Tuesday, June 13, 2017


if I take away all covers I made

from the fabric that masks of life

can I find just this eternal moment 

and merge the source of light

what is left to do here

but to just experience being 

with all the hidden things revealed 

to accept what and who I am 

and come to terms with reality 

and do I judge myself too harshly 

for what i just cannot do

is it time to just accept and let go 

of the high bar I set for me and you

here I am with this human race 

and I search for how to embrace  

and live with the reality that I face

And comprehend the depths of Gods great grace 

that allows me to express 

the wonder and possibilities I see

in this moment in our history 

where you can be you and I can be me  

and still we so often choose not to be

for we wish to be more than we can be

til we come back to reality 

and accept it's good enough to just see

if we live who we really are 

we can be happy and free