Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Would you know

Would you know
if a gift from God was given 
would you even realize it is so
would you recognize all the blessings
That are there just waiting to be shown 

There are Angels all around you
Brought from Heaven to guide your way
But you can not even see them
In  your family and your friends
And the guardian animals you see each day

Would you let the magic touch you
Could you stop and laugh at life
would you  smile a little smile 
and know things will be alright

You've been down so long my friend 
you've been fighting to get by 
It's time the stop that battle 
and see the shining light 

find the blessings that surround you
open up your heart to love 
It's there waiting there for you to see
As a gift from heaven above 

it's time to wave that white flag 
Stop the war with life my friend
you're not a victim here 
with God you'll find peace again

Accept that you are worthy
For you have so much you give 
See how good it is to be alive 
With these gifts God given you to live 

Would you know how to let go
And let God be in control
be grateful and let love show
The blessings are there to know