Friday, July 29, 2016


connect to the most sacred point
of that pure light within your soul
that place you meet your creator
and allow spirit to be in control

in that point of light
of that sacred space
you can open up the door
to the true power and glory of Gods grace

you can merge with the holy of holies
and find the sacred tools
to bring about the changes
in yourself to be in you

and become an instrument of Gods teachings
a true disciple of his love
a servant on the path
and share the miracles that unfold

may the light of spirit
shine so bright on you
that the glow of the blessings
bring forth the love to see you through

carry on beloved 
don't let the world get you down
there is such need for the soul
to continue to guide you on

allow your life to be an offering
of the Holy Mothers  love
thank God and the Holy son
for the amazing Grace they've shown