Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How Far does your Light Shine

How far does that light you are reach
Does it chase the clouds
that have touched the heavens
carried by wind that has kissed the ocean and waves

Where does it beam forth from
As it journies across this land
Does it merge with the sun
And create a rainbow that glows

How far deep do those waves of light go
Do they follow the sound of your heartbeat
Through the pathways unknown
rippling in waters til they reach the shores below

let the light of your heart
Shine as bright as the stars
Let the souls power be found
To guide you so far

Exceed the limitations your mind might hold
You can reach the heights of heaven
 from the depths of your soul

For you are made of such pure energy
from the source of creations glow
far beyond the reaches of time
you came here from heaven to walk on this earth below

You might never know
How far the light you are can reach
So let your imagination believe
That you are part of the infinite light shining through eternity

Let the Light in Your Soul
Shine as bright as the stars
Find the power of Greatness that you can be
Alive in the light of love in your heart
And how far that this light that you are can reach