Sunday, April 23, 2017

We are instruments of God's Light

speak to me lord

let your words resonate in my soul

let your Spirit illuminate my path

so I can reflect the teachings of the unknown 

may the sacred space of understanding 

of the oneness of all life 

lay the foundation of compassion 

as I learn from life each day

in oh so many ways 

may your love be alive in my life

as I find ways to share daily acts of kindness 

as I serve as your instrument 

as a creative expression of infinite light 

may sacred space of understanding 

of the oneness of all life 

and lay the foundation of compassion 

and enlightenment for all beings 

I am ever grateful 

for the many precious blessings 

that come from Father Mother God 

and serve their will in my life

Friday, April 21, 2017

God's reality 

all the bliss of Gods eternal kiss 

comes to the realization of reality 

and how to fit it all into existence 

in this moment of Life and whatever it is

for the light casts a shadow 

that follows us around 

attached to our footsteps 

yet born from a stars spiraled crown 

as we walk on the earth 

God's reflections are birthed

on the pathway we follow 

as we learn how to serve

and each day is another awakening 

to what might happen 

and how we react 

to what life may bring

and the Christ brilliant light shines 

and the Mothers compassionately smiles 

as we pray for their love and blessings 

and make this life worthwhile 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Enfold me with your love 


Lord lead me a place of peace

knowing that all is well

and I can just let it be 


oh this clinging to things

that I think I need

all that stuff that covers

the essential me

clinging to words

and old memories 

the desperate hopes

that I wanted to relate 

prying away the old worn out things

letting go of the past 

to make some new space 

to open the new door i face

praying to Christ 

and the Mother who's so kind

to surround and protect me

with their blessings to find

seeds will unfold to blossom in time 

and the new pathway is shown 

cause all that clinging gets old

when your running out of time

Lord lead me a place of peace

knowing that all is well

and I can just let it be 

and trust that your love protects and enfolds me 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

All there is

all there is 

is this eternal moment

wrapped around all life right now

with our mind trying to hold on 

to nothingness by trying To define

what it's all about

and Spirits Presence holds this life

reflected through us to receive 

the blessings which sometimes are so great

that we cannot even see

Father God and Mother Divine

you gave us our life to find 

How to awaken to be

the reflection of your light

alive in love eternally 

I thank you God for the lifeline you throw

to reach the depths of our heart and soul 

And when life seems to get us down 

I pray for your presence to be found 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Beauty of Creation 

behold the beauty of creation 

that asks how deep can we fearlessly dive

Into depth of the miracle of Eternity 

Reflected in the mirror of a God so undefined

how willing are we to believe 

with all our hearts a souls

that we are part of plan

a solution for evolution of all humans 

we hold the seed 

that will blossom

into the flower of enlightenment 

right in our hands

can we offer to let go 

finally freed at the alter of ego 

with our sacred commitment to be

able to stand naked in the light of the Christ 

and let God Words guide us to be free

Behold the mystery of Creation 

this cosmic dance of dark and light

accompanied by the hearts sweet song

a sacred hymn sung by the Father and Mother

that entrances us with their love 

to find our truth and carry on 

til that flower of creation blossoms 

and we can finally behold

a way to become the promise fulfilled

and hold the Christ light in our souls 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Butterfly dreams 

we are shadows of the one true light

living our roles in this play of life

learning each and every day

 how to use loving kindness' way 

purple butterflies in trees of light 

alight on earth for a moment in time

as winged angels stand by in silence 

to watch over and gently guide us 

and The Holy Mothers love is felt 

with a love that's ever present 

and the Christ listens 

when we pray and reach out

and God abides over this glorious game

to give us the strength 

when we call out in the silence

His unspeakable name

butterfly dreams surrender with a smile

and fantasies only last for a while

and then we awaken to Creation and find

our life was just a shadow of God's infinite light

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Light a candle

so here I am Lord

at my alter place

in the silence with you and who I am 

and be in the presence face to face 

I bathe in the Light on the Masters grace

and breathe in the Spirit 

to spark the soul within 

whatever it takes to be born again

and I realize that God needs me

as much as I need him

and with this mantra I am aware 

that I will become all that I can

For its easy to get lost

and let the ego trick you

and it takes great practice 

to be a Students of truth 

and so I light a candle 

in the darkness and pray

for the Divine Father and Mothers help 

to shine their light and guide the way

Friday, April 14, 2017

Eternal light

when all illusions disappear 

when only Spirits breath is breathing here

in the moment you come face to face

with the gift of your souls saving grace 

and the Christ's light shines so very bright

for in the cross is the promise 

to be redeemed from the worlds darkness 

To the Spirit of Gods eternal light

and so we take that leap of faith 

and release our self to behold 

that Christ is alive in us 

and we can hold that Holy space 

we can lay down our burdens 

and release our old way

and celebrate how we can choose

to be reborn to God's love each day 

Thursday, April 13, 2017


In prayer we talk to God 

And meditation in silence we listen

We lay bare our soul

And reach the essence of all light

We stop long enough to just be And breathe 

And meet with what's inside us

That truth that merges us with God

And Reveals that we are one 

Ahh that moment when we connect 

And see the face of God

The promise of awakening 

The becoming what we truly are

Come now Father and Mother divine

Reunite us with that love in life 

Feed our hungry hearts

And guide us to do our part

And give us the power to find

That inner state of mind

That enlightenment that brings

the vision to set us free 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Embrace yourself

can you feel the embrace of the presence

can you hear the whispers of the soul

can you be aware of the distance 

that you must travel to reach your goal 

all the dreams of what might be

all of truth of your reality

come to be revealed 

And invite you to now be released 

can you ever meet your expectations 

is it possible to really see

that you are good enough right now

and what you are is More than what you need

so face the fear and judgements

you place upon your life 

let them all just disappear 

dissolved in the Love as the Master appears 

there is a redemption that will come

and the opportunities have already begun 

so let go of the old worn out ways 

and open the door to See God's face

the truth is staring into your eyes

and with a love from which you cannot hide

so accept all of who you are

and say yes to a life that is better by far