Saturday, April 21, 2012

How would you hold the Presence of God’s light?
How would you in form this form,
and let it be alive in the radiant expression of being human?

How would you let your soul sing forth to the Petals of the Flower
that blossoms as a lotus, from the roots in the earth molton fire,
 to the heights of the realms of infinite Spirit.

How do you express the exquisite beauty
 that shimmers in the Vibration of the Path,
and is a living stream of radiant rainbows of Light.
And So be a bridge of light that can begin to
See and believe the miracle that is God’s creation.

If you can Breathe in the gifts of Being,
If you can love enough to allow this presence to be Present,
If you can let the soul fly to the highest realms of Spirit
And love enough to bring that energy into your life,
And celebrate as others are inspired to also understand
And love the dance that is from the cosmos and brought here to Earth,

Then we can share in the Blessings
That are so needed here on this planet.
And as we join together in Spirit
We can become one with God’s Love,
We can hold God’s Light,
And we can become God’s gift to Earth
And we can offer our selves and our lives
 as a gift to God and as a servant of the Masters way.

We can hold the presence of God’s Light and Love
and we can be the living Light and Love of God here on Earth.