Tuesday, September 27, 2016

look to the sky
and see the heavenly light
let it shine forth its glory 
let it bring you new life

reach your arms 
way up high
and bring this energy there
down for you to find

lord and master 
mother divine
let your love pour forth
 your blessings from on high

let us see past
 the clouds in the sky
and feel the miracle of life
that in us abides

let us breathe your holy spirit  in
let us be lifted to heaven again
let us release what brings us down
and see the power of your light divine

look to the sky 
and see the beauty so fair 
the magic of the dancing clouds 
and the power of light that lives there

look to the heavens 
and feel heart of mankind
let there be an opening 
in your heart to find

God's creation is reflected in earth 
a partial view of higher power at work 
and we can behold the magic 
alive on this earthly sphere
 if we just raise our  arms up high
throw back our heads 
and look to the sky