Thursday, April 19, 2012

The freedom to Be

Can you perceive an Invitation to Be with God.
For beyond all the striving to know and to be known,
There is the Simple Gift of being.

Being beyond the limitations of how you have been known.
For Who you are is far more than how you are known.

What you choose to be
And how you choose to be it
Is governed on Earth by the laws of time, space and karma,
As you live as a soul in form,

Yet when you are dwelling in the energy of being
In the realm of Spirit, the Soul can express itself
In the higher realms of consciousness
,with far greater freedom.

You can be Happy, You can be Light, you can be Love
You can choose how you wish to be.
You can be come what you are attuned to.

You can experience this in meditation.
When you choose to be with the truth
Of who you are in your soul.

 When you choose to be here now
You can be here now.
When you choose to be with God
You can be with the energy that holds God.

You Have the freedom to be