Sunday, May 8, 2016

The heartbeat of Creation

open the door to the heart of all life
there you'll find the source of love
go into brilliance of Gods divine light
and let it feed your very soul

light of all lights shine  upon us
love of the great One be shown
source and creator bless our lives
to be an instrument of your love 

let us drink from the nectar
of the sacred cup
let us be baptized by the waters
that your divine presence offers

right here in this very moment 
in this eternal now
let us honor your presence
and share the blessings you allow

heartbeat of the our maker
that created this our life
whose light shines through the firmaments
and feeds the sunlight upon the earth

let us be in tune with your energy
and the power that you give
to let us be able to be receivers
so we can better serve your gifts 

open up the doorway 
to the higher realms
so we can be a bridge from earth 
to heaven our eternal home 

thank you Holy Mother
for the grace that you do bring
thank you for delivering us 
to throne of the king of kings