Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Glory

Holy Mother who delivered our lord
lead us to discover the path
to the Glory that is 
alive in your heart evermore

Holy Spirit that feeds each breath
find the wings of the dove
to fly down from heaven
and enlighten our hearts with your love 

we honor the holy ones so divine 
who guide us through darkness
and bring us grace so we may find 
a way past our blindness to see
the star that shines its light on me 
that guides us to you eventually 

so we can find that path 
that takes us home at last
and we can be blessed 
in our sacred quest

to find the Holy Spirit
that breathes our ever breath
until we return to be face to face 
to the creators eternal embrace 

to be blessed to hear 
the heartbeat of true love
that brings us the mercy
of the beloved one above

we bow our heads in gratitude 
we give our heartfelt thanks to you
we offer up our praise
that delivers us to your saving grace