must understand 

that it’s time to balance out the plan

for we are one in Spirit all held in Gods hands

in the greatest gift of the I am that I am 

oh to hold the heart of love

that gives us a purpose

and reason to care in the service

of the holy spirits dove

and at this pivotal point in time

we can step up and open closed minds

to find power Gods loving kindness   

can help bring the changes needed

to bring a new dawn for humankind 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Power of Love

Believe in the power of God’s love,

And know that power can bring

Blessings of good will and love to your life.

You are part of the Source,

And your soul has the direct connection To allow you to live in pure goodness, 

A goodness that carries light,

The transforming power of love.

This is your gift from God,

A blessing that Christ brings to you, 

It is up to you to ask for this power, 

And live it in your life.

You can do it

If you believe in the Power of God!

We are all part of God’s creation,

We are all one with this energy,

We can call on it and use it

To create as God does, 

and let the blessings be.

Let light and love allow you to see 

The miracle of this power,

It’s your to use,

And create a life worthy of God being.

The love and light of God is alive in you, 

Be it, believe it, and let it set you free

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

pedal to the metal

full steam up ahead

more sugar and caffeine

to get what is needed done and  said

til I stop and take a breath

and take some time

to meditate and reflect 

on asks what’s going on in this head

and look deep into the mirror 

of the the soul 

and listen to the truth that it knows 

and ask it what I really see

and get how needed it can be

to live with love unconditionally  

I’m tired of trying to prove 

why and what it is I do

to achieve some worn out goal

and so I ask God to please show 

how  it is I’m supposed to grow

to make a difference in the world I see

cause everyone just wants to be 

loved unconditionally 

how much intention will it take

to make it to that blessed state

where we can all just really be 

able to love ourself and others unconditionally 

with no judgment or ego 

to let the competition go

and be able to really feel

loved by God unconditionally

Monday, February 5, 2018

Magic waters

 the magic of the waters 

cleanse away all fear

the bird of joy alights 

for the pathway is now clear 

and as the tables turn we learn 

that our time is here today 

as we step forth and let our hearts

 guide us and show the way 

each of us can do our part

S we know is right

and choose to live in the highest light

to serve Gods greater purpose while here