Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Exacting the limitless undefined escape
That demands a toll to where it takes
What the mind can not say
But still the senses do betray

A hint, a clue to show the way
To what this life asks
Us to offer up and pay
As the clock slows down each day

We ask for This God to exaltate
While  some would just evaluate
We can hope and pray
For some enlightened way

To get us to the place
Where we can understand
Try understand a plan
And find some peace if we can 

Beyond any escape we could create
We comprehend and compensate
And come to Terms with accepting fate
Exalted by Hope and faith
To do whatever it takes 

To live this life and get things straight 
And be grateful for the amazing  grace
creations net that may save our fall
To catch us and help us through it all

Not faulted but Exalted 
 By this spirit that hears our call