Friday, July 17, 2020

When times get tough 

when things seem to go wrong

as sometimes they do 

when our little bubble bursts 

and you have to deal with

whats right there in front of you

remember you’re not alone

you never really were

 and you never will ever really be 

for there’s guardian angel

just standing by 

watching over you 

when you’re in need

and there’s the Holy Spirit too

keeping watch on the inner side

and the one watches over them 

who helps you 

in that space where they reside 

there are legions of angels

masters and guides 

and the Lord and Mother

standing by 

and though it may seem 

you here are all alone 

please remember in truth 

that just ain’t so 

so when times get tough

and life gets a little rough

take a moment to pray 

for a little help

from your Guardian Angel and God 

to get you through your day