Saturday, November 24, 2012


Accept that all you have asked for that is for your good has been given.
And that the Light that has brought it all to you is here with you to use
 at anytime if you so choose.

Realize that you have been graced with God’s great Love.

Do not doubt it, do not downplay it and do not hide this great blessing.
Let the Love Be with You. Believe in it. Breathe it in.

At some still moment you accept that all you have asked for,
 all you have prayed for and all you have achieved is enough.

And be still, be at Peace in this very moment.
This acceptance holds a grace in the space of just being who you are.

Believe you are God’s Love in Being,
And that being that love is enough.

There is a Moment of stopping.
And just receiving the totality of arriving at the point
Of this perfect acceptance.
Owning it, claiming it , speaking it, expressing it.

Simply allow your self to receive it and believe it and be it.

And so you arrive at your destination.
And you make this space of love in your heart your home.