Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Let the walls fall

let all the walls that you have built 
so carefully to hide the truth that you know
now fall and crumble 
to reveal the heart and soul
stand naked in the light and let it reveal
the inner innocence you hold be shown 

let yourself now be  
and who are allowed to be seen
for the beauty that is deep in you 
others need to know to truly believe 

the inner worth we all hold 
is the true value we have 
that is worth more than gold
it is the good that is intrinsic in our soul

the power of this amazing grace
reveals to us to find the love that saves
the redemption that then takes
and leads us to a higher place

it is the only path to take
and is beyond the walls we placed 
that held us incased
in fear of the pain this life makes 

there is everything to lose
and everything to be gained 
there is only one choice to make
that gives you the inner strength 

to lead you to that sacred space 
to be shown that sacred moment 
when you decide the way to take
to find new power in this  way 

to be the person who makes
the decision to be free and awake
fir the choice is yours to make 
whether to win or lose is up to you

for beyond the walls 
beyond the fear 
we all have a heart that aches 
to be loved for what it takes 

for God loves  us in spite of all our mistakes
when we accept this and face 
that we are just human and doing the best we can 
to live out our dreams in this limited time and space 

so let the walls now fall
and stand naked in the sun
and let the healing come
and find the strength you need to begin again