Friday, October 28, 2016

Mystic rose

God my Heavenly Father
remove any blocks I may have placed
so I can be with you in the holy light
of your saving grace

let the blessings of heavenly glory
flow freely to this earth 
so your love can be alive
and bring us to that eternal  birth 

may the Queen of Angels 
bring her presence forth
so the power of Gods mystic rose
may bring the fragrance of heaven to earth

may the wind whisper the soul true name 
to call the sacred heart home
to blossom with the Holy Spirits energy
to help to finish what needs to be done

mystical rose of heaven
I give my love to thee
let the Garden that you grow in
bring visions beauty to inspire me

let the mercy that you offer 
free the ancient lies 
so the world can know your sacred presence
and recognize that your miracles are still alive 

what once were burdens
what once were cares
are now our offerings 
part of our service while we're  here

for it is time that unconditional love is restored 
it is time for us to be free
to become your beloved Mystic Rose 
that you share for us to be