Wednesday, January 18, 2017


in the whole of the realms of being 
we each have our unique part
each with some role in reflecting
the complete  love of the creators heart

Father of the one light , mother so divine
smile that knowing smile
unlock in us power to understand 
the mysteries to find the undefined 

for together all the ones of light
can shine such a brilliant energy forth
that in time we can transform the earth 
and a new paradise will be birthed 

there is this enlightened energy
that is awakening a higher state of mind
there are the seekers and the teachers
and the humanitarians all combined 

with prayers and meditation 
we each can do our part
to bring more love and kindness forth 
and let go of egos control on earth

we each can make a difference 
we each can play a role
to build a better life
for the next generation to know

Monday, January 16, 2017

with God all things are possible

Father of creation 

Mother so divine 

with you all things are possible 

we call upon your brilliant light 

let us trust in you lord

so we can trust in ourselves 

so we may learn not to worry so

to have faith that things will be alright

we do the best we can

we work to do what's right

and sometimes we will find 

whatever happens happens

but we can find the strength to survive 

in each very moment

 we can choose to stop and  see

with you all things are possible 

if we believe with every breath we breathe

so I let go of any worry

I let go of whatever limits me

I open up my mind to find

to a higher way to be

lord with you all things are possible 

and miracles do appear 

so I stop myself  from worrying 

and I turn to God when fear appears 

I allow the light to brighten

the view of life i see

and look for a positive outcome 

when times seem hard 

i pray for faith to have the strength to believe 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

miracle of miracled

what is beyond this idea of beyond 
what is here right now 
just another chance to experience 
what the minds perception allows 

what is there that waits to be found
that opening present in you and I  
for every breath can awaken you
and every death brings an awakening too

every now encounter 
and each breath that you take
brings you back to you 
and that spirit that lives forever
that gives you so many chances
 to live and play and do

there is this infinite field of light
with prisms of Gods endless rainbow of rays
vibrate in our consciousness 
as we participate with life each day

with every birth here on earth
 there is this kiss of Gods great Love
that is just waiting to be known 
alive right here in our heart and soul
that this radiant beauty 
can blossom and unfold
if we allow it to grow 

right here in this moment
beyond yesterday and our dreams
we can embrace the magic
of this ultimate reality 
that brings us to another awakening

and this moment sometimes can unveil
into the mirror of life 
and we can discover  the miracle of miracles 
and the cosmic puzzle of God and humankind 

Friday, January 13, 2017

heavens rose

oh sweet fragrance of the rose
with the promise of heaven that you bring
that breath of softness that's awakening 
with dawns promise of a new beginning 

I pray in the darkness for your words
to find what I can  really do 
to create a worthy vessel
that can hold your love so true

and you are always there somewhere 
just a breath or two away
I realize it's my turn now
to allow that presence 
to be alive in me today 

and oh that subtle reminder 
that you bring in so many ways
as a secret gift from heaven
some miracle that happens when we pray 

I do not doubt for a moment Lord 
that you are always here with me
I feel your presence in the light
that gives me the power to see

the beauty that's alive
in every grain of sand
the heaven on earth 
that is being born as we let go of fear

this precious rose 🌹 in our heart 
holds  a fragrance that is so beautiful 
as it blossoms in our heart and soul 
we know with your love all is possible 

when we walk on this journey 
and take the path that never ends
beginning each day with a prayer
and we go into the sacred silence 
where we can hear the guidance 
that comes from deep within 

the answers are always there 
but we need to believe 
we can knock upon that door 
and it opens to find what we need

and you are always there
with the fragrance of a rose so pure
the answers to our prayers
that are always waiting in life here

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

fields of heaven

if I were to wander through fields of Heaven

and find you waiting there for me

would it be the souls moment 

when I could be made complete 

there this subtle nudging I feel

And words that whisper of an alternate reality 

where a prayer is almost heard

a miracle sometimes occurs

Theres a moment where the bridge is seen

Where I can cross the river to meet 

but I know in the back of my mind 

it's not yet time to finally be set free

oh mother of the bliss of heaven

oh Master of the one great light

let me live to my fullest 

the opportunity given in this life

I pray you bring your presence forth 

to be alive within my heart and mind

and guide me on the way 

for the reason I came to find

But oh the sweet breath of spirit 

carries such a mystical fragrance 

that holds these sacred possibilities 

so i reach to touch the masters robe

and I bow so deep at his feet

and in the distance I wonder

is it enough to pray and meditate 

how do I take these holy morsels offered

and make them a feast for others to save

so this holy circle spins 

round throughout eternity 

til the lord is found

present in the heart of me

and I honor the blessings and the miracles I see

and I'll do the best I can

to try to love and honor you

and that faith in me you have found 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

