Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Gods Palette 

these mystic colors of dawn

whisper the promise they were created from 

empty thoughts given as a pallette of clouds 

are just fleeting expressions of the eternal now

I sit at my alter and pray

in wonder of the blessings of Spirit each day

with which I wish to awaken my heart

and try my best to do my part

so I offer my soul to see creations face 

to speak the secrets of this amazing grace

and how best to reflect the mirror of infinity 

and be able to express that Heaven i see

I wish to be that palette of art

that Gods love is painted on

and interpret the visions that come 

just before the rising Son

yet as the day unfolds

I often must hide the light of the soul

to fit in and be the norm 

and pretend I'm less than I am 

so this is my morning prayer

to hold the glory of God ever near

and shine that Holy spirit forth

even with the burdens of earth 

I relay the promise I heard

and repeat the sound of Gods sacred Word

and remember why I came here

and choose to live with love not fear