Sunday, April 1, 2012


Be the Light of God’s love,
For in Being the Light we radiate
the Living Energy of the Presence,
We become the Energy and
hold it in the essence of our being.

Be the Living Light of God’s Love
And Breathe the Light of this Love into Being

Be the Light of God’s Love
And by being the energy of Love and Light
You are radiating that love into your presence.
And this Presence allows you to receive and transmit
 this energy in your being with a living flame
                   that holds the consciousness of Christ,
                   Who was the living embodiment
                   of the light and love of God  here on earth.

And if you believe you are worthy ask and Pray,
                   Lord let your Divine Light of Love
                   Live in my Heart and soul,
                  Let your presence be alive in my being
                   So I can become the Living Light of God’s Love