Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Place to Stop and Be

With the Force of the Power of a Breath
With the Heart of a great hunger just
 find the Courage to Be!
And so achieve the dream beyond the doing,
To wake to the gifts of Creation
and the Wish Accepted and Given.
With a Place to stop and be!

Somewhere here there is a moment
A calling, tugging at us to Just
be still.

To commune, to listen, to hear, to receive
And to get it so it reaches us
and  fills us with the Spirit that speaks
To our soul and greets us with this YES!

And here we meet in this magic moment of now
And here there are no words,
Only the touching of the very essence
Of Light, and the shimmering promise
 of a Beauty beyond time, beyond space.
A secret wish fulfilled,
A certain path found,
A picture beyond frames and pixels.

A living Journal of Life
And the reason you came here for.

Do not be afraid to let the magic take you
Do not hold back from the revelation
You can not paint this picture,
But you can capture a memory of
The feel of the wind upon your face,
The sound of the birds hiding from sight,
The spirit that whispers to your soul
The very essence of who you are met with
the sounds, the colors, the senses to lead you
To merge with the heart and soul
Of a place to stop and be.