Friday, October 7, 2016


through the times of darkness 
there is a light  that does shine
and for all those struggling and wondering 
glimmers of hope will  all combine

and we will see the light
and be given the strength inside
so we can find the path out of darkness
to a higher state of mind 

and can we carry on together 
and we all can share the load
and we join as one great force 
to persevere and know

there is a light that is eternal 
the is an eternal flame
that burns in our hearts and souls
and the love there will remain

and when the forces of darkness 
try to take control 
we can harness our hearts and souls
to find a better way to go 

and so we carry on each day
though we're weary of the load 
and with the force Of goodness 
we will find a way to persevere and grow