Friday, February 15, 2013

believe again

For there is a far greater Dream to dream
A dream in which your Soul Can Blossom
And each blossom holds the fragrance of heavens Dream

And in each dream is the fullness of being
So Believe in the sweet gifts Creation can bring.
For you can find the Blessings
alive as the angels sing.
 And you are accompanied with the music of the spheres
as you journey on the of this mystic dream.

And as you find the mystery revealed
And the Blessings of Believing seen,
You understand that by Believing
You  allowed yourself  to dream a greater dream.

And there is so much more
The power of the Cosmos can bring
As the master Comes knocking at your door
And you finally see what was behind each dream.

And there are endless stars that light
The new and brighter day
And you can be lifted to heavens gate
By the One who guides you on your way.

And you know that as you believe
There are such great lessons to find
That open up the door
and higher enlightenment of the Universal mind.

and soon the celebration will bring a greater dream
 and even more blessings
and as you believe in God
and the good that with each heart can be.

then you can Believe in the miracle of Creations dream,
and the Light that brings your awakening,
and there within each heart where the light of  Love does lie
right there inside us is the belief
and the gift of that each blossoming believing brings

so Believe in your heart  and believe in your soul
and watch the Blessings so you can behold
the miracles of  Creation are waiting
and the gift of awakening will unfold.