Monday, June 8, 2015

choose Love

With each moment you have a choice 
on what you set your attention 
intend to choose love 
for we are here to learn to love 
through all the tests
with every breath 
this one lesson calls us back over and over 

for when we do choose love we overcome anger, bitterness and hurt 
we learn to forgive and release 

We can understand and grow 
we see the oneness of all in spirit 
and we have The strength 
to be agents of God's light and love 

so choose love 
Choose Compassion  
choose forgiveness 
and follow the path of the heart 
To be the living presence of God's love
 in each and every moment 
So the soul can shine through you
And love as God loves
To become the living love of God
And fulfill your true purpose here in life