Monday, August 24, 2020

A note to the muse

what would it take 

to encourage you to go on

to commit yourself to do 

what Spirit asks of you

what’s there inside that’s true 

does it take a nod of recognition 

does it take some silent applause 

a bow from one you honor

or a sign from a shooting star 

what does it take to create 

a gift of what God has offered you

to be perhaps be seen 

by those in need

is there this inner knowing

a purpose that’s revealed 

or just is it a love letter 

to a calling you receive 

does what you do need to make money

or to get a 108 likes

or is it for much more than that 

is it created with some higher sight

who knows your motivation 

who understands the reason why

you offer up your heart and soul

and daily keep on trying 

it’s between you and the muse 

or perhaps a vow you once made 

it’s this sacred invocation 

that guides you every day 

every offering to Spirit 

is beyond the limitations that define 

what is this true motivation 

that communicates what’s divine