Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Loving kindness

Morher Mary I do pray
to find the strength
to be a little more aware 
and  live with more kindness each day

lift me up 
to your sacred space
that shows me how to have humility
and serve with love's amazing grace

may I learn to open up my heart
with the innocence of a child 
so I may release my ego 
and let Gods will through me impart

the power to truly understand
and use the tool of compassion
for all those suffering across this land 
and who need help to find the higher plan 

may you find a way to use
whatever I have to offer you 
so you can reflect through me 
whatever Is needed to for me to do

I thank you for the gifts you give
the opportunity to learn 
of how to better be 
alive with your love inside of me