Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sometimes in the fullness of the suns light

we can see all that was hidden 

under the veil of darkness in the night

for from light we came

and to the light we will return again 

as a part of the souls creation 

Of Gods unspoken name

and when we hear the calling

to remember that higher scheme 

there comes this gift of understanding 

that it’s time for us to see

yes we will awaken one day

from the illusion of separations dream 

and find there’s a deeper unity

And that God is Alive in everything  

me in you and you in me

dwelling together on this planet

for just a short while in time

until by light we are set free 

Friday, May 18, 2018


when we create 

 we  keep creating more than we may know 

there are echoes of our energy

radiating forth in the pool of life

with each pebble that we throw

and after a while you might find

it just may be time to let it all go

cause all these creations are a lot to handle

so why not let God be in control 

even in the dark mass of this earths sphere

there is a transformation that comes to be

and it brings a brilliant light for us to see

with a higher understanding that it sets us free

For the Creator is always creating

and we must learn to carefully choose 

what we wish to make and co-create 

and how we handle it if we win or lose 

for every thought is Alive 

every prayer has the blessing of life 

every day you can find a way

to love this field of energy where you play 

so handle your life with care

and watch out and be aware

of what you create and what you share 

and learn to use the tool of the Creators love 

as the greatest gift while you are here 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dive in

life is calling 

can your hear

another chance to dance 

between  shadows and light

to stand up and raise your arms

to face this time and space 

and let go of all your fears

 the inner you that’s been hidden 

can step out and appear

so take a breath and see what happens 

when you dive into Life 

and celebrate the blessings 

of the miracle of just being here 

let your soul smile oh so brightly 

be who you truly are

God has given you this life  

so shine forth the love there in your heart  

Monday, May 14, 2018

we spin round and round in our dreams
until we come to some awakening 
a kind of real understanding
that we all have this inner need
no matter how we dress it
this force of love is alive in everything

and the playing field is leveled
and everyone can see
it doesn’t matter who wins or loses
it’s the ability to find hope beyond hope
and to reveal what and how we truly feel

and each breath draws us closer
to the fire with our soul
each prayer holds the Ernestness 
of our goodness that we show

and Spirit is always present
in every moment that appears 
allowing us to learn and grow
with the love of God at work in us here 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day

And She shall bring you angels
To keep a watch over thee,
If you just open up your heart
You can find God’s Power will set you free.
For in the light of the soul
The Grace of Spirit is alive, 
And you can feel that Presence 
Awaken the love of life.
And She shall bring you angels
And they shall guide the way,
For with the Breath of Light’s purpose, 
There are miracles occurring everyday.
So turn your life over to be a servant
And let God’s will work in you,
And call upon your angels
To bring you the comfort to see you through.
And when you are lost in the wilderness
They will keep a watch over thee,
Just keep the faith and trust 
in God and The Holy Mother 
To give you all you need.
And thank the precious teachers
And the Master of them all,
And be a living example
Of the blessings given when you call.
And She shall bring you angels
And they shall be there to watch over you, 
Just call upon the angels
And let their blessings carry you through.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Beyond gravity

I pray for the grace to be

Alive in the metaphysical love 

that exists in my soul  beyond gravity 

to dance among the galaxies

 with the  Spirit that carries me

to find the light of lights

that shines from the creator eternally 

I pray for God to set me free 

of any limitations and binds that tie me

from accepting this power that  can heal

and unite me to find perfect peace

for this is the bliss God gives

this is the Christed  light that always sees

the vision of our soul and who we can be 

and I feel it holds the key we all need

in the metaphysical love beyond gravity 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Lord let me shine with your radiant light
let me be your mirror 
and hold forth hope even in the darkest times  
so others can asee your Spirit so divine 

let me listen close and hear
the song of the universe 
echoed in life so clear
that it reverberates in frequencies 
and colors of sounds that ring forth here

rainbows of light
symphonies so bold
dance through our consciousness 
here in this moment deep in our soul

breathe in the magic
let it transform your mind
with the cosmic energy
in Gods love expressed in this our life 

Blessings always 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

we are all connected to the Creator

blossoms from the one mystic place 

that is held forth here in time and space 

reflecting our relation to the spirit

 alive in the human race

we are mirrors of the universe 

that can see the beauty in every living thing

we are selves are works of art

a symphony of sounds and energy 

and we project our vision 

on that which we behold

and what we say and do

should reflect our highest goals 

so see the good that each day offers

count the blessings in your life

become a pure reflection 

a mirror of Gods love and light

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


lord help me to behold 

the pure energy of love 

that can transform my soul

let each breath I take 

consciously renew my life

and direct my faith

give me the power and strength 

to complete each project 

 and see the blessings they create

Lord with your divine grace

I may find my true purpose  

and be an instrument for love

with gratitude for this life each day 


Sunday, May 6, 2018

A place of peace

the spirit of peace is alive 

in a place where Harmony resides

in the Dove that flies from Heaven 

to that Christ light deep inside

it’s a rock that withstands the ages 

in the waves that crash against shore

the flower that lasts just a day 

all part of this ever changing Creation

a Force Alive in our deepest prayer 

all comes from a still point

a perfect place of peace within 

from the source of all energy on earth 

which brings forth understanding

 of why we were born and how begin again