Friday, June 10, 2016

sacred heart

oh Divine Heart 
that is begging to heard
this sacred  voice we listen for 
that is Alive within our soul

speak to us now so we can be 
a pure vessel to hold
the  sweet nectar that feeds 
our desperate need to behold 

thus  sacred holy heart 
that understands the worlds needs 
and how we are yet so incomplete
and yet how we still seek

and we can reach out
and with your presence find 
the key to open the door to receive
the glimpse of hope for humankind

oh Holy Mother 
bring you compassion forth
help us to understand 
what we are really here for 

oh heart of Gods infinite love
bless us now
so we can learn and become 
an instrument of your divine blessings 

we thank you 
as we fall on our knees
and lift our arms in praise 
to serve you the best we can lord 
with your grace each and every day