Wednesday, June 28, 2017


we really need 

to just live our lives 

and be happy with what we find 


the eternal spirit is with us right now

it's feeding each breath we take

as we relate to the world 

 what we wish to create

yet naked into this world we came

and naked we shall leave

and all those things we accumulate 

will one day be released

here in this naked honesty 

all the covers that hide us are removed

and you can let your heart be open

to do whatever your heart may choose 

no masks can hide our true being

when we surrender to our soul

we are not those thoughts so fleeting 

so let all masks now go

we are surrounded by pure energy 

in the souls light we are clothed

the glory of Gods presence 

color our aura with a heavenly robe

see that naked truth shine forth

through every persons eyes

there is a light that illuminates  

the Heart of the soul inside