Thursday, January 15, 2015

If you can Love yourself

If you can Love yourself
You will find the key
Love yourself as the Holy Mother would
Believe you are worthy to receive

If you can just release
The past and all that happened long ago
You can learn to love again
And let that love fill your body, mind and soul

Come into the presence
 of the Divine grace that she provides
and let your Self be healed
and find that place where Joy resides

Believe this in your heart of hearts
Allow yourself to feel this in your soul
Miracles are possible
If pray for help you will know

if you have faith you will be blessed
and be touched by the grace
 as you look into the holy Mother’s face behold
The Love of God there shows

So listen in the silence
And pray for the power to hear
The guidance that you need
Will always then appear.

Offer her your love
And forgive yourself  so you may truly love too
Believe that you are worthy
And give thanks for the blessings she shows to me and you