Monday, May 19, 2014

Which Reflection

Oh, to reach so High to heaven
And hear the Music of the distant stars
To try to capture the glory found there
And bring it back to where you are

Is your life a true crystalline reflection
Of the heaven that you so love
Or such a topsy turvy mish mash
Of maya and the web it holds

Can you really bring heaven to earth
Without loving this planet you live on
And all the people in so many different levels
Each wishing to dominate and control.

And in those quiet moments
When eternity whispers to your soul
Can you listen in and get it
And translate it to reach others with in this net

And you live for those magic moments
when the rainbow bridge comes to your door
and you’d leave in a second if you could escape
across to the promises held across the other shore

ah, but here we are all together
stuck in this precious time and space
learning from this daily experience
given to us on this strange earthly plane

and you know it is just a flickering moment
given here to live in this strange dream
so you make the most of each day
and find the road to travel to a better scheme

And the love you have been given
By those in the heavenly host
Bring you the blessings needed
To deal with the human races soul

For how we love each other
And how we learn and grow
Can bring a beautiful reflection
Of heavens light that you know