Saturday, February 10, 2018

I am that I am

Let the I AM consciousness 

Be in your mind’s awareness.

Allow the fragrant blossoms of the sweet nectar of God To renew and transform every cell from your soul,

So that you may hold the one flower,

The gift of creation,

And give that flower

To the ones who would receive consciousness

That leads to the I AM that I AM.

That is the fragrance we know.

I give you my light,

I give you my love,

As I AM light and love.

I give you my vision and words,

So that you may see the path to Heaven above, And share the mystical whisperings

That carry you to the place that I AM.

I give you the flower of creation,

So that you may share the smile

That I bring to you

When you open the door to allow

The gift of yourself to be here with me,

For I AM with you always, I AM with everyone,

am the flower of creation

That blossoms in your soul here.