Sunday, February 4, 2018

My soul speaks

my soul speaks out to you

in the space between these words 

my heart is seeking to be heard 

so I listen in silence to its truth

and try to see life with a higher view 

we all have such a need

to touch the deepest part and free

the blocks to a New reality 

so can find the love we need

I know my soul will find a way

to release the chains of my own making

and create a sacred place 

to shine with Gods light in this time and space

that’s given us between birth and death

to wake each day to do our best 

so I thank God for this spirit in my soul 

that guides my in the path to go

and feeds my starving heart

with the strength to do my part

and to find others who can resonate 

with the energy that it takes to carry on

and celebrate God’s sacred song

so we can overcome the prejudice and hate

 and bring hope back to the human race