the true force

nothing can hold you back
but your own choice 
all of the light of the universe is present 
waiting for you to see and choose 

why not open your heart and mind
to the unlimited possibilities 
to create the life you want
 and set your soul free

there is a radiant life
just waiting to be embraced
with the love of the Father and the Mother
you can find the Christ's  true face

it is a living light
that can become your guide
it is a power there within
that is the eternal flame of life Divine 

holy is the miracle 
of this gift of Creations fire
that can enlighten humanity 
if we are open to be inspired 

breathe in the presence of Spirits force 
fthat truth without beginning or end
that opens the door to the universe 
and the unifying energy there within 

nothing is no thing
and beyond the things we know
there is a mystic fire
alive eternally in our soul

no thing can hold you back
it's up to you to choose 
what is your true purpose 
for what is there to lose

Monday, January 9, 2017

accepting accepance

I accept the grace of acceptance
and all of who and what I am
in the path in life I lead
there are good and tough things that I see

I pray to learn to love myself 
and whatever it takes to just be
present in this now moment
aware of power of God deep inside of me

accepting  acceptance is not resignation 
it is a gift that understanding brings
allowing all of who I am 
to be happy in life's greater plan 

I ask for no apologies 
I release any guilt and fear
I am who I am and won't judge myself 
for what I do and how I appear 

I see the good in me
so I may see the good in others too
for we reflect in life
the things we need to learn to do 

dear Father and  Mother God
help me to have the strength to be 
confident in myself and happy to accomplish
 what that may encompass so I can be free

I know I am ready to accept myself
so I can better participate 
in whatever comes my way
and I choose to use the tools of love today

thank you God for showing me the way
to not judge myself or my fellow humans
to accept with a little more love and kindness 
the path of goodwill that leads to a higher plan 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

talk to God

lord am I talking to myself
 when I try talk to you
do I really know what door to find
to open up my heart and speak the truth 

i commit myself to communicate 
what's there in the heart of me to you
and to be able to really listen and hear 
what you would want me to do

how many layers of this mind 
are hidden with distractions 
 so that I'm blinded and can't see
what I need to really do 
to truly serve  and fulfill my destiny 

lord let me hear your voice
speak to my heart and soul
let my find the time to be guided 
and focus on which way to go

let me hold that compass
that set my course so true
that leads me to your doorway
so I may speak to you

for the voice of the master
is alive in that presence so divine
it holds the power to clear away
the cobwebs of the mind

holy is the spirit
that the Mother brings to me
that holds the eternal light
of that presence of such pure being 

speak to me lord and master
and let me have the ears to hear
the messages that whisper 
and open the doorway to find 
your eternal living presence here

Friday, January 6, 2017

a liitke more light please

lord what am I 
but your spirit here 
seeking to express in words
the inexpressible light that lives 
hidden here in layers of illusion and fear

and sometimes we can reache to touch 
some higher perception that appears 
some realm of infinite consciousness 
where the cosmic picture becomes clear 

does it entice 
does it seduce 
does this mystic dance 
entrance us to find

what is our true purpose 
what way can we define the undefined 
and still not be distracted 
to fulfill our work here
in our given space and time

there seems to be so much to do
to make this world a better place
there is this exquisite beauty 
and the people who live here  in misery

and do the hard times we experience 
bring us closer to the truth
does the mercy of the Holy Mother 
help us to turn to you

bring us your clear light lord
unveil the illusions that blind 
so we can be led out of darkness 
and help to serve our fellow humankind

in this world of contrasts
in this limited time and space 
there is so much work to be done  
to help save the human race

so bring us a little more light God 
and we always can use some more love
help us to build that bridge
from Heaven to earth below  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

the cosmic puzzle

we're all here together 
united in some cosmic scheme
all just individual human beings 
lost in the net of Maya's dream 

separate and yet one 
in this living consciousness of humankind
all myriad reflections expressing 
what we believe must be done

 just pieces of the universal puzzle
all breathing this precious air 
same as the other pieces that try to fit
each a part of life on Earth here 

and there is this thread of love
that has created the life we share
all weaving this one great tapestry 
that makes the one big  picture clear

see the greater vision
that the oneness brings
for with the view comes understanding 
and a greater purpose we can see

we all here to learn our lessons
all here to spend our time
to try to live and be happy
in the best way we can find 

and so we pray to find a way
for the bigger picture to be seen
so can unite in harmony
with the other pieces in this cosmic dream