Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Trust in God

If you have been hurt or abused 
if you have been beaten and betrayed 
one of the hardest things to do
is to have faith and trust anew 

If you have seen your trust
in what you believed
taken and destroyed 
it may be so hard to really see
that you can trust in God my friend 
you can find a strength within 
to find the power and the grace
to go and be open to a better way

even the penny that we use 
states In God we Trust 
and yet we wonder if it's true
can we really see
that its trust we so need

while you may have been so hurt
you may have been deserted
it's time to find that place that's safe
snd find some hope for the human race

if you get on your knees and pray
or find the time to meditate each day
you'll get to the very core
of the truth you're searching for 

every step you take
is leading you to that place
where you can finally be
able to trust and be free
of all the past hurt and pain eventually 

and find the inner strength 
to trust in God's mysterious ways
will you lead you to finally face
God's love will brings a saving grace

anger and hatred never work
they poison the heart tibdoubt what you know 
so look into your soul
and find a better way to go

trust in God my friend 
trust in the love he gives again and again
trust in yourself and find
with trust there's a light 
that with a higher power shines

to help us out of dark forces 
and lead us to hold forth the torch
so we can finally see
that when we trust in God we will be free