Monday, April 16, 2012

Accept the Light that is there within you,
Accept the gift of the Love that you are.
For from that point of Love and Light within you
All love and light God’s Light and Love is found.

And from that seat within your soul
all love and light must grow.
And from that point within you can learn
To let the love you have for yourself grow
so that you may find that love within others.

Believe that you are worthy of this great love,
So you can face your self,
And all of who you are.
And you can forgive your self
and all of your life and the path that led you here.

Redeem your heart and soul,
And the gifts that you have to offer.
Redeem the love that is the key to all understanding.
And let it be alive within you.
Focus on it
Believe in it
Live with it and share it freely.

For you are here now
in the perfect light of God’s Love
You are alive now to be able to live that Love
And be that love and share that love.

So accept the Light that is right there within you
In this very moment.
Accept the Gift of Love that you are.
And accept that God is within that Light and love.
And so it is.