Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I am that I Am

in the heart of perfect peace

there is the love of God within 

the simple breath of being 

The I am that I am Is complete 

I am that breath

I am that love 

I am that light it brings

and I am that peace of being

I am that I am presence

that dwells in this now moment 

 and I listen to the love that speaks 

and the happiness that brings

I celebrate the blessings of being 

that fragrance of the blossoming of creation 

with thanks to God for this meditation 

that embraces life with no limitations 

for that I am presence speaks 

in every single heartbeat 

and in every souls pure light 

there is the gift of that i am light


Monday, September 18, 2017

May I wear your robe

lord I ask to wear your robe

to clothe my life with your soul

with those threads of light you sew

and receive your words to know

may the colors of holy spirit weave

the radiance that inspires me

and may my life truly reflect 

the aura of your energy protects 

may the stars bright cosmic light

and the Source of the presence divine

connect the tapestry of heavens design 

and be the blueprint for my life

Lord can I borrow your heavenly robe

to see how it feels in meditation to know

the complete unity of God and man

and be in that Christed I am that I am  

and help me to truly observe 

your teachings and your holy words 

so while here on earth I can serve 

and remember that purpose while I'm here

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Walk with me God

 Walk with me God 

So I can be centered in peace today 

And discover love is always the answer

Love is the the only way

And if I find I need to clear

Any of the blocks in my heart away

help me understand your truth

For with compassion I'm freed each day

Help me find that Presence 

Let me be aware

That your amazing grace can save me

And you are always waiting there

walk with me in the forest

be with me when I'm down

lift me to a higher place

Where with you I can be found

Walk with me God 

For your love shines so bright 

It gives the vision of heaven 

And that gift of your living breathing light

I feel your strength within me

I hear you answers when I pray

I ask you now to be with me

And help to show the way

Walk with me God 

So I can see your love and light

So I may recognize we're all one

And share blessings of love your in life

Saturday, September 16, 2017

That call 

I look up to the skies

colored by a rainbow from heaven on high

I see Clouds that look light angels faces 

With outlines of Gods precious grace

there's such exquisite beauty in this world

 I wonder why we can't absorb

Creations Glory to feed our souls

to bring into our lives to know

we get lost in all the illusions we're sold 

all the to dos to get done take a toll

we're brought done by the news that unfolds 

and lose the light of the soul

the ethereal so fine in design 

with the creative vein I can't define

gets lost in all the to dos 

of this material space and time does use 

yet there is always Spirits call

to find that love In the heart of it all 

to be living here in this material plane

and still aware there is a better way

so I look up to the sky

and still watch where the path lies

to get me to that heavenly place

and I'm amazed at Gods mysterious ways

Friday, September 15, 2017


I search for what was once found

not quite aware that it is right here

so sure that I had it already 

I moved on to the next thing that was there

it's that song that speaks 

the password to my soul

that reminds me of the passion that calls 

and holds the key to tear down all control 

do I hear it in the spirit knocking

or is it the wind that whispers to my soul 

these secret words that unlock clues it holds

saying love is always the answer

love is all you need you know

so I turn and ask to receive 

that Love I need and am told

go to the source within you

feel Gods love fill your heart and soul

if it's all I need I need to feel it 

so right here and now God

let me find a way to make real  

these answers that I am told 

for its not enough to just believe 

I feel I must receive a way to be

able to share what I believe 

With that love is alive in everything 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

National prayer day

hear the prayer of God

sung with a universal tone

a sacred vibration of energy 

 that unifies the world as one

pray with your heart 

and commune with your soul 

talk to God in the silence 

and listen to the guidance told 

hear the eternal song of God 

let it lift you to the light

for it carries the pure energy 

that inspires our purpose in life

in prayer the angels sing their praise

with a harmony that's divine

be in tune with loves energy 

and share it in your life 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


lord help me love myself

 as much as you love me too

and especially help me to love others

as you would have me do

let your goodness be at work 

 in what I say and do

and understand that you restore and renew us

with a love that sees us through 

Lord help me to see your goodness

there in the soul of others eyes

as it shines so very bright

as they try do their best in life

let me let this love be my very best friend 

for you are always there with me

even when I don't believe 

from the beginning to the end 

and in this time of so much need

may we find a way to lend a hand

and show a little more kindness and compassion 

as we continue to pray for our fellow 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

breath in the presence of source of pure love  

a love that accepts all you unconditionally 

for who are can not be hidden 

For God always knows 

you are a child of God and you hold

 in you the unlimited light

 from the source of all creation 

is a mirror that reflects this dream of your life 

open your inner eyes to see

the pure gift of spirits infinite rays 

clear any shadow of doubt away

and release all illusions that comes your way

 for behold you are so much more 

than you may even know

you have the connection 

to Gods Presence alive in your soul 

hold open that hearts space and let it show 

the flame of Christ's pure love that grows

and burns with a fire so bright

to protect you throughout the darkest night

so you can be in the presence 

of Gods redeeming grace 

and find that power within

to find the love that truly saves 

breath in the Spirit and come face to face

to be in that sacred space

where you commune with the Source

one to one each day 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Driving force 

 that influences where each thought begins

is there an inner peace 

that you can call upon

is Gods call there to direct you home

to the path you need to follow on 

can you plant the seeds of hope with care

in the fertile field of those thoughts that appear 

and clear all those stubborn weeds away 

to grow and cultivate more love each day

can you feel the power of Gods eternal light 

beyond the ups and downs of life

and the golden blessings of lessons we find

and the important things we rely upon

we honor and give Great thanks

to God who gave us this amazing life 

and we take time to share our gifts 

with a little more kindness in the way we live 

Sunday, September 10, 2017


what is it you have to work with 

what can be done with your life 

when each breath is a reflection 

of what you're aware of and what you deny

are you really listening 

to some cosmic inner connection 

as your soul is guiding you near

and speaking to you while you're here

can you align it all in time 

this body, spirit and mind

fused for a while as a unit

can you love it enough to really use it

right here and now in this moment divine 

looking at the results of your life 

do you accept and really like

what's there for you to find

are the good and bad things alright 

in this process of life you sometimes fight

can you be still and really see 

God's gift alive in you and me

and you do what you need to do

and know it's somehow ok to review 

 a way of working through this way of living

on this strange planet on which we're spinning