Thursday, September 29, 2016

Choose Peace

now I choose to be peace
right now I am in that place inside 
where peace fills my state of mind
and everything is filled with light

Right now I am a messenger 
a scribe that listens and writes
the words that come and whisper
these messages that come and I recite 

let all the distractions of the world just go 
all those things that social media brings
dwell in that place that can be controlled  
from the objective observer of everything 

what is important and what can wait
is a priority that I can make
but First comes God and I meditate 
on peace so I can connect and create 

 right now I choose to be at Peace
right now everything is alright 
I can create a state of peace
this choice is mine to find

so I focus on my breath
so I go to that place i find
and let all the illusions go
and return to that love inside

what is most important to me 
is that sacred space within 
and I know later there will be a way 
to deal with needs to  be done again 

for now I choose to be
dwelling in a place of peace
for we can choose to find
what is important is a peaceful state of mind