Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Why we're alive

shadows of light are cast cross our mind 

and leftover worries are released in time 

by echoes of Gods eternal prayer 

That unties our knots of fear 

the rhythm of the heartbeat of Creation 

drives us on from the source

and unites us as one cosmic reflection

all driven by this higher unknown force  

and we dance to the sounds of lights

with colors that radiate forth from the sun

and each breath we take reflects 

the gift of Gods Spirit we've found 

how deep is the dream

how high is heavens skies 

how far is this journey   

to find that true love inside 

and when we graduate one fine day  

and awaken to the truth of truths

and find what came here say

the Angels will sing that hymn from on high

that carries us home to the other side

shadows of radiant light

Are thrown across the sky

reflecting our reasons for being 

and what we seek inside

And the mystic Spirit 

finally reveals how to find God 

And the love we need