Saturday, November 16, 2019

oh to have a fresh breath

of pure enthusiasm 

that energy that carries us to be

able to embrace life 

and believe in life’s possibilities 

to remove the dark delusion

and judgements that close our heart

and open up to the innocence 

that was there when we did start

to have that beginners mind

with the wisdom of a child

to see love as the greatest gift

and hold an open heart

oh to have a smile for life

and open up our arms

to say yes it is still possible

to be the best I can 

Friday, November 15, 2019

I love how the light plays

Through the clouds

Reaching far across the skies 

Reaching me here to feel such gratitude

 for the beauty present in this life

radiant rays Stretch through to me 

from the sun and far beyond

Changinf colors that display

The glory of what’s to come 

I love how the light plays

And when it dances through water

All the splashes that enlighten

The transparencies of life

I am that light

I speak that language 

That lifts me to see

such a mystic transparency

I love how the light

touches my soul

and reminds me of that dwelling place

there in my true home

and the light in all its frequencies

has a universal language  

that through us speaks 

and when the light of Christ is seen

it can shine with a love

that with Grace can redeem

to all lovers of the light  

to all lovers of the Lord

to all those on the lighted path   

May you open that enlightened source 


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

the full moon shines

with depth of Scorpio’s shadow of light

I taste the nectar of its magic

and bow to it’s powerful hold

To dive deeper into the unknown 

The path often calls us 

To stop and listen 

To pause and see

Where in the world we are 

and what it is we really need

And we can reach high 

to try to touch the moonlight

And we can breathe in 

The ripples of the Halo of its dark rainbow 

encircled in this circle 

Of Stars that watch over the same skies 

from a different perspective of life 

we are born of the identical essence 

That lights the moon, the sun and the stars 

That source That gave us breath 

And the grace of being 

alive in this mystery 

recognizing it’s gift of moonlight

and the moment 

where we can stop 

and be with it

Sunday, November 10, 2019

rushing full force over hurdles

blindly seeing what’s to face

opening up to the reasons why

we can believe in this human race

throwing petals from dead roses

with those misty memories of yesterday

lighting candles in your name 

reaching deep to Find God

as the fuel to motivate 

there is a wind that carries me

to reach finish line

yet I’m not sure where that is

and what happens there

i can’t define      

so here is life 

offered up to live

and all it takes 

is to be here now

to give it all you’ve got

and bless the rest somehow 

let it bring forth that Buddha smile 

it all will sort itself out in a while

and then we can reflect

if we did our best

and figure out  

what it all meant anyhow

Saturday, November 9, 2019

this sacred fire 

that burns inside

an invisible flame 

without a name

that holds the essence 

where Spirit reigns

this gift so precious

this presence undefined

this chalice of light 

always waiting there inside

we bow to it by being

present and alive 

we honor it by feeling

the Union it provides

oh this Holy Fire

that fuels my very soul

let me embrace the energy

of God in form

that Christ came here to show 

Friday, November 8, 2019

do you believe 

in your self

with all of your heart

or do you waver on the edge

can you dive into the depths 

of being alive

and all that you have to accept 

or do you hide away instead  

what does it take to be present

and whole hearted 

to face what it takes 

to live your life at your best

or do you prefer

to fly under the radar

going so low 

that your invisible instead 

there’s a big difference

between being fully engaged

playing the this life game 

instead of hiding away

do you think it’s all worth it

or just point the blame  

but sometimes it takes getting out there

and giving all that it takes

with not just the mind 

but all of your heart

with God there by your side 

giving life a chance

letting your true self shine bright 

be fearlessly engaged

whatever risks you need to take

laughing at life in the face

and living your souls role 

on this strange life’s stage

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Everytime i think I’ll fly

Away above these rainbow skies

Something bids me to stay awhile 

To wait again 

For Just one more day

Because there’s more

Always one more reason why

One more thing to do and say

Til its time for me to fly away

Before The details can be known 

And The whys and hows are yet unsown

Comes a promise found in OM

To dwell here on this earth zone

But oh The merging of the dream

And mayas intricate reality

That weaves this mystic scheme

In a web so very exteme

It wraps up the whole package

Of what we think we need

Until one day we see

That there is more to be

Just one more door

Til we cross over to that other shore

And ancient memories that echo forth

In clues that resonate in cosmic frequencies 

In light years from another time

in some different form so sublime 

And i seem to remember

the Masters smile 

As he looked so deep into my eyes 

 And i heard these words come forth

seek and ye shall find

But wait there's more

So much more

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

behind the words 

is where the heart lies

scarred and pleading

to not be denied

behind the heart 

in the souls eyes

knowing the reasons

that you just rationalize 

we can cover up our body

we can dress up and hide

we can distract ourselves 

with so many things

but sooner or later 

we reach a point

where we can not deny

this magic mirror of life 

reflects back so many clues

this endless moment that waits

for us to find it 

if we but choose

and then there that meeting

of who we really are

and what we’ve covered up

stands naked behind the closet door 

to be accepted and accounted for 

and the heart feels all the heartache 

and soul knows and stands by 

giving you the strength

to dive deeper into why

you can have new life 

when you accept yourself

and who you are 

the truth of truths is waiting 

and you come face to face

with a love that can embrace 

what’s behind all the words 

is the beauty of Gods amazing grace 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

reach out 

when you need a hand

find a way to believe

there are others out there

who can help

and there is grace and mercy 

if we are open to receive

look up to the heavens

seek and you shall find

there are so many people working 

for the good of humankind

we all have times of challenges

it’s seems the world’s a testing place

a daily school of learning

and we must work together 

to help save the human race

but one thing is for certain

this I know is true

you are not alone my friend

there’s others out there 

who always can help you 

find a way to get on through

reach out 

when those burdens get too heavy

take a moment 

to pray to God and believe

there is the power of goodness 

that is waiting there 

if you are open to receive  

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

there is something 

to which we all relate

there is a similarity 

in all of our DNA

A Frequency

some inner decency

an energy is the same i

we can all feel a smile

we can sense what is worthwhile

it’s contagious 

and it takes us 

to a inner place 

that face to face 

that lets us know

that it’s ok

there is a goodness 

present in the human race

that presents a space 

of Gods great Grace 

that lifts us to a better place

and throughout all countries

no matter what your name or game

there’s a spark of spirit that relates

 soul to soul

face to face 

there’s a human presence that we claim

that energy of goodwill 

in all of us is the same

so here’s a smile from my soul

sent from me to you