Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Listen Listen

Listen, Listen

When the Voice that whispers from the silence
And speaks to you is heard
Believe in the words
Spoken from that innermost part of your heart

When the noise outside is deafening
To the quiet you need to find
And there are so many distractions
That seem cover that truth which is waiting inside

The Listen, Listen
To the Whispers that come from within
Listen, Listen
To the Masters Voice and the truth it brings

Listen, Listen
Stop and find a way
To follow the guidance given
For there you’ll find what you need to say

For there is the I am that I am
That speaks to you
And the words come in many ways

And if you listen you can hear
the whisperings of the mystic words
that come from the source
and will bring you to Heavens  call so clear