Wednesday, November 18, 2020

there’s a door I know
that cries to be open when it’s closed
and when it’s open
will often loudly shut when predisposed 

there are words I’ve been told 
that wish to be spoken 
but remain undisclosed
waiting for the blessing of the soul

and we are in between
passing through the seamless seem
the hidden love inside 
waiting to be redeemed 
in the awakening from 
the endless dream 

and in nothing 
lies the secret of everything
til we find that golden ring 
and make peace with what it brings 

and the door will open
and the answers will be known 
and the light will shine forth
from the soul

the words will be spoken 
and the truth will be known
the moment the blossoming unfolds 
when all the ducks are in a row

when we’re face to face 
and soul to soul 
joined together again 
with God and made whole

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Love is the answer 

Love is the answer

the energy we need

the turning of the key

the opens the door to set us free

How deep is that power

that creation brings 

how magnificent the grace

and that song that it sings 

and when there is the aching

for that recognition 

that the heart seeks

return to love and let it be 

receive that healing 

that’s there in our being 

the longing that speaks

in the beautiful colors  

of our deepest feeling 

love is the answer

our greatest reward 

the connection we seek

that reason we’re here for

love is always the answer

the reflection of Gods light

the magnet that draws us

to this circle of life 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

clouds that embrace 

the changing colors of life

chameleon emotions drift by

and find a place to hide 

in the feathers of the birds 

that lifts them high 

sounds comes in waves 

with a light 

latent in the souls embrace 

can we relate to a promise that comes 

in a song that’s sung 

from the destiny of our fate 

I see you in the peach clouds 

and the burst of the suns first light

that wakes the sky 

to hold the birds that fly

you are the song 

that recognizes the beauty

dressed in words that try to describe 

the wonder of Spirit 

that brings grace to this life 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

can I reach into the library

of the sweet words that you hold

and find the inspiration

that speaks to my very soul

can I see the colors of heaven 

that lighten up the skies

and find the hope you offer 

in a babies eyes

may the love you are

be felt here ever in my heart

can I follow in your footsteps 

shown in the pattern of the stars 

lord am I too very hungry

for the blessings of your grace 

I know that I must earn it

while here in the human race 

give me the strength to carry on

with the vision given me 

from the one great light 

of Spirits presence 

that lives eternally 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

this being here
takes so much love 
to just be present and engaged 
through all of life’s deep mysteries
and the drama people display

 what does it take to participate 
in all of life’s strange games
and give it all our heart and soul 
in the dark and light that ever pull

we must have the strength to remember 
how this dharma is ever played 
and hold on to the power of spirit 
offered us in Gods name 

 your time here is covered
by a limited warranty
and all the insurance you invest in life 
if you read the fine print
is really just temporary 

but there’s a love 
that through time survives 
and Spirts help will get us by
so we turn inside and pray 
to be present and try to engage
in whatever it may take

to bring Christ’s light into our life 
and be thankful for guidance 
to see the blessings of this grace 
that gets us through each and every day 

Monday, August 24, 2020

A note to the muse

what would it take 

to encourage you to go on

to commit yourself to do 

what Spirit asks of you

what’s there inside that’s true 

does it take a nod of recognition 

does it take some silent applause 

a bow from one you honor

or a sign from a shooting star 

what does it take to create 

a gift of what God has offered you

to be perhaps be seen 

by those in need

is there this inner knowing

a purpose that’s revealed 

or just is it a love letter 

to a calling you receive 

does what you do need to make money

or to get a 108 likes

or is it for much more than that 

is it created with some higher sight

who knows your motivation 

who understands the reason why

you offer up your heart and soul

and daily keep on trying 

it’s between you and the muse 

or perhaps a vow you once made 

it’s this sacred invocation 

that guides you every day 

every offering to Spirit 

is beyond the limitations that define 

what is this true motivation 

that communicates what’s divine 


Thursday, August 20, 2020


to all the angels who stand by
and keep a watchful eye
to all the servants of the way
who seek to help each day 

to all you winged ones who fly
the blessed messengers on high

the cardinals who stop by
the flitting dance of butterflies 
 the bright light of  fireflies 
and the ever flirting dragonflies

to all the aumakua and spirit guides 
to all the ones who remind us 
that our life’s a dream 
and watch over us  when we are asleep
and when we go and inside 
these lifetime guardians who there reside 

we deeply thank you for the Spirit you bring 
for the messages though us you speak 
for the guidance and many blessings 
that through our life you bring

Friday, July 17, 2020

When times get tough 

when things seem to go wrong

as sometimes they do 

when our little bubble bursts 

and you have to deal with

whats right there in front of you

remember you’re not alone

you never really were

 and you never will ever really be 

for there’s guardian angel

just standing by 

watching over you 

when you’re in need

and there’s the Holy Spirit too

keeping watch on the inner side

and the one watches over them 

who helps you 

in that space where they reside 

there are legions of angels

masters and guides 

and the Lord and Mother

standing by 

and though it may seem 

you here are all alone 

please remember in truth 

that just ain’t so 

so when times get tough

and life gets a little rough

take a moment to pray 

for a little help

from your Guardian Angel and God 

to get you through your day 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

God reaches out

how does God reach out to you

what words could speak to your ears to hear 

if you asked for a message to come

would you recognize it when it appears

what is Gods prayer for you

 who carries that precious gift of light

are you really open to receive 

the answers you need in life 

what friend is the messenger

what guardian angel speaks 

the message that you pray for

to make your life complete 

you know you can find an opening

for the blessing of truth to come

when you are really ready 

to receive what must be done 

how does your soul teach you

how does the muse really decide 

how to bless you with a few moments 

that can bridge the arc of time 

give thanks for the blessed messenger

and the writings of the scribe 

and the bridge across space and time 

and all the answers sent 

to guide us in our life 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Back to you

when I slip and fall

I hear your spirit call

and I take a pause 

to be still and pray

to remember the light that you gave

a inner compass to use 

to help me find my way

and I am brought back 

to that special place 

inside where I go each day

to that heart of love that saves

and I am so grateful

for the blessings 

and the miracles you display

in so many magical ways 

and I am brought back 

to that special place

where I commune with you

and am directed what to do

with a gentle smile or perhaps a phrase

that brings me back to you

is this faith

or just a promise once made

that knows when I lose my way

somehow you are there 

to show me the right path to take 

and I am sure 

at the end of the day

or when this life just fades away

I will return to that heavenly place

and there when we’re face to face

I once again will feel your heavenly embrace 

and until that time I find the strength

with certainty in my heart I say 

I will be brought back to you