Sunday, March 11, 2018


when our mask removes what we hide

and we stand naked in the light

of the truth of a higher reality

can we accept all of who we see 

I am a manifestation of the light

I am one with universal guides

yet can I really know your heart

and can I see where your soul resides

through all the experiences we dream

and all the life that we see

can we still hold the hopes of a love 

that understands our inner needs

the unconditional embrace of God

holds us in our innocence 

and is always there to turn to 

when’re we’re broken and in need

for we are all manifestation of the one light

we all have challenges to face in life

and we all choose what we think is wrong or right

we dream, we pray, we strive to survive 

and then we turn within to find

there is that power of God inside

that can be with you in always life

and bring you such love and comfort while Alive