Saturday, June 6, 2020

Back to you

when I slip and fall

I hear your spirit call

and I take a pause 

to be still and pray

to remember the light that you gave

a inner compass to use 

to help me find my way

and I am brought back 

to that special place 

inside where I go each day

to that heart of love that saves

and I am so grateful

for the blessings 

and the miracles you display

in so many magical ways 

and I am brought back 

to that special place

where I commune with you

and am directed what to do

with a gentle smile or perhaps a phrase

that brings me back to you

is this faith

or just a promise once made

that knows when I lose my way

somehow you are there 

to show me the right path to take 

and I am sure 

at the end of the day

or when this life just fades away

I will return to that heavenly place

and there when we’re face to face

I once again will feel your heavenly embrace 

and until that time I find the strength

with certainty in my heart I say 

I will be brought back to you