Thursday, June 13, 2019

how the heart longs for wings to fly

to blossom in fullness 

in the light of a new day

and rise with the soul on high 

how the heart longs to fly 

to be freed of the prison sentence 

fear has held it there by 

until it was finally time

to trust and believe  

it can be seen and freed 

to soar with silver wings 

that the angel of life eternal brings

and it feels the strength to find

the opening it can’t deny

oh how the heart so longs to fly     

there from breath of a nest

that this life provided

hidden in branch where it resided

oh how the heart 

so longs to fly

Sunday, June 9, 2019

so many fragments of life

are displayed in words 

that search for meaning

reflections of light radiating 

in billions of shades 

what infusion of direct inclusion 

reaches the heart of truth

and breaks apart our illusions

and echoes across the canyons if our minds

to reach past our confusion 

til we see the source

and how we can be

the one that catches the solution 

to be free to shine forth 

that light of Spirits mysteries

Sunday, May 19, 2019

in tune with the one tone

from the source of all sound

from the silence within the silence 

the mystic word of God speaks 

and brings forth light

and a resonance that reverberates 

in the colors of creation 

with rainbows of energy 

from heaven to the heart of all things

with the power to touch our soul

and open the doorway 

to the higher realms to know 

the orchestration of the cosmic theme

lives here in our being

can you hear the sun rise

can you be the call that awakens

to the magic here in this space and time  

Friday, May 17, 2019

this fragile life

holds such power

to lift or deny

the energy of God

that’s beyond what we can define 

this dancing spirit 

that touches the soul

dangling a carrot

to bring us some hope

this moment in time 

and breath so sublime 

that leads to enlightenment

and a greater vision of life to find

how to gather all these precious gifts

and use them to uplift

the weary mind that’s tired

and must sort and refine

a purpose that thrives 

beyond space and time 

so we turn it over to the source

and pray for the best, of course

we try and try to align

with the universal mind 

to direct and pray 

it might be used to help others 

who might need a little light

to lead us to what’s right

and this fragile life 

brings us a chance to learn and grow

for in truth we are never alone 

for the presence of spirit is always there 

to guide our way back home  

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

under the electric blue 

of the predawn sky

a mornings star called

with a point of light so bright

and it held me in wonder

and knew my true name

for it was from the stars 

that we once all came

and as the morning colors 

slowly emerged

to swallow the star

and feed us new energy 

and the suns rebirth

in a moment the miracle of being

was smiling and free

all an intrinsic part  

of life’s engaging mystery

and in Time the wonder and innocence 

can slip slowly away

and the glory of being alive

can soon fade 

into all we have to do each day

but if you can take some time

and breathe in nature’s pure love 

and if you get up at dawn

and wish on a star above

part of your heart

will be brought 

for a moment to see

the magic of life

and wonder if that star that shines

and is blessing from God 

given for us to see

Saturday, May 11, 2019

the ultimate moment 

is when you choose 

to say yes to life

and to find the good that resides

deep there in your heart of hearts

in that sacred place inside 

Friday, May 10, 2019

oh the light returns

after a long journey home 

the longing of the presence 

laughs and reminds me 

to remember it is alright 

and always waiting for me here 

and I feel that love divine

in a moment I find

the beauty that can embrace

all beings in such heavenly grace

and I want to hold that light

to become that promise in my soul 

but the clock is tickling 

in the time is left for me to know

there’s a silent prayer

a feeling in the heart that is heard

there is a pleading to be truly alive 

and allow a greater acceptance now


so I reach my hands up to the sky

and ask for the strength to survive 

and do what I must do today

with the living presences unconditional love 

 there to guide my life 



Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Every light in the darkness 

Is a guiding force 

and brings to you 

The reflection of the light of God 

That lives in all that‘s true. 

When a storm approaches, And when the clouds move in, 

Can the rebirth that was promised you 

Come to save you once again? 

Save a little love in your heart, 

Find your star to wish upon, 

And call on your heart to carry on 

Until your time here ends. 

For though it seems you are alone, 

All the angels are watching over you. 

When you call upon the power of God, 

His love and blessings will comfort you. 

So say a little prayer to help you get through, 

For even in the darkness, 

God’s light can shine so true. 

And there are always blessings you can find 

That catch you if you fall, 

So have a little faith, my friend, 

And if you’re in need, just call. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

a masquerade of dreams

slip into my mind

covertly dressed to hide

what underneath there lies 

even the most perfect of costumes

can’t create the truth of who we pretend to be 

and so much time is wasted 

covering up the pain in life we see

the blind have eyes that look inside

the heart has the spirit that feels

what is real and what is not

and what we wish others to see

and as we unwrap the package 

and find the gift of who we are

we find there’s a hidden treasure 

that is greater than the outer costumes by far 

for there is great beauty inside

that flies under life’s radar

there is this blossom that holds such love

that is so precious but never shows

Friday, April 26, 2019

there are those who love you standing by

angels and masters from the other side

though you see them not

please do not deny

that you can reach out for help

and listen for their reply 

God is there in all of life 

and if you believe 

you’ll be able to find

a compass that will guide you

from the darkness to the light

there are those who see your soul inside 

who love who you are and how you shine

even when you fall you can get up 

and find the way to climb 

up to the mountain top 

to see the higher view of life

you do not walk alone 

so please just carry on

and in time you’ll find 

there are those who love you standing by