Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Welcome Spirit

welcome Spirit 
come on in 
let me breathe your presence
 to your place within

make a home here in my heart
a candle lit
a relationship so close
that we are never apart

with each breath
we can be 
aware of this presence 
that is alive  inside of me

Holy Spirit light divine 
come and merge your energy with mine 
take me to where Eden abides
so I may find where paradise resides

let go of the burdens
let go of all fear
let go of ego
and any despair

welcome the presence
into your life
through this very form
bring me inspiration to write 

with the light from the source
the fire that burns so bright
the candle, the spark
to hold as a torch

so welcome father mother God into life
be grateful for all the blessings 
that unfold when we find
these creators gifts given to all humankind