Saturday, October 20, 2018

there are things that can change you

although they don’t often come along

there’s a time when lightening and thunder

warn you of someone passing on

there are traces of Spirit light

that fly through the sky

and omens and signs

that capture our mind

and we can turn our head

and maybe try to hide

but we can’t escape reality

no matter how hard we try

and so I ask my heart 

to reach deep into that part

that is hiding and torn apart 

to open and have the courage 

to find the beauty of that spark

of the fire of Spirit 

to ignite it with Gods understanding 

and i pray to let go 

to face the changes life shows 

I need the strength of my soul 

there are these moments 

that come where we can somehow face

whatever comes our way

with the gift of Gods saving grace

Friday, October 19, 2018

time defines the dedicated lines 

til we finds a way of being aligned

in the space of the presence 

til merge with our purpose and find

the truth that speaks to our higher mind

and we are baptized by spirit and laughter

in waves that wash away all time

til the outer shell melts open

to find the inner core and soul divine

that nectar from the spirit so sublime

and beyond all definition 

beyond the thought of why

there comes a moment that is perfect 

always waiting for you to find

and there is no definition 

that can quite describe 

that love that is so worth it

that accepts all you are with a smile

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Amidst the tall grass I hear the soul stir

The wind awakens the spirit

With a timeless purpose

An ancient reason for our being 

And there’s a million stars that shine

And we can hear their song

And there is a wonder of it all

And a connection to the one

In a moment of sweet magic

We understand this love

That ties us all together 

So United we become

Joined in this life’s journey

In this space and time

Merged with the divine

feel the ripple of pure energy

With the blessing of a smile

In the am presence we are given

A chance to discover the gift of being alive 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

hope is revealed in being
a cup of tea served with the grace revealing
sipping in the now
overcoming the fear ego allows 

hope is in each breath
lest we ever forget 
that Spirit gives us life 
and through lifetimes we survive

here in this changing climate
we always have faith to ignite it 
and when we are lost in fright
a light shines down from on high

and hope will make it right
theres a higher truth that saves our life 
and we always can survive 
with Gods Beloved presence here inside 

don’t let the clouds block the light
hold up your arms 
and raise them high
believe that things will be alright

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

there’s this Truth in pain, 
but still even through heartbreak 
there is a light remains
there is a candle lit in the souls name

there is this look 
that speaks from the truth
a look that cuts through 
the space we fill when we don’t know 
what we can say or do

we can talk to God and pray 
we can try to negotiate a way
to get some Grace and faith
but sometimes we fail
to see it’s out of our power
it’s all in God’s hands come what may
and this life is just a reflection 
a shadow of a kind of passion play

and this time we have passes by
til we come to the reckoning 
of all the how’s and why’s
we act our the plan of life

and the light that’s in the eyes
reaches out to say goodbye
souls touching souls 
til we understand the connection 
beyond this space and time 
there is a this love we can’t deny 
and it will forever through time survive

Monday, October 15, 2018

I heard the call of a thousand cranes

with a wind that cleared my mind

it came with a chariot of gold

and lifted my soul to heaven on high

my future self spoke to me

and whispered it’s alright 

the pains of this lifetime 

will fade one day 

as you merge into the light

the shadows and the doubts 

will not hold you back

your spirit will always be with you

and guide you to what’s right

and past is now 

and now is then

one mystic moment that unfolds

and we can love it all

and embrace the journey home

and a flock of angels watch over us 

although we never see

sometimes they are heard in the voice 

of a thousand cranes that speak 

and they dance in the wind

and they bless us with light

and if we open our heart and mind

we will find their presence in our life 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

in this land of dreams we stay 

in Maya’s web we weave our fantasies

as we play out our life game

til we learn to live a better way 

until there is some kind of opening 

and there comes an awakening 

and  we see the one who is creating 

the dream and the awakening 

and we are part of heart of the dreamer

and we are Children of dreamers dream

each preaching our perception 

and trying to explain what it means

and we thank all of the teachers 

and we find the happiness we need

when we discover that love holds the key

and that awakening will set us free

Saturday, October 13, 2018

while dwelling here 

in this field of energy 

We are constantly judging what to like

there’s a constant flow of things to choose 

to make our wishes come to life 

thinking big thinking small

creates our dreams 

and what we take from it all

loving what we need

and needing what we love

helps us to achieve 

the reason that we keep

being in this energy field 

and there is a time stamp

on how long we all have to live 

what worked for us yesterday 

will in time fade away 

but some great stories will live on

some dramas last and are passed along

and the timeless choices that we make

will create our destiny and fate

love it or leave it 

you can decide with your mind 

how you want to spend your time

and participate here in life 

Friday, October 12, 2018

there is a white feather from heaven

that lies upon my alter place

it’s a little worn and torn 

from the fall and having to dwell

here in this dimension and form

It reminds me of the angels

as each morning I sit and meditate

and wait to hear the silent call

with echoes beyond the world 

that holds and binds us

the Holy Spirit sometimes hides in the wings

and when we’re stuck in our role

it whispers our forgotten lines 

and understands the deep longing 

that comes from the empty beggars bowl 

and this gravity that hold us down 

can not restrict our soul

and the dreams that often lead us

to a love that redeems and makes us whole

and sometimes a feather falls from heaven

and i watch for these little signs

the love letters from the Master

and songs that bring a smile

and I thank the Holy Spirit 

and grateful for each breath 

and I sense the next dimension merging

as I learn of the path that lies ahead

Thursday, October 11, 2018

we can’t control the way the world unfolds

but we can each do our part

we can vote and be the higher force

and speak the truth in our hearts

we can each believe

that there is a way to live in harmony 

no matter what that might take

to align with the light of our souls space 

we can adjust our thinking

and we can set our goal

on whatever it takes

to work together to overcome 

the wrongs of the past we’ve known 

we can imagine and believe

that we can make a difference 

and we can hope and pray

that humanity will grow each day

we may not be able to control

the tyrants in power and their huge egos 

and the lies of what they say 

but they will have to face the truth one day 

and we can make a difference 

and we can stay strong

and we can join with others 

and work with Gods love to become 

the light in the darkness that shines the way

and a force for good come what may