Tuesday, September 15, 2020

this being here
takes so much love 
to just be present and engaged 
through all of life’s deep mysteries
and the drama people display

 what does it take to participate 
in all of life’s strange games
and give it all our heart and soul 
in the dark and light that ever pull

we must have the strength to remember 
how this dharma is ever played 
and hold on to the power of spirit 
offered us in Gods name 

 your time here is covered
by a limited warranty
and all the insurance you invest in life 
if you read the fine print
is really just temporary 

but there’s a love 
that through time survives 
and Spirts help will get us by
so we turn inside and pray 
to be present and try to engage
in whatever it may take

to bring Christ’s light into our life 
and be thankful for guidance 
to see the blessings of this grace 
that gets us through each and every day