Wednesday, November 18, 2020

there’s a door I know
that cries to be open when it’s closed
and when it’s open
will often loudly shut when predisposed 

there are words I’ve been told 
that wish to be spoken 
but remain undisclosed
waiting for the blessing of the soul

and we are in between
passing through the seamless seem
the hidden love inside 
waiting to be redeemed 
in the awakening from 
the endless dream 

and in nothing 
lies the secret of everything
til we find that golden ring 
and make peace with what it brings 

and the door will open
and the answers will be known 
and the light will shine forth
from the soul

the words will be spoken 
and the truth will be known
the moment the blossoming unfolds 
when all the ducks are in a row

when we’re face to face 
and soul to soul 
joined together again 
with God and made whole