Wednesday, June 21, 2017

At the end

at the end of every breath

there is the power your true essence 

that carries your very presence 

and holds the mirror of heaven 

here in the Creations play

we dance between the night and day

in the beginning and endless circle we pray 

to find Gods truth to guide our way 

there are so many demands we create

to fill the space we have to take

more and more things that we make

to just believe we are really great

and so we spin round and round

gathering speed and running around

till we discover we've finally found

there's always some challenge to surmount 

and perhaps it's inner peace we need

a sacred space where we can retreat 

where we can stop all the insanity 

and just find the time to be

and we can dwell in that center in life 

and breathe in the energy of the one light

and we can find our eternal soul 

that shines so bright we can be shown 

the blessings of that sacred sight

that vision that inspired and makes things right

is there waiting all the time

in the silence we und deep inside