Monday, October 24, 2016

When do you come to the point when you are ever complete .
We all know the quote from the movie "You complete me"It really is what many look for in a relationship. it now also seems like a cliche for someone who does  not want to do the work to complete themselves .
Truly, God can complete you. For you are complete in God's creation . 
we are all on the path to become the perfect blossom in the Holy Garden of heaven.
Yet here on Earth the is much work to do til we reach that garden. There are always weeds to pull. There are many rivers to cross and a long road ahead.
Every  bit of help we can get along the way is greatly appreciated. Christ and Mary and many teachers are there to lend a hand. God is always there for you to call on. He's got your back. 
through time you find more and more you remember that and realize what a blessing that really is.
If you pray and meditate you will be guided on this path. You find you are not alone. There are legions of angels and guides by your side. There are miracles that happen sometimes which you may not even be aware of.There are many mysteries that unfold as you seek you hearts answers .
Even if you go astray you can always  choose to ask God for your help and he will embrace you with his love and return you to the way.

For you are a Child of God. The Holy Mother and the Father's DNA is there in your soul. Talk to God. 
Turn to him and pray  and you'll find everything you need is there for you each day.