Thursday, June 26, 2014


A far Greater reality

Beyond the layers of life
We pile in that worn out corner chair
Somewhere there is a vision in our soul
of a far greater waiting for us to know

it holds a soft shimmer of hope
it is the breath behind the thought
and is the place that we can turn to
when  plan A doesn’t work out quite right

it holds the very beingness of who we really are
beyond the naked reasons
that we hear calling at our back door
looking for an entrance somewhere to find
that  place where the essence of truth abides

the place where the vulnerability
was covered oh so long ago
that accepts the I am that I am
and forgives what we covered up as we grow old

and when the day ends
and we allow our self to find the time
to come to terms with what we’ve done
as we to try to finally decide to know
that greater reality
that waits to  greet us in our soul

it was always present
it held us all the time
Under the layers of life
Waiting for us to find