Tuesday, January 9, 2018

until we can accept the truth

of fragile feelings and what they control 

until we can find the power Alive in our soul

can we overcome the anger and frustration 

and release the hold of the ego

until we see the common thread that humans have 

the same DNA that joins us

 on this planet in a common fate

than we can start to relate and communicate 


what in you needs to be seen

to make Your understanding be complete 

if I see you for who you are

and find in me that similar  part

can you look back into your heart

and find that we both need to be

aware of what it takes to live 

and love and not to separate 

that God in you is here in me

and when we recognize that one thing

we can start to have more compassion 

for what it takes to be free of fear

And stop the judgement we put on each other

That Just mirrors our insecurity living here