Sunday, September 25, 2016

Amazing Grace

Amazing  Grace of God 
pour your Holy Water Down
to help the human race
and bring us your understanding so profound 

help those who've lost their way
finally see the light
let your precious energy
spark hope into our lives

amazing grace of precious love
help us to be free
of all the frustration and angry
that lives in the gap between heaven and humanity 

amazing Grace of Heaven
let your compassion bring
the healing of our hearts
to inspire our lives again

there is a way to bring
the chance for us to be
the alive with the eternal Hope
to release the past and be freed
to finally fulfill our destiny
and find the strength to see
we are the living light
we are the truth revealed 

amazing Grace we thank you
for showing us the love we crave
you brings us the power to survive 
and with your blessing be saved