Thursday, March 13, 2014

From Darkness to Light

We are Here
In the Glorious Light of a New day
In this perfect Now Moment
Sharing the beauty of Just being alive
Happy to journey on the way

We are all a celebration of this sacred space and time
Bringing the birth of a new spring
As the winter fades
 and a new song comes to mind

We sing of hope. we sing of life,
we sing to call in a new and brighter day
And there is a Joy that is born this morning
As we blossom into the flower of life
And find we have the Power
 to move from darkness to light

With the blessings of God touching us
And when we need help we can  pray
                       And listen to the Laughter of the stars at night
and Breathe in the  fragrance of the rainbows light

We are the Glorious Light of a New Day
In the blessed Moment of now
We are the Children of God’s Divine Love
And we can make a better world somehow

For there is a Beauty that exists
In the light of everything
And we stop here and say Thank You God
For this life and the blessings it brings