Thursday, January 4, 2018


some prayers speak to God

demanding understanding 

needing to know why

and the hollow truth echoes back

that we cannot hide the fact

that there are some lessons we must face here that we can’t deny

we can not run or hide from what we face

for we are shaped by the winds of Time

are refined by the hard realities that come to light

and others can not read our minds

and not many really want to try

to forge past the accepted way of life

so what of the truth seekers 

the ones who want to change 

the way we see the world 

the ones who don’t fit the mold

and have a different of view of life to behold

we talk to God 

we search our souls 

we pretend we are other

than what you may know

but there’s no hiding the forces

driving the power of awakening 

and more and more out there

are beginning to see the truth of what can be

so God give us strength 

and help us to have faith 

and when the lessons in life are hard

May we listen to your guidance and pray 

and let us find the higher way