Thursday, August 17, 2017


there is such need for Gods love here

and for Spirits presence to appear

there is this need to understand 

why this hatred and violence exists

and what we can do to help our fellow humans

and so we turn within and pray

we turn to God each day

for there is more good than evil that exists

 and we can with love all coexist 

and there is this great need

that the soul has for us to see

the power to really believe 

that the good will always succeed 

that the dark forces always fade away

and makes us more aware in every way 

how to live with more loving kindness

as we pray for Gods saving grace 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


sometimes in the beauty of being

your soul sings your heart free

and you soar and take flight

 so high into the endless light

that carries you on the currents of space

and you fly wuth wings of angels 

to that opening of heavens gates

that celebrate the Holy spirits grace

there is this song alive in you

and it resonates in all you do

but it's not til you stop and stare

that you find its always been waiting there   

just waiting to heal and repair

the scarred and broken hearts 

and all of life that fell apart  

now can forgive and be more compassionate 

and the sound of life rings so true

that it reaches out through time

and shows the way to be renewed

with the power of Gods love that saves you

Monday, August 14, 2017

A lifetime of words

closer than a thought

nearer than what is not

the very breath that you take

and all those moments we make

this intimate journal a lifetime gave

that reflect the souls mystic face

with invisible lines that create

Some vision of Gods true grace

yet beyond words is this love 

and the infinite light that shines so bright

the wonder and glory that survives

and your blessings given that I find

so I take a moment to just be

and listen to your heartbeat eternally 

that speaks of the truth i seek 

Christ's love alive here in me 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

And reflect the beauty heaven makes 

with every single breath I take 

I am part of the of the Source 

and when I focus and meditate 

i can be attuned and aligned 

to the pure energy of that Divine force 

and I am an instrument of Gods love 

and my very heart beats in time 

with the rhythm of the universal waves 

that come from the breath Gods Spirit makes

the music of this Divine harmony 

is alive in my eternal soul

and it trecognizes the song of the cosmos 

that the Creator has blessed us to know

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Loves saving grace

love all of yourself and find 

the bad the good and what's there inside

And look at all the flaws you see

accept and love them and let it be 

it's there that you will find the key 

the human side and our vulnerability 

let it all just be 

So you find a greater peace 

we are not perfect that's for sure

we're works in progress living here

learning and growing every day

picking up the broken pieces on the way

molding this body's temporary form

to find what the reason we were born 

and time makes cracks that we create 

And things fall apart and start to break 

and then we stop 

and take the time to pray

and we can see the light of day

and the magic of Gods saving grace

that loves us inspite of our mistakes 

and if we can just forgive and learn 

How to reach inside the wheel will turn 

we will find the strength of Gods grace 

And the love that saves the human race

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Light workers affirmation 

I am a point of light

within the mind of God

I have within me the presence

of that unlimited guiding light

to guide me through my life  

I have the love of God alive in my heart

with an Ave I hail the Mothers grace  

for I am at one with that infinite love 

and so unite with that point of Gods love in me

I am an instrument for Gods will to be done 

I take time to meditate daily to be in tune 

 with the Masters presence 

i know when do this I am aligned and

 with the cosmic harmony of the universe 

I am at one with the plan of light and love 

I shine forth my true Presence 

to merge with a million myriad rays

of divine Light and love in the world

and I have the power of God with me to overcome 

any egoism that might distract me from 

my fulfilling my divine purpose in live

I am eternally Grateful for this Gift 

of Gods love and light in my life

it is so and so it is

Monday, July 31, 2017

Beyond gravity 

what part of you knows the unknown 

 that receives the secret gifts untold

the mystic song that unites

the presence to your life with the divine 

it is here with you right now

it reads these words somehow

and translates the reason

to be in tune with Gods higher vibration 

and the ins and outs of all seasons

have this thread of spirits call

and this kiss of the presence 

that is so precious that blesses us

and yet we do not know how

but we call on it 

as we breathe through the thick

density of this material gravity

as we try to free our limitations that never fit

with the grandeur of promise

of the next level of enlightenment 

beyond gravity is Spirit so profound

that will always lead you home 

to be right here and now 

where Gods Presence is always found 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The presence of God 

be open to the Presence of God

by setting that intention in your mind

by directing your heart to find

that which causes you to be alive

each heartbeat is aligned

to the heart of the cosmos 

And the Source of all life 

is present in our souls to find

welcome the Presence 

and open the door to the way

to live fully in each moment that comes 

with the blessings of love each day

for in you is the mystic place

where the invisible Spirit's sacred grace

merges with each breath of light

and brings Gods presence to your life  

Friday, July 28, 2017

This moment

just this moment

this very beingness

here with you in the presence

just this, no more no less

we can take away 

whatever we need each day

to peel off illusions face 

and find this precious energy displayed

how do we wear our wisdom 

with our hearts or minds

inside it's home we find

we are one with all of life's design

invisible presence of this life

expressed without our seeing it

yet in each breath we take

our total existence is displayed 

so we dance and we play

we share our thoughts and communicate

this divine energy 

with which each atom is made

in this precious moment

we awaken as one every day 

with a bow to God

and the gift of this amazing grace

Thursday, July 27, 2017


there is a higher presence 

that we can always call upon

 for Gods essence is in our soul

and Spirit is in all creation to know

the oh so subtle stirrings

of the energy will shift

the flickering of lights kiss 

the lifting of the heartsongs bliss 

for the presence is alive

and knows our eternal fate

it is written in the stars 

for us to claim who we are

what are you waiting for

why not meet that inner force 

and discover your true power 

and change your life course 

the I am that I am

holds the key

to open the door 

to your true destiny 

for the Source of Gods within 

and in each moment we can decide 

to awaken to that guiding light 

and find that presence in our lives