Sunday, May 28, 2017


what gifts are given to you

that you may not even see

what blessing are in your life 

 you may not be aware of to receive  

far beyond our limited minds 

is a force that carries our lives 

the grace of Gods presence 

can free us from egos ties

what fragrance from Heavens Garden

reminds us of Christ's embrace 

and helps us to be lifted up

to the remberance of a higher place

there are so many angels 

who are watching over you

and the Holy Mothers Miracles 

are there to protect and see you through 

open up your heart

to the higher realms of light

thank God for all those blessings 

that have truly saved your life 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Remember what you came here for 

breathing into being

watching learning feeling 

living loving releasing

listening hearing receiving

remembering what I came here for

and how to really serve God more

as I sit on silences limitless shores 

and break down some of illusions doors 

and as time passes through this space 

and I learn a little more each day 

how to act and what to say

to be in tune with the Masters way

and still understand that it's ok

to just be here now

and take the time to pray 

and be grateful for Gods amazing grace 

Thursday, May 25, 2017


lifted up to spirits breath

drawn into the light

I let go of all the burdens 

and that weight of being certain 

imagine no more worries 

With nothing to hold you down 

til you touch the hem of the Masters robe 

see the stars there in Heavens crown

ah the blessings of this bliss 

Knowing Gods love in us exists 

And we learn on this long journey 

how to be happy and not worry

so I can't help but worship

the gifts that spirit brings 

it teaches me so sweetly 

there 's more to Life we've yet see

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My story

with each breath I accept 

and awaken to who I am

and I smile and allow Gods Presence 

to come into my life's plan 

I am an affirmation of Spirit 

manifested into form

merged here in this body

with all the dreams that I have scorned 

awakening to Gods alarm clock 

at the break of dawn

wondering why I dreamt this life 

and how best to carry on

and so I talk to God

and listen to what He might say

and I write these daily messages 

that come into my head each day

and I breath in the guiding light

that Christs love does shine forth 

and I am grateful for the mercy

as Mother Mary guides my course 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


are you here 

present in the same light

that exists throughout all of life

with these rays of the ethereal rainbow alive 

reaching from heaven to your soul to find

can you feel this truth that breathes

through the heart of you and me

can you breath it and then be it

to join with the Holy spirit that completes it

are you here in this moment 

understanding how you are free

to be able to access eternity 

and still sit here in prayer with me

for you are here

and in this Miraculous presence 

of God and the Mothers true essence

With a love that is so like heaven 

and comes at space the end of this sentence 

right here right now 

you are here

Monday, May 22, 2017


the morning star crowns

 the slice of a silver moon

the hope of each breath

is born in the same light

we see and feel 

letting whatever that need to be

recognized for our goodness is

and then laugh at the egos shadow 

still I am not that

 but more than can be seen

a reflection of a greater dream

that dissolves into you

and is the moon and the star

and the thought of who I am

Gods breath held in a heartbeat 

a smile on the Mothers face

a beautiful moment of awakening 

to live and love another day 

Sunday, May 21, 2017


you are so much more

than you might ever see

you are an unlimited child of God

here to live out your destiny 

so lift your heart and reach the light 

to touch the highest star

and place no limitations 

on who you really are 

and bow down deep

and with a smile complete 

this mystic path you travel on

 never cover your true spirit 

that is always there to call upon  

and thank the Holy Mother 

and Christ's ever present love 

and know deep down they're always with you

with Blessings from heaven above

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Celebrate God

when I am lost and weary

when I am tired of all that life brings

I stop and take a moment 

and I breathe and go within 

I let go of all the worries 

I let the darkness slip away 

I see the light of my soul

come and help me face the day

I feel the Divine presence 

softly whisper to my mind

and the Mothers words speak to me

to illuminate and lift me high

and I can see that light of heaven 

come and shine down so verybright

to guide me on the way 

and with Gods strength I sit and pray 

we celebrate the inspiration 

that the Creator offers us for free

we share it here with others 

to find Gods love and peace 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Blossoms of the soul

all the flowers in the Garden of heaven

blossom forth with a Holy light 

shining with their beautiful presence 

with a love that is divine 

and there is a Fragrance 

carried to us by Spirits Holy wind

So stop a take a moment to be still

And in the silence and breathe it in

listen close to the humming

that carries the sound of life forth 

hear the tones the Creator whispers

 that open the mysteries of the inner door 

and the whole world is a single flower

and the Mother watches the garden with care

and the Christ knows how to free us

from the illusions that block our vision here

see the beauty of the blossoming

of the flower within your soul

give that flower as an offering 

to God for the precious love he shows 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Instruments of Gods creation

we are the instruments of Gods Creation 

existing in fields of infinite light

in tune with that love vibration 

that feeds our hearts with life

listen to the cosmic choir

that sing the Lords praises on high

they bring the soul such joy

inspired by the vision of Spirits fire  

and we see just a small part of the universe 

for just a piece of a broken mirror is held 

that reflects how we view ourselves 

and how the perception of God's presence felt

and we are inspired by Creations beauty 

captured here in limitless space

we hear but echoes of the Angels music

 that honor the Mothers love of the human race

but even small drops of Heavens mana

bring us such a bliss

it lifts and so inspires us

that we cherish the blessings it gives  

and so we stay in tune with the choir

and the symphony of life

we let our souls listen 

to Gods music that lifts and inspires 

and we honor all chances

that we are given every day

to share the kindness and the love 

that instruments of God do play