Saturday, May 5, 2012

In the Whole of Being
The Light is Drawn into the Center of Love
And there is a complete Union
Of the Light and Dark.

Throughout the Universe the alignment emerges
And the waiting One is birthed.
All of the aspects of expression are
Brought into Creation,
And the Center which holds God’s Energy
And Our Purpose for being here is manifested.

Light can be brought into the Heart of Humanity
Love can become the Guiding Force
To unite all of Humankind.

And with the Merging of Light and Love
The Plan is understood,
And the world can bring the elements
Of Heavens radiance to Earth.

And the Multi dimensional levels of existence
Can be transformed by us
And our way of being in God’s Light
So we that can become one with God’s Love.

And we can understand the Way
Will works through us
 With the power of the One Cause
and how we can in effect
 become Co-creators.

And so we celebrate this gift
that is alive in the breath of life
with our brethren,
Who are here to work all together as one,
On the path of light and love
As we serve God’s Will.