Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Flower of Light

I am the awe of audacity 

 the flower of Gods light

I embrace the love of the Creator

and choose to unite with the Source of all life

what can hold me back 

from the beloveds kiss of grace

for I am one with this pure energy 

his words heard for the human race

The Holy Spirit is alive

and the Queen of Angels is this gift

at one with God and the Holy Dove 

delivering Christ born from this sacred love

and we can be in Awe

and be ever so inspired 

to find this path of union and awaken

to our true purpose here in life

and the Petals fall on the path

from the Flower in the Mothers hand

to bless and help us to find

we also can unite with Gods love divine

accept the awe and the wonder

believe in the power of this gift of life

you are free to surrender 

to the miracle of Christ great light