Monday, May 22, 2017


the morning star crowns

 the slice of a silver moon

the hope of each breath

is born in the same light

we see and feel 

letting whatever that need to be

recognized for our goodness is

and then laugh at the egos shadow 

still I am not that

 but more than can be seen

a reflection of a greater dream

that dissolves into you

and is the moon and the star

and the thought of who I am

Gods breath held in a heartbeat 

a smile on the Mothers face

a beautiful moment of awakening 

to live and love another day 

Sunday, May 21, 2017


you are so much more

than you might ever see

you are an unlimited child of God

here to live out your destiny 

so lift your heart and reach the light 

to touch the highest star

and place no limitations 

on who you really are 

and bow down deep

and with a smile complete 

this mystic path you travel on

 never cover your true spirit 

that is always there to call upon  

and thank the Holy Mother 

and Christ's ever present love 

and know deep down they're always with you

with Blessings from heaven above

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Celebrate God

when I am lost and weary

when I am tired of all that life brings

I stop and take a moment 

and I breathe and go within 

I let go of all the worries 

I let the darkness slip away 

I see the light of my soul

come and help me face the day

I feel the Divine presence 

softly whisper to my mind

and the Mothers words speak to me

to illuminate and lift me high

and I can see that light of heaven 

come and shine down so verybright

to guide me on the way 

and with Gods strength I sit and pray 

we celebrate the inspiration 

that the Creator offers us for free

we share it here with others 

to find Gods love and peace 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Blossoms of the soul

all the flowers in the Garden of heaven

blossom forth with a Holy light 

shining with their beautiful presence 

with a love that is divine 

and there is a Fragrance 

carried to us by Spirits Holy wind

So stop a take a moment to be still

And in the silence and breathe it in

listen close to the humming

that carries the sound of life forth 

hear the tones the Creator whispers

 that open the mysteries of the inner door 

and the whole world is a single flower

and the Mother watches the garden with care

and the Christ knows how to free us

from the illusions that block our vision here

see the beauty of the blossoming

of the flower within your soul

give that flower as an offering 

to God for the precious love he shows 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Instruments of Gods creation

we are the instruments of Gods Creation 

existing in fields of infinite light

in tune with that love vibration 

that feeds our hearts with life

listen to the cosmic choir

that sing the Lords praises on high

they bring the soul such joy

inspired by the vision of Spirits fire  

and we see just a small part of the universe 

for just a piece of a broken mirror is held 

that reflects how we view ourselves 

and how the perception of God's presence felt

and we are inspired by Creations beauty 

captured here in limitless space

we hear but echoes of the Angels music

 that honor the Mothers love of the human race

but even small drops of Heavens mana

bring us such a bliss

it lifts and so inspires us

that we cherish the blessings it gives  

and so we stay in tune with the choir

and the symphony of life

we let our souls listen 

to Gods music that lifts and inspires 

and we honor all chances

that we are given every day

to share the kindness and the love 

that instruments of God do play 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mystic dream

all of the Angels who have lost their wings

and all of those earth dwellers who long to fly

come to this secret place where we meet

and share our hearts hidden desires 

and we pray to the highest masters

and steal from the shadows of Gods light    

to outline the path out of here

that will bring us to our purpose in life

just a limitless dream My lord

that's what I can't help but see

more and more ways and schemes

to unlock the gates so Heavens revealed 

I wonder at these pearls of beauty

that I find along the way 

all those morsels of truth to chew on

to direct the mind to discover more each day

and in the quietest moments 

when feel you seek to reach me

I pry open the soul and you unfold

all of creations wonderful mysteries 

so I carry ever on

this path that seems very long

for I am always in my heart with you

with the Blessed Mother and Father too

so I say thank to my Master

 and the presence of these sacred clues 

for you are the I am that I am

the beloved presence that holds the truth

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


and if I feel out of sorts 

and not all I want to be

I call upon my inner resource 

that Presence of God there are in me

and if I'm tired and weary 

from all the things I need to do

I rest in the arms of the Lord

and ask Him to see me through 

I look to the heavens and see

a star on the horizon 

that shines forth and beams forth 

the hope that lights eternity 

I breathe in the Spirit wind

and feel the essence of God within 

and let it give me strength 

to believe that gift is here each day

and even if I can't see

that presence of light is still there in me

and even if I don't know how

I trust that Energy is here right now

and I turn over my Will to Serve

the higher purpose my soul observes 

and I smile at the kind way

the Blessed Mother blesses me each day

Monday, May 15, 2017

The hymn of life

listen to the celestial souls

sing the praises of this life 

behold the wonderful Conductor 

who created this Divine sound of light

such a sacred harmony resonates

throughout Gods infinite frequencies

we can be lifted to the Presence 

 of the miracle of creations essence equally 

For We are the instruments of God

we vibrate to Her universal love 

that is in tune with all Creation 

To bring this symphony of sound forth

and we honor the Creator 

of the sacred song of light

we bow and give great thanks

for the inspiration freely given

for us to listen to this hymn of life 

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Miracle of life

can you feel the gift of the miracle of life

in your very essence is this presence 

pulsing in every moment of life

this energy that is Gods one prayer of light

the harmony of the universe 

carries this hymn to Gods grace

the blessing of being alive here 

in this very moment in Time and space 

and sometimes we pretend not to see

the unlimited gift of life's possibilities 

so we do not have feel 

how great can be this life we lead

for a few seconds stop and take the time

to believe with your soul

that you are worthy to receive 

the blessings of Gods love Divine 

and with every breath you take

you can choose to be awake

and be aware of this love in that's appears 

as a miracle reflected in a mirror of life here 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The gift of life

we are unlimited energy

alive here in time and space

and we activate that power 

when we believe in that gift we have to create 

and so we bow to Father Mother God

and the beloved Holy Son

and give thanks for the precious blessings 

that so abundantly to us do come

and we are a feather floating 

through this life in time and space

an Angels sweet reminder 

of the Gods presence and amazing grace